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413-662-8519 / 4136628519

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Area code: 413
Prefix: 662
Country: United States
State: Massachusetts
City: North Adams
Company: Verizon New England Inc.
Usage: Landline
Time zone: Eastern
Rating: 1.7
Views: 766
Comments: 223
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 413-662-8519. This phone number is registered in North Adams, Massachusetts, United States and operated by Verizon New England Inc.. Phone 4136628519 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 223 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 413-662-8519, 4136628519 , 413-662-8519, +14136628519, tel:+1-413-662-8519, 001413-662-8519
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Comments for 413-662-8519

Idiot!BIG mistake to answer at all, because now they know your number is legit, and someone might answer, so they keep calling and calling.
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Our phone numbers, and email addresses acquired through all the hacking of large companies in the past few years, are being sold to thousands of criminals everyday. Haven't you noticed how the phishing and junk emails have increased x10 in recent months?These people are trying to swindle anyone dumb enough to answer their phone or respond to these emails. They are way smarter than most of you on how the systems work.The calls are coming from scammers outside of the USA, 99% of the time, usually from Russia, China, India, Pakistan, etc.. They use VoIP phone numbers or PBX numbers, and roto-dialers (computer programs) that cannot be called back. The Do Not Call service is useless against them. They will never stop calling you no matter what you do.If you block one number, they just call from another. So, the ONLY thing you should do is ignore them.
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Callers hung up when said was business
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not sure who or what they are selling, probably life alert or card services. When I don't want to mess with them (tie up their time with stupid questions and false CC numbers) I pick it up on the first ring and immediately hang up. Seems to cut down the repeat calls from the same number but I still get about one per day on each phone from various scammers, nothing like the 17 calls noted in a previous post. May be the same ones spoofing local or 800 numbers. Nothing we can do about it I suspect; I'm sure they are outside the country and beyond the reach of our government. I'm on the DNC list so I know they aren't legitimate. If it's important they will call right back.
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these people keep calling and soliciting credit info. called about 10 times in 3 months
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Calls to "seniors" to get some kind of free alert.
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Called my cell while I was trying to put a cart full of groceries into the car in the pouring rain. I answered angrily by saying "WHAT?!" and there was silence on the other end.
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I received a call on my cell phone from 413-662-8519 but I do not answer calls I do not recognize. A recordingy left a message "Protect your family from" all kinds of emergencies. Why don't the phone companies block these obvious bogus calls?
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I am so sick of these people. They are constantly calling me and telling me they can lower my credit card debt. Strange since I have NO CREDIT CARDS. SCAMMERS!!!!! Please get a life, quit telling your mom and dad you are working at tech support for a phone company or computer company, because We all know you don't. You want to try to get personal information so that you can continue to live off Mommy and Daddy and play your video games with your buddies all night long in the basement. You guys make me so mad. My husband works his tail off making a real living for us, because I am disabled and unable to work. I used to work as a Law Enforcement Officers and there is one Department that I would love to work in and that would be Cyber crimes, so I could lock your lazy whinny baby butts up. One night in lockup with the gang bangers and the ones that want to bang you and I bet you will find a real job, Would you like fries with that order, I respect them for trying to work at a job and do it with out being snots like you.
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I want to know who is he
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i see this number in a full page ad in the villages,fl. newspaper,no address or company except Senior Cable,what is it ?
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If their claiming Rogers phone zee Rogers & tell them their scamming
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Some jews trying to give money and services for political reasons
786-289-9466 Scam suspicion 11
Hiring scam. This ain't no real job or hiring person. Nice enough person but they ask for private stuff. Can't even find a real job post on monster for this. Says its for some tech company. Shady as F!
786-289-9466 Scam suspicion 11
Scam recruiter. Sent google doc asking for birthdate and SSN after asking to contact former employers.
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No message left. Repeated calls over weeks.
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Scam call - no message left
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Scam call - leaves no message
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Scam call - no message left
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This number is the same scammer's number as 805-746-0980 used the name Kelsey or Briana or Kristin or kalyn and more! use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
They use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
They use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
This number is the same scammer's number as 415-528-1173. This number used the name Kelsey to steal and send photos of a different woman (pornstar Nicole Doshi).