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Leslie L 2020-02-23 502-501-203649
This call came in today 2/23/20 at 4:00AM EST twice and hung up. I blocked it right away. 502-501-2036 Scam suspicion
Joe 2020-02-22 757-250-44763
User Kyle hondors text my phone know my address and ask to make offer. I responded with my offer no response yet. Lol Other
Ayers 2020-02-22 610-800-0160334
Last comment on this thing. If the person had an validity on these... Erroneous comments.......and we are gettin married. Please tell me Who is my second favorite rapper.... This is your opportunity to prove to everyone on this site that i know who ... read more Other
Rhonda 2020-02-22 416-529-7141101
He's a stalker Pete something Scam suspicion
Kay 2020-02-22 919-261-372851
Received multiple calls from this number everyday for the past week. No message is left. Directory states it is a landline in Knightdale, NC. I have blocked it but they continue to call. Scam suspicion
woo-hoo 2020-02-22 727-250-59833
727-250-5983 Clearwater FL was caller id & left no message - typical of spam here. Unknow
Juan lazaro 2020-02-22 866-575-277266
They offered me with 14 weeks of free food delivered to my door step and I fell for it. Now I'm wandering what's the catch, they delivered the first box,, unmarked. Other
LG 2020-02-22 713-979-094594
Threatened me about court and they know it’s me and they are on their way to my house. Called my parents too. Other
Jams 2020-02-21 833-363-0231146
They called twice. Didn't leave a message. Unknow
Man of the hour 2020-02-21 610-800-0160334
This sooooo funny. I have ppl on here fighting over me. 😩. All I can Say is whoever is claiming to be my wife or saying that I was in a relationship with them was far from the truth. say is whoever is claiming to be my wife or saying that I was ... read more Other
Woo-Hoo 2020-02-21 469-414-300899
469-414-3008 "Potential Spam" was caller id. Left no message, typical of nuisance calls here. Unknow
Fedup With scammers 2020-02-21 204-818-4461114
Iristel is a VOIP provider in Ontario, in other words the scammer is masking the actual telephone number. Scam suspicion
Carolyn 2020-02-21 316-477-1402165
This number calls my home landline phone several times a day. I do not answer, but am sick of the phone ringing. They do not live a message . This has been going for several weeks for more than a month. I have not kept track of dates and times. ... read more Unknow
Jesse 2020-02-21 978-435-051657
called this morning and again this afternoon. The first time the robocall scammer left a VM saying he would be happy to send a donation material packet if I would confirm my address. Blocked the number. Not positive but I think this is either a ... read more Scam suspicion
Susan 2020-02-21 720-548-2905137
They say they are calling from Mew Soft and that they are located in Denver. They have called 20 times today. I am tired of these Indian call centers. They do nothing but waste my time and fill my switchboard so no one else can call through. Scam suspicion
Amber 2020-02-21 610-800-0160334
Okay you keep believing those lies child. I was just with him. He is disgusting. And your clueless Other
Me 2020-02-21 610-800-0160334
I’m not sure who this person is that’s claiming to be my wife when I’m not even married. Please stop using this site for your personal gain because once I get your IP address you’re gonna be sorry. Thank you and you’re welcome Other
Frances 2020-02-21 206-414-5990100
IN A SLURRED VOICE SAID "HEY GRANDMA" and I said excuse me and the person hung up Scam suspicion
John 2020-02-21 201-622-7685164
Hang up or do not answer, block the number. Scam suspicion
FED UP with SCAMMERS!! 2020-02-21 949-447-5864132
Received a recorded message from a very clear English speaking woman by the name of "Samantha Clark" calling about great news about my student loan. The call/message came from 989-200-8566 and to call her direct number at 949-447-5864 and to ... read more Scam suspicion
Mercedes 2020-02-21 502-373-8979118
Called shortly after 11am 02-21-2020 to landline, there was only silence on the other end after a few "Hellos?" from me, then hung up within 30 seconds. Unknow
Maria 2020-02-21 513-429-7228112
Side chic 4 kids 4 bds. Home wrecker type likes to argue. Definitely miserable Other
Rich Ollar 2020-02-21 214-225-490058
20 cal today Scam suspicion
Noah 2020-02-21 904-903-2275151
No response Unknow
La Gert 2020-02-21 845-296-9928137
Said he was Connor medical something & asked "Can you hear me?" Scam suspicion
unknown 2020-02-21 913-803-2137103
Calls often but never leaves a message Unknow
Unknown 2020-02-21 423-427-46256
constant calls leaves no message Other
Still Mrs. Ayers 2020-02-21 610-800-0160334
It looks like he's been everybody's boyfriend on here not just yours. I'm gonna talk to my man directly. I don't believe any of this. I trust him. Other
FedUp 2020-02-21 407-541-676879
SCAM!! and wont stop calling Scam suspicion
Stop Calling 2020-02-21 469-476-2285112
Calls over and over almost every 4 minutes! Scam suspicion
Woo-Hoo 2020-02-21 727-655-98064
727-655-9806 caller id was the same number - left no message, typical of spam/solicitors/politics/etc. Unknow
kevin 2020-02-21 972-736-4490126
Scam ,trying to get CC info. Other
Amber 2020-02-21 610-800-0160334
you see my number and you didnt call, hes been my boyfriend for 2 years and 5 months. 2674370428 Other
John Houston 2020-02-21 844-595-339917
Spam. Claimed he was getting back to me on a "quote" and to let me know what I'm up against in regards to other bidders.... this is a complete scam... I dont quote anything.... Other
Stephanie 2020-02-20 850-378-439988
This number called me and it was a women pretending to ask me how long I have been talking to her husband. I immediately put my husband on the phone to handle it but we ended up hanging up because it was a recording just asking me more questions ... read more Other
Anonymous 2020-02-20 410-397-178844
Poor connection- threatening legal proceedings. Other
R 2020-02-20 858-926-252364
Polite but called my unlisted number and had my name and address. Wanted to buy my home. Other
Candace N 2020-02-20 360-776-0817164
Spamming me. Scam suspicion
Sheila 2020-02-20 973-819-110465
This guy has a old lady that lives with him Other
Pushy 2020-02-20 509-381-3479273
Spokesman review subscription sales call Telemarketer
Sammie 2020-02-20 336-234-1757151
"Hi this is Brandi, I'm a trip advisor calling on a recorded line, can you hear me OK?".... Just about every day and ALWAYS from a different number so call blocking is a waste of time. If I could, I'd rate it a ZERO Stars! Scam suspicion
Poop 2020-02-20 410-397-178844
Robo call threatening legal proceedings Other
Glen 2020-02-20 561-623-135545
recieved a call concerning my credit card I told the dude my credit card was paid off and asked them to please stop calling me and he replied fyou you sob and hung up on me Other
YVONNE 2020-02-20 416-977-938328
Robin 2020-02-20 980-308-0223138
Called to speak to management regarding state filing. Scam suspicion
Kelly 2020-02-20 888-836-428140
Scam guy keeps calling and harassing me leaving voicemails talking about we will serve you papers fo. I dont owe anybody anything and do nothing illegal! Scam scam scam. Scam suspicion
Woo-Hoo 2020-02-20 650-337-30525
650-337-3052 Called my TextNow app phone number - rather odd from strange numbers. Probably spam or robocall. Unknow
DCI 2020-02-20 614-441-805962
“Business matter” wanting my husband to call them back. Would not speak to me about what it was regarding, other than “his account.” Blocked number. Scam suspicion
joanna 2020-02-20 208-576-752123
they keep calling think its scam be carefull Other
Mrs. Ayers 2020-02-20 610-800-0160334
I'm Jason's girlfriend for 4 months and we are getting married. If anyone else is still dating him, I need to know. Other