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Phyllis 2021-10-27 800-380-4662434
This number has been calling repeatedly on my home phone for nearly a week, even at inappropriate hours. I answered once said, "yahoo mail service, email hacked . SCAM BLOCK THIS NUMBER Scam suspicion
Alvin 2021-10-27 813-547-357616
Scam artist Repeatedly texts about “my” property in Florida. I live in New Jersey Reporting to the FCC & FTC Scam suspicion
mike 2021-10-27 844-644-0674171
this is a scammer. dont believe them Other
Mandy 2021-10-27 309-222-804762
caller said she was rep with SteriCycle on behalf of Glaxo calling about recall on vaccine but FDA site does not have corresponding info Scam suspicion
Ramona 2021-10-27 702-718-0191190
Claiming to be process server but never shows ar my house. ScAM Scam suspicion
Laf 2021-10-27 281-627-6247334
I received a text from this number claiming to be for a cvs research project. I did not click the link or respond. Spam/fraudulent Scam suspicion
Eric 2021-10-26 833-579-7676173
SMS Message from 833-579-7676 stated the phone number on my account has been updated, but didn't specify what account it was, the message started with the word "Swanson" Scam suspicion
VE 2021-10-26 888-396-6347309
This number has been calling repeatedly on my phone for nearly a week, even at inappropriate hours. I answered once and it went to voicemail. I blocked them but I see their calls. Scam suspicion
Ann 2021-10-25 408-984-4710114
Unsafe Other
None listed 2021-10-25 937-373-9777108
Called # back and recording said this # is not in service. Sounds like a sling robocall. Telemarketer
Joy McKenzie 2021-10-25 207-692-257858
This number is being used to scam Amazon customers. Don't give them any information. Scam suspicion
Eddie J. 2021-10-25 913-237-9100592
I was in my Text messages settings on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and saw this listed at the bottom SMSC +9132379100 grayed out so I figured let's do a search and see what it's for. It has to do with SPRINT apparently it's used for text messaging ... read more Other
Portia 2021-10-25 514-418-5648146
I receive calls from this number and then when answering they put diw 😡 Other
Cricri24 2021-10-24 416-589-03791559
Its a prepaid phone card Other
Karma Isa Beech 2021-10-24 503-622-9056258
The scammer goes by the name Derrick Lockwood. His pics are of a gorgeous, heavily tattooed Caucasian man. Those that have videochatted with him say it really is the guy in the photos scamming. Supposedly has a Son Ryder, who he also refers to as ... read more Scam suspicion
J 2021-10-23 844-317-3761211
50% AT&T discount bs. Scam suspicion
Scared 2021-10-23 508-493-0290122
Threatened and harassed me. Blocked the number. Unknow
Valdas 2021-10-23 209-353-8410279
He tried to reach me today, but not sure for what kind of reason, I saw that it been called from USA while I'm living in Nederland, I didn't answer couse it might be scam... Unknow
Bruno moniz 2021-10-22 905-470-9148128
they are deceiving people, they put a card in the mailbox and I was awarded a big tv worth 2,000$ i called the number 9054709148 and also had the number 1-8554702111 a girl said she asked all of me if i lived in Income house if it was income I ... read more Other
Megan 2021-10-22 786-219-4264307
Pretending to be 99 jamz radio contest Scam suspicion
b. 2021-10-22 575-237-132489
Was another call & hang up but if redialed you get a message; thank you for calling auto warranty services, to opt out from our calling list please press 1 Scam suspicion
roland schitt 2021-10-22 202-975-6528137
robo caller waste of ttime Telemarketer
Emily Martin 2021-10-22 844-644-0674171
Called to say they were a process server. Call 844-644-0674 to contact the issuing party. Otherwise be available between 3 and 5 to deliver documents. Gave a case number and contacted family member too. I believe it a scam. Scam suspicion
Eman 2021-10-22 866-675-7330322
Claimed to be a paralegal. Planning to send documentation to legal department for old car loan. Claimed that money still owed. Debt collector
Caroline 2021-10-22 844-223-5661410
Purchase 2 tickets to see Paul Anka at the Bergen Pac in Englewood NJ and never received said tickets. I spent over $400.00 Scam suspicion
P Moore 2021-10-22 419-632-7108134
FedEx customer service. Left a message, but this phone number won't go through. Other
Darshan Kumar 2021-10-22 882-626-2701148
Mera contact number 8929593188 8826262701 hamen yah number chahie Other
Darshan Kumar 2021-10-22 882-626-2701148
+918826262701 yah number hamen chahie Other
Sharon 2021-10-21 973-831-5279467
This number called me, and it wasn't a robo call, there was a connection, but nobody answered - so I hung up. Other
Police Officers Association 2021-10-21 520-438-8095176
Police Officers Association Scam suspicion
SM 2021-10-21 503-744-4720271
Real person Other
Chris 2021-10-21 800-677-0627560
called 16x in a row before I Blocked them Unknow
GT2021 2021-10-21 314-408-2272183
Left no message. Unknow
Lame try 2021-10-20 253-269-1272197
Kenny wanting to know if I was interested in selling my house. I rent. Scam suspicion
b. 2021-10-20 551-455-5732122
Was another call & hang up but if redialed you get a message; thank you for calling auto warranty services, to opt out from our calling list please press 1 Scam suspicion
b. 2021-10-20 928-918-0193121
Thank you for calling auto warranty services, to opt out from our calling list please press 1 Scam suspicion
José Alberto. 2021-10-20 289-917-1377357
+1 289 917 1377 este número llaman a la gente queriendo estafar, diciendo que necesitan contratar personal para ir a trabajar a Canadá, hay que tener cuidado.. Other
Unknown 2021-10-20 813-981-7048189
This called while I was on the phone with another caller I don’t know who this is. Unknow
RICHARD 2021-10-19 316-285-1679514
Raiserkeo 2021-10-19 289-917-1377357
Supuesta agencia bilingue que trabaja para la embajada Canadiense Scam suspicion
Lynn 2021-10-19 408-389-7826268
This number called me twice 18th and today at the same time. They don't leave messages. I will be blocking Unknow
john 2021-10-19 502-566-4400165
was called i was not home wife took the call said her name was karen from v.a. wanted to talk to me was told i was not there. wife asked what she wanted gave a snotty answer that she could not talk to her will call back 10/18/21 in the morning Unknow
Kay 2021-10-18 866-751-1183270
Said they were american recovery systems. looking for a relative. left message. called several times. Telemarketer
Bonnie 2021-10-18 780-254-0100251
fraud text message - wants to click a link from rogers to get an e-transfer Other
js 2021-10-18 614-763-2999402
lending point Unknow
Mary Lynn 2021-10-18 469-618-1137655
Someone left a note on my car saying they want to buy my car. They misspelled vehicle - "vehicae". Do not trust this number. Scam suspicion
Joey 2021-10-18 562-359-8415852
Cindy I wanted to be the one to marry u Event reminder
Federal Bureau 2021-10-17 866-286-2430359
Bogus. Don’t answer. Lock call ! Other
R 2021-10-16 253-753-9040287
This Indian guy with this number just wipe out my debit down to $0. Other
Bob 2021-10-16 615-806-1894319
Person keeps calling asking if he could touch my cakes Unknow