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844-362-2024 / 8443622024

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Area code: 844
Prefix: 362
Usage: Toll Free
Rating: 1
Views: 200
Comments: 12
Last report time: 2020-01-08
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 844-362-2024. This phone number is registered in, Toll Free and operated by . Phone 8443622024 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 12 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 844-362-2024, 8443622024 , 844-362-2024, +18443622024, tel:+1-844-362-2024, 001844-362-2024
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Comments for 844-362-2024

mon jan 6 2020 at 730pm received a call from 8443622025 sounded turkisk or indian speaking person, I asked what they wanted they would not tell me so I started to cuss at the dude, then he told me to calm down or he would hang up so I said do what you have to do, he hung up. so I called back to try to figure out what this company was I got the same nasty dude, and he would not tell me unless I gave my address. I gave him my address via my small airhorn can by my back door so I blew it in the phone, I bet they will never call me again...hint I use the airhorn with all the telemarketer calls they dropped 90% in calling me since they don't understand stop I blew them away.. hope that helps
Call type: Other Rating: 1
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Multiple calls. Claimed to be from Social Security Admin with a problem from IRS.
Call type: Other Rating: 1
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Calls frequently and never leaves a message. I am going to block it. I read the reviews; I never had DirecTV or ATT phone. If they are legit, they will have other ways to reach whoever they really want.
Call type: Unknow Rating: 1
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Claimed they were Direct TV and needed to talk about my account....called at 7pm. Wouldn't tell me more unless I confirmed my address. So I hung up.
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Called our office "on a recorded line", wanted to talk to my boss about a "private business matter". Refused to tell me anything more. She wasn't "authorized" to disclose any other info. Asked if I was his spouse. Told her no, this is a business. She refused to tell me anything else and wanted me to pass message along for boss to call her. I told her no, I was not going to pass on a message for him to call an unidentified person about an unknown matter.
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Claimed they were DirecTV and needed to talk to my son....called at 10:40am. Wouldn't tell me more unless I confirmed my address and gave them my son's phone number.. So I hung up when I asked what the call was pertaining to and they were not at liberty to tell me so I asked that my phone number be removed. I then hung up.
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Spoke with AT&T to inquire about a phone number 469-642-0250 to inquire were they connected any kind of way with AT&T since merging with DirecTV. AT&T got them on the phone by calling 1-844-362-2024 after I gave them the phone number and inquired while I was on 3-way call to get more information. Michael Malloy claimed he represented Credence Resource Management, 1-844-362-2024, and needed to talk to my son....called at 11:04am. Wouldn't tell me or AT&T more unless I confirmed my address and gave them my son's phone number.. So I hung up when I asked what the call was pertaining to and they were not at liberty to tell me so and would not tell AT&T as well. I asked that my phone number be removed. I then hung up.
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They called while I was at an appointment. I returned the call and asked what this was pertaining to. They wouldn’t give me specific info unless I confirmed my address. So I gave them my address and they said it didn’t match what they have on file. Finally the man that answered saying they were collecting a debt on my Directv account that was supposedly delinquent. I had closed my account with a zero balance in June. I told the man that I will be calling AT&T myself to rectify this and hung up.
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Was it true or a scam??
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