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L c 2020-01-18 +442081065398184
What is this number Other
annoyed 2020-01-18 855-919-0953122
855-919-0983 wanted me to confirm a $5000 order and set up delivery advised to call this fraud number said they were amazon Scam suspicion
Advance America 2020-01-17 713-454-7060111
Scammer claiming to be a personal loan company and ask for your online bank account information. They even deposit money in your account Scam suspicion
Chuck 2020-01-17 306-700-7359167
This number has come up previously and never answered it but today I did expecting another scam. It was a call from Iristel Inc. which is a legitimate company offering security services for individuals and businesses, in this case credit card ... read more Other
Spt 2020-01-17 567-294-409462
Caller says I'm in arrears for payment of student loan and she needs to discuss the repayment options. She leaves a number of 877-246-8006 to call back Scam suspicion
Sandy Jones 2020-01-17 949-591-8648164
These people called at 6:11 in the morning. Scam suspicion
Paula waldrip 2020-01-17 888-218-5360116
This number is 4 cancer screening swap mouth not a scam They other numbers have nothing to do with this one it is take for by medicare 1 time in your life so take the test not a scam Other
Paula waldrip 2020-01-17 888-218-5360116
Cancer Screening Other
Paula waldrip 2020-01-17 888-218-5360116
Real time position swabs to check for cancer Other
Paula waldrip 2020-01-17 888-218-5360116
Real time position it is swabs for mouth Clava for cancer Other
Michelle 2020-01-17 361-602-203842
I have received 2 phone calls from this number. I have no idea who it is. They don't ever leave a voicemail and I don't ever answer numbers I don't recognize due to the scammers. Does anyone have any information on this number and who it is? Scam suspicion
Rosanna 2020-01-17 253-499-7914109
Social Security benefits? East coast, but has Washington state phone number? Spoofing phone number? Other
dave 2020-01-17 608-713-630396
its a scammer very annoying Other
lee 2020-01-17 226-243-6580147
keep calling, but nobody answers. stop calling!!!! Scam suspicion
LH 2020-01-17 800-594-1443145
SCAM. Received 3 calls in 1/2 hr from different phone #'s saying it was my utility company asking me to call this 800 number. This is NOT from my utility company (Consumer's Energy Michigan). All calls originated from an (844) area code. Scam suspicion
Felicua 2020-01-17 386-215-272392
He told me he won $2500 at casino and wanted to spoil a girl and have fun before he had to go back to cancer center on Monday. Glad I googled it!!! Other
M 2020-01-17 352-559-296942
Received same scan text as Kevin. Thank you for your payment of $76.69 that was processed for Illinois: Secretary of State Confirmation Number XXXXXXXX Scam suspicion
Chris E. 2020-01-17 512-672-874774
They left me a message that fraudulent charges are going against my social security number. I will report this unsafe call. Other
Chris 2020-01-16 612-284-5261161
8 calls in 4 days, all hours of the day, from 7am to 2pm my time. (9am to 4pm for their local time.) Returning the call goes to a DirecTV greeting. I would assume they are trying to get me to take back cancelling them, except that the calls started ... read more Telemarketer
IDK 2020-01-16 520-463-3684111
spam caller Other
Johnny 2020-01-16 778-400-02668
Have received three calls from this number today. No idea whose it is. No voicemail left. Presuming spam. Scam suspicion
T 2020-01-16 855-619-2714124
Got the same text messages, the first saying a FedEx delivery was on the way from Kohls and then once saying the package was delivered , both allegedly from Narvar asking for comments. Nothing ordered from Kohls and of course no package delivered. Other
Mel 2020-01-16 800-277-025733
This is a robo / survey spam call: 'Hello I'm calling from Omega research from 1-800-277-0257 we're asking for your opinion on just a few questions about energy development and issues important to Pennsylvania it's to begin what age group best ... read more Survey
B 2020-01-16 800-206-721334
It's a scam, i blocked that number, as the individual previously said, it kept asking for the social insurance number. Scam suspicion
Aryn Bergman 2020-01-16 336-862-143583
Scam call Scam suspicion
spam 2020-01-16 951-462-5621131
Spam spam spam Other
Bill 2020-01-16 855-919-098535
They e nailed me pretended to be from Amazon charge account fraud center . Wanted me to go to Kroger and send them money by Western Union Other
Mary K 2020-01-16 888-233-1082141
Have received calls from 888 233 1082 and never leaves a message!! Do not answer! Scam suspicion
Willy 2020-01-16 586-745-65364
586-745-6536 "Potential Spam" was caller id & left no message - typical of marketing/solicitors. Unknow
Cori 2020-01-16 712-218-9624238
Texts requesting ransom for safe return of missing son Scam suspicion
Rose jabar 2020-01-16 800-206-721334
This number call me 5 time today jan 16 2020 asking for my sin socual insurance number Is this a scum Other
moi 2020-01-16 888-880-08198
Recording: Claiming to be from Service Canada and legal actions being taken out against your name (not given) and your social security number and the Justice department will get you. Bimbo: comes on claiming to be from Service Canada... Told her ... read more Scam suspicion
Bud 2020-01-16 877-246-800676
Called from 937 505 3546 on the caller ID.... and left this voicemail: "Um this is Joanna and I'm calling in reference to your student loan. We need to discuss the repayment options with the new changes that have gone into effect. Please give me a ... read more Scam suspicion
none 2020-01-16 424-465-48908
Left a bogus text message about a non existent FedEx package delivery with a link to a site for delivery preferences. Message started with "Hello mate" which is a red flag off the bat. Scam suspicion
KJ 2020-01-16 321-426-988727
321 446 9887 needs to be cited for spam robo calls . Scam suspicion
Recardo 2020-01-16 281-815-57293
Scammer - please close this line down. Scam suspicion
IRS (fake) 2020-01-16 800-969-066543
Fake IRS scam Unknow
Ann Snyder 2020-01-16 410-267-4269108
I getting calls from Annapolis MD - 443-227-6 340 Why does someone keep calling? Other
Jamie 2020-01-16 513-273-4263141
Calls frequently, never leaves a message. Other
KMK 2020-01-16 877-734-62552
Scam. They are saying that they are from your insurance company and asking that you make a payment over the phone. Scam suspicion
KMK 2020-01-16 877-342-446947
Scam! They are saying that they are from your insurance company and asking that you make a payment over the phone. Scam suspicion
American 2020-01-16 561-924-165937
Don't know who it is but 561-924-1659 called my new cell phone number. Didn't answer. No voicemail. Scam suspicion
susan t. 2020-01-16 480-265-730140
this guy makes up stories/liar Scam suspicion
CS 2020-01-16 512-778-801874
SCAM. Other
Don't Get Scammed 2020-01-16 310-526-855398
Left a message saying that my Social Security number had compromising activity. That I needed to call this number and if I didn't there would be legal action against me. I'm in Canada. We don't have SSN's. Idiot SCAMMERS!!! Scam suspicion
Ken 2020-01-16 602-548-6788135
Called wanting to talk to me about my student loans. Never have had a student loan! Telemarketer
Damien 2020-01-16 323-489-405373
text: "hey buddy this is hugo. I tried reaching you about your CG order." *link*. (totally a scammer) Other
E 2020-01-16 424-465-48908
Received text saying Hello mate,your Fedex package with tracking code... is waiting for you to set delivery preference followed by a hyperlink Scam suspicion
Annatte 2020-01-16 833-788-0878138
Scam phone number. They pretend to be customer service for Amazon. Scam suspicion
Willy 2020-01-16 727-877-12552
727-877-1255 "V#######" caller id. Did not leave a message, typical of marketing/solicitors. Unknow