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Harry 2019-12-08 041-464-023532
I want these idiots to stop calling me !
Dallas 2019-12-08 315-244-568234
In the past these SAME people called my home twice about 2 months or so ago indicating that they would come and repair my computer.
Greeley, Horace 2019-12-08 60126263495121
Call me and push me to pay debt...
Max 2019-12-08 60797383971100
From the court but not actual
Craig 2019-12-08 213-372-926943
Just FaceTimed me, i answered and he was sitting there naked. Couldn't see his face ended it really fast
Black Mustard 2019-12-08 208-648-830094
Mil Dil 2019-12-08 419-721-2108127
Who is calling
Clea 2019-12-08 410-382-784880
This owner of this number should be in Maryland not California.
Mini Van 2019-12-08 815-562-056235
Latisha 2019-12-08 814-983-2178101
Ex who's a nut job that harasses non stop
Cassandra 2019-12-08 202-621-057795
I am on do not call registry and have an unlisted phone #.
Ilse 2019-12-08 832-434-3105134
Human trafficking bewarep
Adrianna 2019-12-08 602-400-304691
I don't want to pay any money not worth it and also how do I know been verified is legit.....where is solid proof.
Grass, Günter 2019-12-08 858-239-101127
Text me with my first name and question mark. Called the number and a generic automated voice recording comes on and then hangs up.
Celise 2019-12-08 747-220-3484160
short ring left no message
Prince 2019-12-08 651-419-209119
Was contacted by this number saying it was the FBI. A file was opened say I called a Doctor a fraud, a liar and a scammer. Doctors first name had a capital letter starting it and the last name was non capital.
iodide 2019-12-08 415-534-8651106
called me on sunday 12/8/19 7:42 pm without message Prank
Estella 2019-12-08 045-866-5406132
They only hang up on you.
Wiesel, Elie 2019-12-08 778-402-696171
I have been receiving these calls for several months.
Quiana 2019-12-08 045-866-5406132
Drug deader grub
Maddie 2019-12-08 313-879-110330
spam calls 4-5 times a day and always hangs up
Katalina 2019-12-08 21353712435849
Called me but don’t answer i
Ariane 2019-12-08 458-207-504957
Linked to privacy invasiveness
Sunny 2019-12-08 402-265-071090
This number is being used to sell puppies. Our experience is in regard to a search for a Golden Retriever puppy. Person answering the text said their name was Jesse and that they recently relocated to Portland Oregon, however, we are seeing reports ... read more
Melissa 2019-12-08 951-467-790156
I have not even given this number to my family or friends let alone websites.
Alia 2019-12-08 978-272-922971
need id of phone verified
Fermi, Enrico 2019-12-08 801-635-050055
Marley, Bob 2019-12-08 720-990-630875
This number sent me a text message and wanted me to open a link to verify whether or not I was a robot. I refused to open the link. I told whoever I am reporting them and they said ok. They have not sent another text since.
Sean 2019-12-08 845-502-8094112
Got same message just live everyone else. Blocked my number and called it and within seconds of calling, it was texting me. I notified the police and left a message and text to the number and they stopped. They give same BS when they first message.
Jennette 2019-12-08 412-295-729843
Wrong information
Connolly, Cyril 2019-12-08 800-601-9067244
Call consecutively and don,t speak. I don't answered anymore. I think that is a fraudulent aproach for something.
Oh Ha Ni 2019-12-08 888-329-3942114
I received a screen message to call this number after they froze my screen. Could understand the person who answered,hung and they called me back. Hung up again
Elliot 2019-12-08 800-991-324221
Call is targeted at seniors.
Halliburton, Richard 2019-12-08 208-417-735568
How can these scammers start masking local numbers?
Oh Ha Ni 2019-12-08 888-329-3942114
I called this number and I think I was scammed
Jack 2019-12-08 800-836-366182
Chinese scam call.
Lolli 2019-12-08 772-617-6099120
Is this a burner phone? He us a scammer
Garrison, William Lloyd 2019-12-08 256-960-250145
Who’s name is connected to this number
Derrida, Jacques 2019-12-08 256-960-250145
I want to know who’s name this numbers service contractis under
Evanston 2019-12-08 307-288-706965
This number has tried calling 4 time’s Unknow
Yockey, Francis Parker 2019-12-08 630-866-762058
Looking for a good number.
Ximena 2019-12-08 6308667620069
A robo call looking for a good number. leaves avoicemail saying only good bye.
Tallulah 2019-12-08 267-380-532998
This is the fouth time this has occured to me.
e 2019-12-08 312-818-3094100
Kept calling 4 times until I finally picked up. Man on other end with accent. Asking "Hello"... I hung up. He tried caling back one last time. I now blocked in. Never left a message. Other
Maupassant, Guy de 2019-12-08 208-278-709223
Guy named Roy collecting donations for police.
Teddy Boy 2019-12-08 971-356-611177
This number is spoofed. Do not answer texts or calls from it.
Taylor 2019-12-08 415-464-734258
What’s the scam?
Nadine 2019-12-08 646-265-8092118
7 heart attacks and 3 strokes.
Kenton 2019-12-08 52999158948030
Persona no conocida
Pam 2019-12-08 408-809-340492
Why don't you stop these annoying calls?