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Carole 2020-07-09 210-942-126018
Received email stating they are from PC World saying thanks for subscribing for 1 year and oh yea we just charged you$299.99 for the next year. NOT Scam suspicion
Steve 2020-07-09 757-317-626828
Answered call, after several seconds connection dropped. I called it SEVERAL time-fast busy. Unknow
Cappy Dan 2020-07-09 850-315-38385
Called me recently. I attempted to call back using Google Voice instead of my main phone. The phone does nothing except endlessly ring and then seemingly 'loops' the ringing sound since after so many rings, there's a slightly longer pause before ... read more Unknow
O Scwewitt 2020-07-09 904-344-54262
904-344-5426 - caller id 'name' was phone number - left no message. I called it back - a recording - Direct Solar of America - please press one to be removed, was the first thing it said. Spam. Telemarketer
anonymous 2020-07-08 651-538-6486448
six calls in the past two weeks without leaving a message. Called the number back tonight and the recording said it had something to do with a subscription, but i could leave my name and number if I wanted to be removed from their call list. I just ... read more Other
Tiba 2020-07-08 416-836-4587154
TibaHadr416 Other
Jimmy 2020-07-08 855-828-6720328
ANSWER THIS CALL. It's MBNA Canada's credit card fraud department and they detected 2 fraudulent charges on my card. They reversed the charges, thankfully. If you REALLY have a doubt, call them back with the number behind your card. I did this and ... read more Other
secyatlaw 2020-07-08 818-696-4629147
7/8/2020 12:04 p.m. person identified themselves as Matt Kagel of Alliance Group, asked collection-agency-specific questions. Insisted on verbal identification verification before telling me what the call was regarding and became argumentative when ... read more Debt collector
TTM 2020-07-08 412-278-7339136
Telemarketer. Called yesterday, told him we were not interested. Called again yesterday, spoke briefly, then hung up. Called again, didn't say anything, eventually hung up. Called today 2 times, didn't say anything, eventually hung up. Telemarketer
Online user 2020-07-08 866-212-0614104
Was a Male voice recording with scare tactics to get my SIN number Scam suspicion
Sandra 2020-07-08 231-342-641718
something very strange about this caller Other
Joel 2020-07-08 636-238-0078144
Very damned annoying and calls several times a week even though it's been blocked still shows up as a missed call and at all hours of the day Scam suspicion
Henry Jenzen 2020-07-07 833-628-0045203
Yes, they left me a message with my first & last name. Mentioning that my s.s # was also noted. Scam suspicion
O Scwewitt 2020-07-07 912-214-88154
912-214-8815 spammer/intruder that wants to buy your house. People ought to be charged with some kind of illegal home intrusion / disturbing the peace crime. Buying properties for China investors. Scam suspicion
TBD 2020-07-07 559-943-1372119
Called back and they said it was Adrian Ripley. Asked what company they were with and he said must have ben a wrong number then hung up in a hurry. Unknow
O Scwewitt 2020-07-07 727-472-133914
727-472-1339 - Auto Warranty Services - extended warranty sales spammer. Scam suspicion
O Scwewitt 2020-07-07 754-253-20162
754-253-2016 PoliticalCall was caller id and left no message so I called it back - It is 'American Police Officers Alliance' looking for donations. Web search and a bit of reading show its a Scam. Scam suspicion
Linda 2020-07-07 541-248-6227134
Called multiple times over the past 2 days on Dad's cell phone. I answered a couple of times but there was nobody there. I tried calling them and got a recording that said "please hold for the next available agent" then after a moment it sounded ... read more Unknow
Jessie 2020-07-07 877-861-5203122
This number has been calling me for a month. Doesn't ever leave a message. I didn't call back. Scam suspicion
O Scwewitt 2020-07-07 727-342-01827
727-342-0182 - St Petersburg FL - was caller id - left no message so I called it back. Offices of 'St Petersburg Dermatology' recording saying it was closed due to the coronavirus. Maybe a spoofed scam/spam caller as I have zero reasons to be ... read more Unknow
PRA Group 2020-07-07 905-233-247280
We are PRA, a global leader in the purchase, collection, and management of portfolios of nonperforming loans. In other words, we specialize in debts that are deemed unrecoverable. Assuming we'd acquired a twenty-year-old unpaid debt a week ago. ... read more Debt collector
Dor 2020-07-06 520-254-43196
Calls and never leaves a message Other
Sira 2020-07-06 240-773-1000142
The number is safe, belongs to Montgomery County 311. Other
O Scwewitt 2020-07-06 727-312-74956
727-312-7495 Ray Navarro - was caller ID & left no message. I called it and the guy said he didn't call me... must be spam/scam on a spoofed number. Scam suspicion
E. Jarvis 2020-07-06 380-201-494438
Possible scam site - tried to call my significant other about a "complaint" against her mother. The female caller used the wrong name - and then, of course, they need you to call back. This fits the mo for many scams in use today. I attempted to ... read more Scam suspicion
Lisa Jarvis 2020-07-06 380-201-494438
The woman called with my first and last name. Then she said she was calling about a complaint on my mother, Lisa Blaine. My mother passed away years ago and it is not her name. I did not give her any information whatsoever. Scam suspicion
D 2020-07-06 804-354-700069
Call back number from Anthem BC/BS. Other
Budltdude 2020-07-06 234-421-3973144
She said she was in the Army in Afghanistan. She only chats in Whatapp. Scam suspicion
Anish 2020-07-06 04560644087
i got as call today but recording only said good bye Unknow
Nancy 2020-07-05 844-204-9279117
Yesterday I received five identical robotic voice mail messages from this number, saying it was Apple support. Scam suspicion
John 2020-07-03 416-491-2419151
Fast busy on return. Number now blocked. Scam suspicion
CBV Collections 2020-07-03 416-491-2419151
This is CBV Collections. They are completely not legit. They go to peoples credit history and pull old information in the hopes they can scam you out of money. Report them to the BBB and the Police. Other people have reported this company to the ... read more Debt collector
Jeannette 2020-07-03 702-577-974045
This number called asking me, but I don’t answer any calls from numbers unknown to me.The voice mail they left told me to press 1 to talk to a support advisor.I deleted the number and voicemail. Other
george p 2020-07-03 601-605-700319
many calls I never answer Scam suspicion
Mark 2020-07-03 740-279-802441
Call say the going to hurt me and no one will ever no it was th Unknow
CT 2020-07-03 416-613-8326746
No voicemail msg Unknow
Nagam 2020-07-03 215-637-2328303
Good day, Illegal fax number using nasty annoying Praveen Matttiah illegal man con man from Mexico brought illegal immigrants from Mexico, False Americsn Medical Association known As University Health Services nasty man belongs in Mexico where are ... read more Scam suspicion
in_awe 2020-07-02 838-203-54569
scam text message with a link to site to "verify a Chase bank account in response to an "irregular activity" Scam suspicion
deja vu 2020-07-02 727-335-47519
727-335-4751 Potential Spam; was caller-id & left no message. National Police Support Fund. Do your web research before dealing with this guy. More than two dozen times he has called here so far, each time a different number. Scam suspicion
Ray 2020-07-02 408-709-214814
This number is a scammer trying to get your social security number and claims they are from social security office. They threatened to send police to my house because I said I don’t give information over the phone and to send it in writing Scam suspicion
MICHAEL 2020-07-02 870-905-923897
THIS IS A SCAM CALL Scam suspicion
rouge 2020-07-02 463-333-905770
this number keeps calling and leaving voice mails claiming they are client services Scam suspicion
Sharon 2020-07-02 855-979-659995
A lady called asked for me I said speaking and she hung up on me. Unknow
b. 2020-07-02 480-690-648315
Robo call - We've been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warrantee. You should have received something in the mail about your cars extended warranty since we have not gotten a response. We are giving you a final courtesy call before ... read more Telemarketer
Jimmy 2020-07-02 703-255-8062104
Been calling for years. wants to talk to a George powell? from Navy Federal. Blocked the number but still goes to voice mail Scam suspicion
Katster 2020-07-02 603-826-617380
Called left no message. Antivirus installed on phone came up as spam. Scam suspicion
Darine 2020-07-02 855-345-526989
Robocall Scam suspicion
PRA Group 2020-07-02 647-696-116546
We are PRA, a global leader in the purchase, collection, and management of portfolios of nonperforming loans. In other words, we specialize in debts that are deemed unrecoverable. Assuming we'd acquired a twenty-year-old unpaid debt a week ago. ... read more Debt collector
Johanna 2020-07-01 332-255-9417115
Scam caller. Did not leave a message. Scam suspicion
Tonya 2020-07-01 347-552-3221154
Tried scamming me for $130 Mt. Rushmore firework event on July 3. Thank You to this website!!! Scam suspicion