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Cate 2021-04-22 601-890-82847
Calls and when responding just silence on the other line Scam suspicion
Laura 2021-04-22 870-600-98855
missed calls. Scam suspicion
Mary M 2021-04-22 330-996-6528227
Said they were calling from my bank. They left a voice mail. I did not return the call. Spam Scam suspicion
Bill 2021-04-21 206-548-437479
We have been getting these postcards for years. Could be some loser reading 'get rich quick in real estate' books; or could be a total scam. Scam suspicion
Blue 2021-04-21 602-466-9813723
Scram - Asked details of my Credit card like a travel agency Scam suspicion
JakeR 2021-04-21 551-340-611914
Received an unsolicited email as follows: We would like to remind you that your subscription id: ............. with Geek-Technologies Solutions for 24 months has been expired on April 20, 2021. And your renewal has been initiated automatically as ... read more Scam suspicion
Brygem 2021-04-21 800-206-1944249
I got a Letter stating what M. Narganes on 03.12.2021 states. This is a TOTAL SCAM. If the IRS Wants to Talk to you, it Will Be Official. Do Not Fall for THIS SCAM. Scam suspicion
Veronica 2021-04-21 831-759-2118162
I got a call from the 831 759 2118 at 7am! I answered and a Woman asked to speak to the parents of Ruben. WEIRD I called back & it's not a working number. Scam suspicion
Henry 2021-04-21 833-686-4215695
04/16/2021(3:12 pm) Phone message: Lady voice: "Call us back toll free at 1 833 686 4215. Number on phone 1 978 783 0644 showing SPAM RISK.Very likely a scam, any known Kaiser numbers in my area. Scam suspicion
tiffany 2021-04-20 703-214-156618
703 2141566 told me i needed to pay $1600 dollars Scam suspicion
prefer noanswer 2021-04-19 833-686-4215695
04/19/2021 (6:49 p.m.) Phone message: Lady voice: "Call us back toll free at 1 833 686 4215. Number on phone 1 978 783 0644 showing SPAM RISK. Scam suspicion
Noah 2021-04-19 571-439-453379
Was sent a text saying something about a USPS shipment. I was dumb and I clicked the link. Took me to a, "YOU'VE WON A NEW PS% ENTER YOUR INFO NOW." Thinking it's a generic phishing site because it first showed up as Amazon and then showed up as Fed ... read more Scam suspicion
Susan 2021-04-19 800-381-014984
some police association looking for donations. Telemarketer
Melissa 2021-04-19 609-375-0080156
It sounds like a fax machine Unknow
Melissa 2021-04-19 609-375-0080156
It sound like a fax machine Unknow
No name 2021-04-19 571-439-453379
Was sent a text from "USPS", stating shipment has been changed and to click on link below. I do not have anything ordered currently. Scam suspicion
SickOfThis 2021-04-19 800-381-014984
They are evidently shy and don't want to talk when you answer the phone, yet they call several times a day. Weird. Scam suspicion
Tom 2021-04-19 760-748-4126217
Called, no voicemail. Scam suspicion
Ben 2021-04-19 435-363-3274164
Elevate Pest Control either scheduling or asking for payment. Other
Archestratus 2021-04-19 845-286-6075387
Random friend request on the PlayStation network. Scam suspicion
Cindy urnogood 2021-04-18 562-634-166047
Cindy ur mind is slow you have done all the most dreadful things that would make any.husband cringe Other
Whote 2021-04-18 562-634-166047
How do I see who's texting my girlfriend without having her phone she has it locked all the time? My husband talks to people all the time on the phone. He’s very social and loves catching up with old friends. Sometimes, I know who he’s talking ... read more Unknow
Johnsons 2021-04-17 302-509-2309186
They hung up without leaving a message. Scam suspicion
Deborah 2021-04-17 855-427-1652170
This phone # belongs to a magazine subscription service that tried to renew my expired subscription to my expired Mastercard. I did not want to renew the subscription and certainly not automatically . Mastercard declined the attempted charge of ... read more Scam suspicion
Iam Fardicus 2021-04-16 678-661-220179
They keep harassing me 2 calls in succession twice a day everyday Unknow
Rudy A 2021-04-16 312-410-8279193
Don't know why I would receive calls from Ameritech nursing school but I received two calls and they left no message. Blocked their number. Unknow
Leave me alone 2021-04-16 206-651-3945422
Started calling at 8am and by 10am they called me 6 times. No messages left. Scam suspicion
Anon 2021-04-16 231-598-6223240
They texted me horribly personal information about myself to scare me. Block and report to police if they message you Scam suspicion
Targeted True patriot 2021-04-15 201-555-012339
This number belong to deep state / swamps creature in any state ! If you are conservative , anti communist and true patriots ! This phone number was assigned to my email that the state supervise via a Chinese communist link with a 202 0405005 phone ... read more Other
J 2021-04-15 612-255-492067
Robocaller/Scammer Other
b. 2021-04-15 937-392-267128
We recently noticed your cars extended warranty was going to expire and wanted to give you one final courtesy call before your warranty expires in your coverage is forwarded this would make you financially responsible for all service repair press ... read more Scam suspicion
David 2021-04-15 423-339-587824
They will call u cause u bounced a $3500dollar check what did u thinl would happen cindy Debt collector
Joey 2021-04-15 734-206-1857178
You are truly are not taking any responsibility in your social profile on craigs lists Event reminder
Bob 2021-04-15 734-206-1857178
Phishing scam, caller would not identify who he was and hung up when pushed to demonstrate any credibility whatsoever. Scam suspicion
Chris 2021-04-14 844-717-0888183
Do not answer the phone for these people. It is a SCAM! I had a problem getting Amazon Prime running in our bedroom and the Amazon screen said to call a number 844-717-0888 to get help. I did and they in fact fixed the problem, convinced me to spend ... read more Scam suspicion
FLSTARFISH 2021-04-14 561-251-6789125
Attn GIGIFlgals > Man obbs of the kings of sugar daddy's website and an absolute joke for wanting to get a good return don't bother gigi gals! Send no Pictures first l dude looking for a free j**loft Unknow
Jean 2021-04-14 423-339-587824
Speedy cash, I blocked and spammed them.if you don't they will call and harrass you. Other
n 2021-04-14 530-529-2722444
good you five daughter jones went out of business move out of red bluff now Other
Mel 2021-04-14 971-268-72359
Call asking for Photo ID for a membership unsolicted. May bepart of a celebrity romance scam Scam suspicion
Guy 2021-04-14 833-892-3338280
Received for call from this number last night. I didnt answer. Same phone number this morning, I answered and it hang up un me.! Scam suspicion
User 2021-04-13 978-783-064467
Fake robocall for Kaiser Permanente. Was flagged using nomorobo. Scam suspicion
LF 2021-04-13 403-359-6985120
I received two back-to-back calls from this number (which I did not answer) and then was left a blank voicemail message. Scam suspicion
none 2021-04-13 403-359-6985120
blank message left Scam suspicion
none 2021-04-13 403-359-605846
Got call, unrecognized. No message Scam suspicion
Sarah 2021-04-13 713-979-0945612
called me and 2 of my friends claiming to need my address to serve me court papers. gave "law firm" phone number to call 888-644-1035 who claimed there was a fraud case against me and I needed to make payments immediately. could not verify this was ... read more Scam suspicion
none 2021-04-13 403-359-605846
left blank voice message Scam suspicion
Mercy iowa city clinic 2021-04-13 319-333-7344144
Mercy iowa city clinic. They just said it was a business matter which to me means collection agency. A relative gave them my number instead of theirs! Neither the number they called from nor the 888 number they gave me shows up when I google it. Debt collector
Chi 2021-04-12 833-686-4215695
Very likely a scam, asks for personal information and is not associated with any known Kaiser numbers in my area. Scam suspicion
Bill 2021-04-12 866-250-7212403
Very demanding, no etiquette whatsoever. Asked for a person without providing any identity, I asked several times that she was sure of whom she was searching, then shouted to the person across the street. The caller then probably realized that the ... read more Debt collector
b. 2021-04-12 480-923-97538
We recently noticed your cars extended warranty was going to expire and wanted to give you one final courtesy call before your warranty expires in your coverage is forwarded this would make you financially responsible for all service repair press ... read more Scam suspicion