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402-541-4295 / 4025414295

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Area code: 402
Prefix: 541
Country: United States
State: Nebraska
City: Omaha
Company: Qwest Corporation
Usage: Landline
Time zone: Central
Rating: 1
Views: 3251
Comments: 577
Last report time: 2020-01-26
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 402-541-4295. This phone number is registered in Omaha, Nebraska, United States and operated by Qwest Corporation. Phone 4025414295 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 568 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 402-541-4295, 4025414295 , 402-541-4295, +14025414295, tel:+1-402-541-4295, 001402-541-4295
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The snoring and chili G so horribly would ease up iif he dropped a few . At this rate he won’t have to worry about all his kids supporting him old age , he won’t make it much longer , setting himself up for health issues .
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Oh ya- “ this bed is so comfortable “ as he lays on his back sprawled out, snoring and choking.
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What is funny is you think he never gave others the same thing . He likes having his favorite things around that is obvious . I am really comfortable in your house , sure you heard that as well as all others have
0 0
Yea oohhkayyyy.... we believe that story
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I was laughing about this with my friend - the first time he brought me 24 rolls of toilet paper out of the blue, i was like well that is thoughtful, never before has anyone I ever dated done that. Then it was other odd things like those frozen peanut butter sandwiches, box of cereal those potato chips and i thought well he just wants to keep some of his favorite foods as my house but after I read these posts I came to the understanding he was getting others to buy him things and giving them to me. I take it since he did not have money to spare he bought dinner like once every two weeks he thought he would make it up in other ways. I felt bad because by the sound of it some of you buying him things were not exactly rolling in cash. I just could not take the weird parts of him and him always asking about threesomes , you know always wanting to have me ask one of my friends to join us. I am glad I found this site before i wasted more time with him. Glad i turned down his invitation of him paying for me to get his initials on my lady parts. Who has two numbers? yep when i did not answer my phone he called on another number
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You idiots do realize he asks everyone he is with to have his , “ do you want to have my beautiful Mexican baby?”. Pausing dramatically before letting his special nectar flow forth. I just wonder at this point does he asks the males as well , because he apparently uses same lines over and over. “You and me forever “. “ Got it!”
0 0
Last time I mentioned the best and pull ups (jogging pants ) he said he was having a hard time finding jeans . The truth of the matter is no there are jeans galore the problem is his belly is so big he either has to wear suspenders to keep them up or one tight belt . Now the Waybhe has his daughter hicking all the items people buy him I am sure he has sold many of the jeans and belts . But the pull ups as I call them ( buying him a pack of depends ) have got to go. Just ugly as all get out . He does not even wear cologne that suits him so jive azzz cheap crap .
0 0
Like I said Roberto you are a bum, and don’t wear jogging pants with a vest, what are you 80 years old lmao!
0 0
I caught him going through my purse , it had been in the living room and I found it in my bathroom , I don’t take my purse into bathroom by any means . He got extremely defensive and just weird , I know it was because I caught him in the act. I didn’t mind him taking things from pantry, refrigerator or freezer but I draw the line at my wallet . I know he went through my jewelry drawer prior to the purse incident - I actually asked him would he like to pick something for his mom ( I have pieces given to me I have never worn ) told him they were brand new . I wish I had taken a picture of his face . He asked to go over to my house while I was at work and I told him no - I knew then I did not need someone in my life that I did not trust . I just don’t need his garbage , drama and his lies . Why does he feel the need to lie so much and to take so much from others? He asked me so many times to have his baby but I refused because I feel old fashioned on that issue marriage then babies .
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I told him that I had seen the post on the stolen watch. There would be times five dollars, $20 would be missing from my purse after him and I had hung out. This all sounds like a long-term habit that he has had for years and years, that is not a good sign that he would be capable of ever changing. He definitely has psychotic tendencies and this on top of it just shows me how weird he really is. Some of his comments while I was pregnant iwould catch me off guard and made me wonder who thinks like this. They had a ceremony at Saint Mary Magdalen cemetery for pregnancy losses and interment our child’s remains, he acted so strange while we were there, like he was in a big rush Almost like he was worried he was going to be seen there. Is definitely good at manipulation and lies
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