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tattooguy 2021-01-25 704-703-623456
recieved a text with a link for prostitution scam id imagine Other
mad 2021-01-25 970-289-28856
said on my machine call 800-218-0275 Other
Lazara 2021-01-25 307-200-4080523
Today 1/25/2021 they called me, they know all my information, even that I am sick with Covid-19 Other
john 2021-01-25 830-275-5633178
calling about a debt this is a scam place Other
greg 2021-01-25 614-350-6114286
Bogus call. Unknow
blank 2021-01-25 850-801-3860219
Fraudulent debt collector, not legitimate. Debt collector
anon 2021-01-25 256-786-886257
Phone fraud should get the death penalty Scam suspicion
Guess who, "Ron"? 2021-01-23 409-753-5297206
This person is a catfisher. The pictures he uses come from the Instagram account @sklow Pretends to be an american but when I talked to him over the phone it sounded more like someone toning down an African accent. Oh, and of course, despite all ... read more Scam suspicion
Don 2021-01-22 707-277-8193119
Received email saying PayPal was charged. Called number and def was suspicious. Be cautious. Scam suspicion
Done with phones 2021-01-22 720-677-0744355
Calls up to 5 times a day never leaves a message Unknow
Bill M. 2021-01-22 707-277-8193119
Suspicious call tied to PayPal. Careful Scam suspicion
mad 2021-01-22 970-237-69997
says nothing Other
Meren 2021-01-21 614-328-8009170
They call and call and call again. Live person apparently because the phone rings once then the nomorobo # that allows live people to get thru comes up. Yet they still never leave a message. Maybe they should just change their Caller Id to ... read more Scam suspicion
Suspicous 2021-01-21 832-844-592657
This number 832-844-5926 left this voice mail. "On behalf of your employer we'd like to speak to you about services that are already available to you as part of your medical benefits plan our services are provided by experienced professionals ... read more Unknow
Donald 2021-01-21 716-575-215282
This is a fraud Phone number claiming to be a police fund looking for donations for the police. Other
WishIwasn'twith BCBC 2021-01-21 215-302-4564130
Constant calls from this company listed on caller ID as BCBS of TN. I believe they are hired to call to get some kind of marketing information or health questions in order to sell medical treatments. VERY unsavory. Survey
Farrah 2021-01-21 940-349-150062
Person called saying they were the Denton Police department Unknow
Stacey 2021-01-21 778-819-0340153
Called our business asking for the owner of the company. I told the fellow on the phone the owner wasn't available and asked if I could take a message, he declined to leave any information about who he was or why he was calling. Scam suspicion
joe 2021-01-21 844-667-874481
unknown caller - suspicious - ?scam Scam suspicion
Inez 2021-01-21 800-368-4268173
This number 800 368 4268 is connected somehow to an unknown email address under my real email address. I am reporting to phone company as I was recently attacked with est 1,000 bucks in unauthorized charges last nov dec and jan. somehow i noticed ... read more Scam suspicion
C 2021-01-21 918-940-9763135
Robotic said there's a compliant out on me. Scam suspicion
Adrian 2021-01-21 66815627124
Faker number!! Don’t answer the call. Scam suspicion
Herdie 2021-01-21 0916335189540
+63 916 335 1895 WARNING!!!! BEWARE OF ONLINE SCAMMER Nicolette I. Orpilla Imperial Brokers!!!!!!!!!! Scam suspicion
Healthcare Justice 2021-01-21 254-776-0266142
Yes this is Making Stupid People Famous because my family want this evil nurse maura burgard charged for the healthcare crimes. We are not going to let this zombie looking nurse get away with what she did to us in our time of need and we are warning ... read more Scam suspicion
Chaya Mae 2021-01-20 646-626-421275
I dont have a card, in order for me to claim the thing. Other
WC 2021-01-20 213-254-336981
Keep getting voicemails from (213) 254-3369 from a guy named Robins. Keeps saying that a question of the services my accounting firm provides. The way I hear the message makes me believe that is either a scam or telemarketing call. Scam suspicion
AMAZON 2021-01-20 833-828-366110
service au clientel de chez amazon.....nimporte-quoi jai acheter carte cadeau et je me suis ramaser compte de fraude il ont bloquer gmail en rapport a lachat la police d3e st-therese de blanville nbe veux pas prendres mes charge de fraude on me ... read more Scam suspicion
James lewis 2021-01-20 403-410-1087335
Maybe Debt collector
TD 2021-01-20 866-217-8642129
Not a scam. It is Amazon Alexa find my phone. Other
Latessa 2021-01-19 253-393-51195
AM 2021-01-19 514-861-1292349
Calls every day and when you call the number back, they identify as Agence de Recouvrement CBV? I have no business with them, don't owe money to ANYONE! It is a SCAM and very annoying! Scam suspicion
David 2021-01-19 480-470-2470152
A person called me from this number about scheduling an interview for a work at home customer service posistion with a company in mesa arizona. Said I would recieve an assessment in my e-mail then a interview would be scheduled. I dont know how ... read more Scam suspicion
Lisa 2021-01-19 716-575-215282
Received a call from this number at 11:30am which is confusing since I don’t have time Warner cable. Nor do I know how this company has my cell number or any information on me. No message left and I blocked the number to void any future calls from ... read more Unknow
HarnAd 2021-01-19 866-763-2906208
Scam, they left voice mail as Debt Collector. I called back them. They asked my name, I hesitated to give my name. They said they cannot check if there is any record for me without my name. So, I gave my name. They said noting they have under my ... read more Scam suspicion
Heather Dementer 2021-01-19 906-280-4983214
I should have stopped sleeping with him a long time ago he won’t stop calling me Prank
Rafael 2021-01-18 408-256-3267213
Safe Caller - bought a bookcase Other
tom neck 2021-01-18 818-519-729649
8185197296 This is a scam phone Scam suspicion
tom neck 2021-01-18 323-216-46176
323-216-4617 This is a scam phone Scam suspicion
tom neck 2021-01-18 818-531-57586
818-531-5758 This is a scam phone Scam suspicion
tom neck 2021-01-18 818-519-729649
8185197296 Scam suspicion
DEBBIE 2021-01-18 877-578-2799190
I rec'd a TEXT asking me to confirm I just signed up for Fivestars, the rewards program for local businesses, at Anthony's Pizza. I DID NOT SIGN UP. Most likely telemarketer/ing? When & IF they deliver me a fresh pizza from Anthony's, only then ... read more Telemarketer
Nathan jones Swansea 2021-01-18 07588257805450
Sa1 0au tams post code Other
James 2021-01-18 07588257805450
Cola is dead look Other
Kames 2021-01-18 07588257805450
Michael Richards kills rats with flip-flops Kate told me Other
Erma talidrouri 2021-01-18 07588257805450
Erma cheats and so does James hello Other
Jess 2021-01-18 07588257805450
Erma suxks James dicc in subway after hours Other
Jessica Ann Eva's 2021-01-18 07588257805450
Fake comments Other
Itsjeshie 2021-01-18 07588257805450
Number cut off harassment towards tamzin someone is attempting to frame tamzin very badly online please ignore this Scam suspicion
James O 2021-01-18 844-388-543928
I Received a voice mail from (386) 868-0461. a woman named Christine Johnson with Reliant Capitol Management was calling about a business matter in review regarding a previously authorized transaction. And I needed to make a statement on my ... read more Scam suspicion
Matthew Sanders 2021-01-18 470-882-3012193
I had a great conversation with Nick from the Bitman Agency. Don't know what the other person is talking about in their comment but they offered me an interview time over Zoom and I was hired a couple of days later. The team here at the Bitman ... read more Other