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514-288-0420 / 5142880420

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Area code: 514
Prefix: 288
Country: Canada
State: Quebec
City: Montreal
Company: Bell Canada
Usage: Landline
Time zone: Eastern
Rating: 2.31
Views: 638
Comments: 321
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 514-288-0420. This phone number is registered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and operated by Bell Canada. Phone 5142880420 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 321 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 514-288-0420, 5142880420 , 514-288-0420, +15142880420, tel:+1-514-288-0420, 001514-288-0420
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Received a call from this number, My number is a no call list or is it a must call list. It seems to be a waste of time to register on the no call list.
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Just received a call; for a moment thought it might be business related since we have been working with several Canadians (including the RCMP) on a film project. Then reconsidered since it's Sunday, searched, and found this site and of note the following remark as below: "it's true replies to BC Resident 29 Mar 2014 Unfortunately it is true. The rcmp in our area were warning of a scam exactly as said person has described."
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They called here a few minutes ago; I live in Michigan. Did not answer; no one I know in Montreal would be calling on Sunday.
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Sunday afternoon at 4:15 They are SCAMMER, who else would be calling on SUNDAY????? With a unknown name on caller ID.
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For some people turning off our phones when we go to bed is not an option.I work night shift and have the exact same problem, I need to be able to be reached in case of emergency or something.
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514 is actually a Montreal based number. Got the call too
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please remove my number of your call list
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Siemens Health CareThis genleman asked to speak with (name) [C.O.O.] I asked the gentleman to send an email with information about the purpose of his call. He explained that he didn't have an email to send and he would try calling again later.
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No, 514- 288- 0420 is from Montreal ,not Vancouver. This guy is from a customer survey company. Call back and SWEAR loudly to extension #7 (the supervisor ). After a few times ,they will stop harass you. Another number from Montreal is 514-904-3190 . It seems this business is booming in Montreal.
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514-288-0420: Persistent Pests From ‘Opinion Search’It’s been a while since I have posted here about junk phone calls. I’ve been busy with other projects and have not had much time to post updates here, but since these people from ‘Opinion Search’ were so determined to reach me, I decided I’d give them a little press, so to speak.It started on April 2, and when I saw the Called ID come up with ‘Opinion Search,’ I did not answer and let the answering machine get it. I was not foolish enough to think I would never hear from them again of course.I checked this place out by doing some searching online and came up with a tip from someone else who provided a website where one could enter their number on this company’s ‘do not call’ list. The site looked legit, so I entered in my number and got back a message that read something like: ‘Thank you. You will not hear from us again.’Wow, wasn’t that easy! Was it too good to be true? Apparently.On April 3 they tried again. This time I picked it up and was going to try a little trick on them. But, as these robo-callers so often do, it did not provide me with anyone on the other end to talk to. I was so glad to get out of my nice comfortable recliner to answer that call!Just moments ago ‘Opinion Search’ struck again! On a Sunday even! Must be a good day to catch people at home.I answered the phone in a somewhat unusual way, saying something more like ‘Hallo’ than ‘Hello,’ since I wanted to set this up.The caller launched into her spiel about some kind of opinion survey and I then interrupted her with ‘No English,’ spoken with a fake foreign accent.She responded with, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. Is there anyone in your home that does speak English’?Well, since I don’t speak English, how would I be expected to understand that? I again repeated, ‘No English,’ again with the fake accent.At that point she gave up and said goodbye.I’m not going to pretend this is an original idea, because it is not. I recall reading somewhere about someone else doing this.My hope is that they update their evil robo-dialer database to reflect that nobody at this number speaks English and they will not bother us again.Time will tell.Interestingly, the first two calls came from 514-288-0420 but today’s call came from 613-230-2890 and the caller ID still displayed ‘Opinion Search.’ Maybe they hire people to work from home or something, or have different call centers. Maybe they just spoof Called ID numbers. Who knows.If they call again, I will surely post that information here. No matter how busy I am!
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