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Rose candy Frand lycee yersin 2022-09-25 858-281-9095953
a man with a bad character, society should not let him exist Other
Ed 2022-09-24 800-593-7069217
Uber scam. Person will pretend they are from uber support. DO NOT GIVE BIRTH DATES AND BANK INFO. UBER DRIVERS BEWARE. Scam suspicion
Ms Lan 2022-09-23 858-281-9095953
Tây gìa chuyên lừa phụ nữ châu á Other
Shannon 2022-09-23 888-436-2735110
I received 23...yes, 23 calls back to back from this number. Thankfully it was blocked for being spam. THIS is ridiculous. Scam suspicion
ME 2022-09-22 954-556-170083
RECEPTIONIST 2022-09-22 954-556-170083
Lady tried asking for an employee and when I politely told her I would need proof that she works for/ with outr company to transfer her she has the nerve to say " oh she thinks shes better than me and makes more money" "shes a receptionist" .... ... read more Other
Rick 2022-09-21 610-240-7000157
scam number, says they are Microsoft, say your bank account has been hacked and askes you pay in gift cards to get your money back in your bank account... SCAM! Scam suspicion
Titus 2022-09-20 206-456-2601761
Asked for my wife. Wanted her birth date. When I refused, they said they'd just mail whatever to the address they have. Scam suspicion
John 2022-09-20 888-826-601992
Called off a local number pretending to be with some gas department. Left 8888266019 as the call back number. Shady business practices even did a debt collector. Debt collector
DR 2022-09-20 507-873-418396
called. did not leave a message Scam suspicion
Dojo 2022-09-20 608-733-2770333
Bogus call comes up as account services. Other
Toni Jackson 2022-09-19 337-422-3616269
CD 2022-09-19 414-902-5000116
Supposedly is the V.A.? Called did not leave a message. I called back out of curiosity and get a recorded message. I suspect a scam. Scam suspicion
Greg 2022-09-19 855-729-3649416
Leaf Guard appointment comfirmation number. I recieved message and called this number back to confirm. Event reminder
Ogilvie Maurice the Hedgehog 2022-09-19 888-504-0181246
She was hot' Unknow
KL 2022-09-17 925-918-4321406
Number keeps calling. I ignore and no message is ever left. I have blocked. Scam suspicion
Jen 2022-09-16 866-516-7234213
They keep texting me to call them about my “accounts” and that the stock market is about to crash. They never say what company they are so I believe it is a scam Scam suspicion
Save our kids 2022-09-15 877-496-2755124
I believe this is the murderer of ABBY AND LIBBY Other
Randy Corliss 2022-09-15 844-223-56611712
I bought tickets for Shinedown at Gilford NH Dated for 9/16/2022. I paid $377.50 844-223-5661 DE is the number on my credit card statement these idiots should pay my back when i checked my credit card statement the number on here brought me ... read more Scam suspicion
G ray 2022-09-15 786-422-020295
It’s the text confirmation for dr offices. If you don’t have an appt scheduled they probably keyed in wrong numbet Other
Jane 2022-09-15 410-237-7366114
Has called about twice per week for several weeks, never leaves a message. Scam suspicion
Anon 2022-09-15 818-861-7257214
Just got this call Today 09-15-2022 - Missed the name but asked for printer Model numbers. Asked him to verify which units he has on file for us (we dont use 3rd party printer support) and they put me on hold. I thought they would hang up so I ... read more Scam suspicion
M 2022-09-13 866-916-0916220
scam insurance Scam suspicion
b. 2022-09-13 480-847-419476
No caller ID/hidden, another call & hang up Scam suspicion
Miss Carol 2022-09-13 202-899-7533124
Received a call from this number and didn't answer because i didn't recognize the number. No message was left. Scam suspicion
b. 2022-09-13 800-226-981972
message left but it was all static Scam suspicion
Judy 2022-09-13 214-452-5663218
Called asking specifically for the owner. they were extremely Rude. Interrupting just about everything I said. Anthony Martin was his name. I asked what it was in regards to he said it was a legal matter and insisted that he had a 9:00 ... read more Scam suspicion
Alison 2022-09-13 717-549-4645315
Called saying he's from Penndot and wouldn't leave a message, asking for who the owner or top/level decision maker is at our company. Suspish! Scam suspicion
rose candy 2022-09-13 858-281-9095953
lua dao phu nu Other
na 2022-09-12 800-450-8738187
This is legitimate. I received a voicemail from someone saying they are an American Express fraud protection specialist regarding a credit application under my name. Provided a four-digit reference number and said available hours are M-F ... read more Other
. 2022-09-09 416-945-9252294
call arrived at 1:25pm. I picked up, but did not say hello - there was no sound from the other side so I hung up. Scam suspicion
Jacqueline 2022-09-09 866-430-6105241
She wouldn’t tell me who she was with. Ditto:Scammy collections company. The name she was asking for was a name That I have not used in over 15 years! Even then, it was not my legal name so I have no idea what this person would be calling me for. ... read more Scam suspicion
anon 2022-09-09 937-203-4486150
got a strange comfirmation code along with the message "happy snapping" do not under any circumstances pick this call up Other
Al 2022-09-09 613-701-0539442
Odd clicking sound on other end, unresponsive Unknow
Angela 2022-09-08 678-968-9854141
Don’t call back next time it will be the police Unknow
Sean 2022-09-08 800-243-25081675
This number was the contact number on a fake check sent to me to cash. The problem is the check's acct number was my own. I believe the intent is for me to call the number to verify the check and for them to pick away and try to dig out all of my ... read more Scam suspicion
N 2022-09-08 217-207-0865163
Received a call from this number but didn't answer. They didn't leave a message, so presumably spam or scam. Other
JM 2022-09-07 512-298-3982334
here's a kicker.... I got edible flowers and candy from this number named TODD. Says he saw my page on Facebook So, it asked me to text him. so I did with another number. Instantly he called back saying he was TODD. I did not respond because the ... read more Scam suspicion
SAR 2022-09-07 408-808-7871170
4088087871 is in fact a Santa Clara County Emergency Alert number. I am a member of the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team and this is the initial alert number. Other
RB 2022-09-07 800-536-8454488
They keep calling, never leave a message. Unknow
Ronny 2022-09-06 770-715-0033271
Landon Gibson from the romantic drama movie After (2019) lol! Unknow
Leo 2022-09-05 905-921-0915183
Std/sti Other
Jon 2022-09-05 438-227-5649541
Scumbag users ,lied ,steal ,claimed to be Revenue Canada collection Should declare open seasons on them Other
Ms Lan 2022-09-04 858-281-9095953
he is a very bad man, he cheated on me and many other women Scam suspicion
MR lee 2022-09-03 858-281-9095953
his name is Bob kempton , is a very evil man , he cheats good and honest women , god will punish him one day very soon Scam suspicion
Eerrr 2022-09-03 437-580-75962672
Eeeerr the Prank
Eeeeee and a great 2022-09-03 437-580-75962672
Eeee the Prank
Rrrr 2022-09-03 437-580-75962672
Dddr and Debt collector
Rrrrrff the 2022-09-03 437-580-75962672
Rrrrt and a Scam suspicion
Dddr 2022-09-03 437-580-75962672
Rrrrrr the Telemarketer