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Area code: 623
Prefix: 308
Country: United States
State: Arizona
City: Phoenix
Company: Teleport Communications America
Usage: Landline
Rating: 1
Views: 580
Comments: 31
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 623-308-8000. This phone number is registered in Phoenix, Arizona, United States and operated by Teleport Communications America. Phone 6233088000 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 31 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 623-308-8000, 6233088000 , 623-308-8000, +16233088000, tel:+1-623-308-8000, 001623-308-8000
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Called on behalf of my local Credit Union to do a security check on my Visa credit card. Gave me a case number and contact number 888-918-7313. I was skeptical because that number is not listed on the back of my Visa card. So I called the cardholder service number on the back of my card and they verified that number is indeed their security department and transferred my call over to them. Luckily the charges they were verifying were made by me but was declined due to my card reaching it's max limit.
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Got a voicemail from this number saying they were doing a security check on my credit union card and they left a case number. I called back and the guy wanted my cc number, I said I have a case number. Then he said he wanted my SS#. I repeated that I had a case number but he was not at all interested in that number. I hung up call my credit union and they said it was a SCAM.
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Yes, they are legitimate. They work with my credit union. I bought pizza at a local store here in Maryland, but the store runs their credit through processing in Texas. They just wanted to make sure the charge was fine since my activity was mostly here in Maryland. I did call my credit union directly instead of answering the caller's questions to be safe, but the caller was like sure, I do understand...I am glad they are monitoring my account so well!
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So you received a call, then called your credit union and verified the call? Then you immediately decided to go on the internet to look up this number? Why would you need to do that if you verified who called you?
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Answered and the busy signal began
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As the others said, it was a fraud detection service that I'm assuming contracts with Credit Unions all over the country. All they asked for was my phone number and the case number they had already provided. If it is a scam, they succeeded before even calling me, because the guy had access to all of my purchase history.The thing that was very odd to me is that they were asking me about transactions at businesses I use all of the time, places near work and home.
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They called me doing the same thing and the guy was very polite and was calling for my credit union as well
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Received a call this morning from this number. I did not recognize it so I did not answer. They left a voicemail.The customer service representative that left the message and was very nice. Stated they were fraud detection unit through my bank and left a case number and asked me to call as soon as I could. I did call and for verification I only had to give the number on my account ( I assume this was due to me calling from that number and not a number that was not recognized). I gave the case number and sure enough my account was hacked. There were purchases from this morning starting at 4am from Switzerland and then ending around 6am in India. I had to verify these purchases were not made by me. They shut down my card immediately. Called my bank to re-order card and was told I had to go into my branch to complete fraudulent paperwork to have on file and to be reimbursed for the charges that were made.
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Hedid not ask for my debit card number, my social security number, my bank account number. He verified several charges on my account. He provided the place and the amounts that the charges were made. There were 2 on my account that were not mine and were fraudulent. When I talked to member services at my bank they said they use Falcon Security to monitor activity on accounts.
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This is not a scam. This is a number for a legitimate credit card security company. They gave me a case number and had my card number. Never asked for social or card number. Verified fraudulent purchases and sent me new card.
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