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Area code: 800
Prefix: 526
Usage: Toll Free
Rating: 2.51
Views: 82
Comments: 13
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 800-526-4172. This phone number is registered in, Toll Free and operated by . Phone 8005264172 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 13 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 800-526-4172, 8005264172 , 800-526-4172, +18005264172, tel:+1-800-526-4172, 001800-526-4172
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Sorry but that little bit of advice is incorrect. If you sign a contract for a loan regardless if you are a "co-signer" or primary the key word there is SIGNER and you owe the payment as well. You are signing your name to get the loan and by doing so you agree to the terms of the loan and that you are agreeing to take ownership of the debt to make sure it is repaid on time. If you don't think that there is any negative reporting when the payments are not made because your the "co-signer", don't make any payments on the loan and see how it affects your credit... That's why it's not to good of an idea to sign with somebody for a loan unless you live with them because if they don't make the payments then you are legally responsible to make the payment until the loan is paid off.
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Same thing started happening to me 2 days ago for a new cell line I got 2 months ago. Used you tip and called the number back entered the SS# like you said and the rep said they will stop the calls. Hopefully this works.
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It is Compass Bank, I pay a couple days before the due date or before the car loan grace period date but they are so slow to process they start calling the day after. Giving them the confirmation doesn't work either, they still call 4-6 times a day, usually back to back, until the payment posts. I asked them to move my due date but they said they don't do that. One year from payoff, I want to write "f-you" on my last payment. I should have refinanced but stupidly have endured several years of harassment from these morons.
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Thank you for the advice. I don't even have an account with Compass, and never will after this. It will be so nice not to get those calls anymore.Thank you again.
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They call people that do not have accounts with them, moron.
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I get calls from this number on a regaular bases.
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THey called and left no message. I called the number back and got Compass Bank....( I have never done business with them!) hit the "0" button a few times and was transferred to a real person. They said they would remove my number as they are looking for someone else. Time will tell if this worked
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These people have been calling me on my cell phone, over and over. I caught them this morning, and it was a wrong number. I asked her to PLEASE take my number from their list, it's a WRONG number, and she simply replied, "Thank you." I said, "WILL you take my number off your list?" She said, "Thank you." This was repeated a couple of time. I finally said, "Did you HEAR ME? Take my number off, OKAY?" and she hung up. I AM reporting them.
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It is Compass Bank but they were not calling about a late payment. They called and asked me to submit my new auto insurance information to them. I have an auto loan with them.
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