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903-523-8038 Texas, Gordonville
414-238-9346 Wisconsin, Milwaukee
866-350-2391 Toll Free
408-610-4900 California, San Jose
866-494-0134 Toll Free
614-446-6945 Ohio, Columbus
937-563-3970 Ohio,
740-327-3938 Ohio, Frazeysburg
216-687-2671 Ohio, Cleveland
740-365-6232 Ohio, Newcomerstown
740-365-6251 Ohio, Newcomerstown
440-291-0075 Ohio, Austinburg
647-497-8245 Ontario, Toronto
800-810-9337 Toll Free
513-322-5199 Ohio, Cincinnati
613-394-6931 Ontario, Trenton
347-494-0938 New York, South Richmond Hill
269-509-4081 Michigan, Wayland
818-834-0278 California, Pacoima
818-325-6582 California, Van Nuys
818-896-5841 California, Pacoima
818-284-5841 California, Hollywood
209-324-7037 California, Modesto
403-808-6542 Alberta, Calgary
403-813-8290 Alberta, Calgary
403-247-6641 Alberta, Calgary
587-586-8290 Alberta, Calgary
780-449-4705 Alberta, Sherwood Park
403-295-6020 Alberta, Calgary
403-354-3072 Alberta, Calgary
206-208-7979 Washington, Seattle
403-850-8250 Alberta, Calgary
403-606-4694 Alberta, Calgary
778-869-2765 British Columbia, New Westminister
778-318-2704 British Columbia, Vancouver
805-221-6203 California, Paso Robles
956-571-5634 Texas, Harlingen
514-317-1463 Quebec, Montreal
951-572-2602 California, Banning
845-333-8856 New York, Middletown
888-235-9033 Toll Free
855-279-4340 Toll Free
219-714-2888 Indiana, Merrillville
416-613-2493 Ontario, Toronto
626-219-5910 California, Los Angeles
613-955-8480 Ontario, Trenton
219-378-2700 Indiana, East Chicago
805-483-2684 California, Oxnard
289-296-6867 Ontario, Niagara Falls
646-201-3826 New York, New York
888-342-9971 Toll Free
270-330-2392 Kentucky, Sharon Grove
833-507-8240 Toll Free
650-627-3500 California, San Mateo

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855-761-8885 Reports: 4
602-705-7568 Reports: 1
416-491-2419 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 26
845-286-6197 Reports: 3
602-705-7568 Reports: 2
717-328-4503 Reports: 2
619-847-1936 Reports: 2
604-200-0439 Reports: 1
813-556-6123 Reports: 1
416-491-2419 Reports: 1
312-796-0395 Reports: 1
610-590-4716 Reports: 1
757-909-0024 Reports: 1
778-345-5654 Reports: 1
800-620-4771 Reports: 1
775-355-3710 Reports: 1
254-221-0659 Reports: 1
715-496-8387 Reports: 1
855-331-1891 Reports: 1
757-406-1601 Reports: 1
113-359-7900 Reports: 1
316-730-6694 Reports: 1
717-215-9790 Reports: 1
804-823-7373 Reports: 1
530-529-2722 Reports: 1
903-523-8038 Reports: 1
931-814-1657 Reports: 1
866-350-2391 Reports: 1
786-353-6549 Reports: 1
909-963-0944 Reports: 1
866-798-1063 Reports: 1
+442033934687 Reports: 1
929-235-9351 Reports: 1
800-917-4976 Reports: 1
608-324-4088 Reports: 1

New comments:

Raj 2022-01-24 416-491-2419 866
It is collection agency named CBV. They have been calling me for 5 years now and I am not the person they are looking for. Everytine they promise me to delete my number from the file and I get a call from them in next few days. Debt collector
Sandra 2022-01-23 866-350-2391 950
scammed me of $23+ for a public record check.... Scam suspicion
Robin 2022-01-21 608-324-4088 148
Identified as Montgomery Ward - Not only did they call my mother, they sent an "official letter" trying to get her personal information and credit card info for a $757.44 charge. Scam suspicion
Li 2022-01-20 804-823-7373 173
Calls several times with no message. Blocked. 1/20/2022 called and I called right back. This number is not in service. Scam suspicion
KS in Virginia 2022-01-20 610-590-4716 161
This caller left a real man's voice message and did state He was Chester or from Chester Spring and that I won $11,000,000 and 2 Mercedes! Yeah right! I hope no-one falls for that SCAM. Scam suspicion
Candace 2022-01-19 775-355-3710 154
Person who picked up said it was UPS. Called to confirm my address. They stated my I address and I said “yes”. She said there was a problem with a delivery. I have yet to receive a delivery. 2 days later. Other
GAIL 2022-01-18 530-529-2722 1686
Max 2022-01-18 855-331-1891 230
SH*t call Scam suspicion
cindy 2022-01-18 +442033934687 690
very clever ... they called using Teams. Random trying to speak to IT staff to explore sales opportunity Telemarketer
GB 2022-01-17 604-200-0439 456
Scam suspicion Scam suspicion
Melanie 2022-01-13 855-901-1133 268
I did not trust this with another number texted me said a mail delivered but there's no ,and told me to call this number. the Grifters are everywhere. May God mercy them and lead them to repent, otherwise they are doomed to the Hell! Other
M. Powell 2022-01-13 469-287-5632 230
Constantly calling me multiple times a day. No voicemail message. Scam suspicion
DIANE 2022-01-13 646-233-0561 414
Maddas L. 2022-01-13 512-337-8559 399
Unsolicited SCAM or FRAUD caller refused to identify self and would not clearly state purpose of the call. This is the 666th such call from small towns in Texas within a year and the 83rd from Leanderl I know nobody in Leander and have done no ... read more Scam suspicion
Jeff 2022-01-12 440-305-9327 565
Nice person, been doing business with her for years. Other
Patrice Dubois 2022-01-12 888-688-7967 714
Scammmm Scam suspicion
Ethan 2022-01-11 844-218-5699 313
I got a call from this number, but I didn't respond. Unknow
Emma 2022-01-11 786-343-0398 378
Cuando voy a llamar aguien dice diponible no anda Debt collector
Julie martz 2022-01-10 717-328-4503 2982
Ur time in life is short vincent eugene martz mercersburg pennsylvania. Repent of ur sins vincent eugene martz mcconnellsburg pennsylvania. YOU Vincent Eugene Martz mcconnellsburg Pennsylvania Pennsylvania are a sinner! ( martz of mcconnellsburg, ... read more Debt collector
K Mertz 2022-01-10 833-538-8574 314
It called one of our patients claiming to be billing department Debt collector
michele 2022-01-09 800-488-0386 388
Sam 2022-01-09 587-580-4001 374
They are not calling me, they use my number to make calls in USA , I get charged for the call , hope TELUS will do something about it . Scam suspicion
Cathy 2022-01-08 830-213-2899 468
Called without leaving a message and I didn't recognize this phone number at all. I don't answer any number I don't recognize, SO people if it's important to you, they'll leave a message. No message = not important to you. Scam suspicion
Ex friend go go Marlene! 2022-01-07 212-203-9554 667
Dead dad who lost his kids as he is a homeless mentally ill abusive man whose own kids now hate him. Known stalked. Known liar. Ugly as hell. Smells like shit. Old man stooped over his computer posting nonsense to no one old And grey and hideous ... read more Prank
Ex friend go go Marlene! 2022-01-07 212-203-9554 667
Dead dad who lost his kids as he is a homeless mentally ill abusive man whose own kids now hate him. Known stalked. Known liar. Ugly as hell. Smells like shit. Old man stooped over his computer posting nonsense to no one old And grey and hideous ... read more Prank
EJW 2022-01-07 872-260-3341 338
Yet another frequent caller in the (872)-260-.... range. They call frequently, multiple times a day sometimes, also with numbers in (872)-270-.... range. Never leaves a message Scam suspicion
EJW 2022-01-07 872-260-3342 337
Calls frequently, often on same day with other numbers that also start with (872)-260-.... or (872)-270-.... Very annoying. Never leaves a message. Scam suspicion
EJW 2022-01-07 872-260-2545 335
Scam - tries to convince to change utilities Scam suspicion
EJW 2022-01-07 872-270-9002 338
Calls frequently, often on same day as similar numbers starting with (872)-270-.... Never leaves a message Scam suspicion
EJW 2022-01-07 872-216-8970 364
Calls repeatedly, often 2-3 times within a 5 minute time span. Never leaves a message. Scam suspicion
Toll Free Call 2022-01-07 800-945-5159 424
Rang once. Either AT&T Smart Call Blocker on my digital U-verse home line blocked it as an incoming robocall or I previously encountered this number and personally stuck it on my phone's Blocked Callers List prior to the FCC's Stirred and Shaken ... read more Unknow
Morgan 2022-01-07 801-395-8894 355
Jokers Scam suspicion
Dougal 2022-01-07 416-482-7691 1186
Called and left no message. I am suspicious. Judging from the comments here, why is it still operating? Scam suspicion
Beth 2022-01-07 888-449-6744 497
Claim their from consumers and want to apply a new gas rate Telemarketer
Unknown 2022-01-06 403-744-5113 764
Called and left no message Scam suspicion
Mikpapageorgio 2022-01-06 647-383-2365 1805
He called. Said my name (first name) 4-5 times. Said he could hear me, or hear me breathing. WTF. This was on my answering function. Some kind of weirdo or scam. I'd like to know. Scam suspicion
FED UP ! 2022-01-06 304-814-5170 717
SCAM Auto Warranty. Scam suspicion
You have no freedom, no privacy, and no choice 2022-01-06 844-908-7272 490
Government propaganda reminding you to run down and get jabbed and get a flu shot while you're at it. We are now China. Scam suspicion
Meee 2022-01-06 844-908-7272 490
Scam robo call. Second like it in a week. Both "government." If legit, why are they hiding their identity with unknown numbers and who gave them permission to spam call me with their propaganda? Scam suspicion
Mee 2022-01-06 844-908-7272 490
Second call like this. Robo scam call. Other
John Bush 2022-01-06 647-383-2365 1805
I get this number on my cell phone at least once per week, it's a recorded message. Asking me if my name is ..... . There is a distorted voice , it can be barely heard. The message is about setting up a mailbox for something, pretty aggressive with ... read more Scam suspicion
sarah vhet 2022-01-06 209-317-3314 388
scammer from coulterville california undeer many names loves steam cards Unknow
Joomla 2022-01-05 416-313-4982 2003
Silence for long time in the beginning. Then in very unclear voice, Claimed they are calling from Optima Communications on behalf of Scotiabank. Scam suspicion
Small cox henry 2022-01-05 207-360-7017 429
They got me to Other
Satan cox 2022-01-05 666 380
Seems legit Other
Ur mom 2022-01-05 513-410-5849 376
Nice guy Other
At bora 2022-01-05 347-447-1211 628
Where did you lose it? Other
Yeah man 2022-01-05 888-688-7967 714
Ballllsacccc Other
Yeah 2022-01-05 312-965-0291 783
Just chilling, what about you? Other
Okay 2022-01-05 312-965-0291 783
Oh what’s up dude? Other
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