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Area code: 800
Prefix: 829
Usage: Toll Free
Rating: 2.45
Views: 638
Comments: 36
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 800-829-0922. This phone number is registered in, Toll Free and operated by . Phone 8008290922 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 36 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 800-829-0922, 8008290922 , 800-829-0922, +18008290922, tel:+1-800-829-0922, 001800-829-0922
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might be IRS.?.?.?
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Didn't get a call from that number but received a form letter from IRS with that number listed, if I wanted to contact them. I did call them . . . sat on hold for 35 minutes...must be IRS. Seriously, I've been on line checking out form letters from IRS and whether it is a scam or not; so far it appears that there is no scam using form letters, only emails or phone calls. In this case, no banking information was asked, no credit card information, etc. I'm still suspicious, which is why I'm checking this out further.
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I got the same letter. did reverse lookup search for the number. most sites say no listing. intelisus site does bring it back for two address in georgia. the letter came out of austin texas! i would have to pay to see the exact address using this no. I gave the letter to my attorney. this could be a fishing expidition to get more personal info from you, like other names you had, maiden name, birth date to access your file. the envelope looks suspicious, no return address on envelope, just in letter. 800 information has no listings for dept of treasurey, internal revenue service, all their listing for them are preceded by U.S. very interesting. suggest you get an attorney, and call postal fraud. absolutely do NOT call the number. they will grab the number of the phone you call from even if they don't answer. be amased what they can get from that alone.
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That number is the one to call if you need to arrange payment of your taxes. It is listed on IRS Form 433-D (Rev. 1-2007), Installment Agreement. You can look it up on their website at I received a letter with the number on it too.
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Hi I also got the letter today (09/15), I am confusedm, its showing i owe to IRS $913655, I am so worried. I call the number they mentioned in the letter, it was in hold for more than 40 mins. I need to find out its a scam or real
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i received 2 seperate letters from IRS saying i have to pay some tax. i checked it online too at and i saw my liability there. i paid one of them and i was told that my tax liability for that tax year is solved. but after i received 1st letter, i receive 2nd letter saying i have pay 1800 for the same tax year during the audit. now i m very confused if this letter is legit, even the phone number is legit. check out the address they ask me to send the payment to. fresno, ca 93888-0419. i can't find the exact address on i could only find 93888 -0015 or 0102. this 2nd letter looks alot different than the 1st letter (legit) i received from IRS. so far i didn't make any payment either.
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i received a letter as well, called IRS at 800-829-1040, after calling 800-829-0922 and hanging up. they stated that it is basically their collection area and the number and letter are legit. I thought it was bogus as well.
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Can I pay interest by internet?
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I received a letter asking for my signature to update my record. It had the irs on the top of the letter and a phony symbol for the irs.It had the return address as just austin tx but it had a bar code that had a number above it.It said to be sure anmake sure the postal carrier could see this number *267842636103001*
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I received two letters yesterday, called the number, got connected to an agent who gave me his name and I.D. Number. He checked my file and indicated that the letter was probably sent in error because I owe 0 and I would be getting a return. It was almost 8 pm (pacific standard time) and they were still taking calls. When questioned he informed me they were in Philadelphia and worked until 1:00 am. After I was given all the information, I started thinking is this a scam? He had everything at his figure tip. He did mention that this was for collections. So, this morning I went on line, checked out the number and it is clearly attached to IRS. You just can't be too careful! For me, I need to be more investigative before I release information not after.
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