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Area code: 800
Prefix: 251
Usage: Toll Free
Rating: 1.34
Views: 228
Comments: 39
Last report time: 2018-11-15
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 800-251-1344. This phone number is registered in, Toll Free and operated by . Phone 8002511344 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 39 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 800-251-1344, 8002511344 , 800-251-1344, +18002511344, tel:+1-800-251-1344, 001800-251-1344
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on used car parking lot sale with contest and states if you win you must come to dealership in person . yet they dont give address of the dealership. and since the sale is under tent on a shopping center. also shows nice shinny pu truck 897.48. yet in mouse print that's with trade of 3k or 3k cash and cannt believe they are allowed to continue to do this. imo scam
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Same here with all the other stories posted must be a SCAM......
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I received the same flyer and it is a scam. Mine said Airport Motors is having a huge sale in the Walmart in Leesburg fl. It also had the card with the mc logo and the voucher for $3288 to use as a bonus. I talked to my hubby about this (he works for Kia) but not afraid to shop for the best deal anyhow he said that he has been getting a ton of customers that had received the same flyer and it was a scam to get your personal info. Any time any dealership or company is hosting an event you can call the company directly and they will be more than happy to clarify any confusion or answer any question any one might have.
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Same issue at hand here! I received the same flyer in the mail as well as my mother. After I called the rep asked me questions and ended up hanging up on me. So I talked to a friend who recommended one of the nicest sales man I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! He was upfront honest and went out of his way to help and ensure we got the best deal possible! i have never had anyone go as far as he did to help us.I myself had some credit problems that he was able to appreciate and understand and was able to get me financed. Both my Mother and I traded in our cars and continue to recommended this man! If anyone would like information on a way to contact him PLEASE email me and I will be more than happy to give you his Name and contact information. Its hard to find genuine people these days and when you finally do its nice to pay it forward. Please, Email me at:
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I just got the same thing in the mail, but I decided to call the dealership (the Toyota dealership in my town, Joe Cooper Toyota) directly and they informed me that it is indeed from them and is the real thing and to go ahead and c'mon in. I think we will take the chance to walk in to see what it is all about but I feel it is mostly a scam. I'd much rather go in and see people face to face and be able to back out before any funny business then to do any of it online.
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Hey everybody, I went to the dealership, and they get your name, phone number and email so they can send you "offers" in the mail. They don't sell the personal information and I got a Walmart 5 dollar gift card. They said all Toyota authorized sellers are doing it nation wide. I would suggest going in if you want your gift card (unless someone is actually a lucky winner of the 10k or other prizes) it's just a gimmick to get you in the door. But hey, 5 bucks free.
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Got a card in the mail said from Ford i could win $15,000 and to do there scratch off ! I had 5 days , there was a little gray box attached to the card with of course a matching # to the scratch off. guaranteed to win one of the prizes: 2 new ipad minis ,$250.00, or $150.00 cash. said to call 1-800-251-1344. So when it sounded too good to be true i looked it up on the scam site . Yep here it is !!! so if u get a big card from Ford with a little gray box on it that lights up with the winning # and lasts for 5 days. trash it not true. Dont fall for these people trying to scam us its sad but i look everything up anymore first because there are too many SCAMS out there. dident get me this time. :)
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I got a flyer in the mail GATOR seffner FL. I received a digital blinking box with my winning number. Of course it said i have a winng number. Advertise a Hyundai for $987.82 called the 800 number but would not confirm win untill i gave all my personal info. I only gave the pin number they sent me. She knew. My address. FROM THE PIN. scared me into hanging up. I hope i didn't lose out on 15 grand
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I got a card in the mail that had a little combination box. I knew that I had a winner number lol and of course I did!!So I called the number and explained I could not come in for appt just had a baby (btw Im a grandma, my youngest is 27)any way its fun to mess with theses ppl. But when I started to push about my prize she ,P3 she justhung up Besides, if she would have ask ,I would have told her my husbands job: He works in fraud division of the FBI LOL,
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yes I got this letter from this company. yes I post a win something. yes I call. they asked to read the number and I did. so they asked me if this is me. damn they asked me when can I go get what I won. so I just said Friday. she hung up. so I don't know what to do. that's all they got for me
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Thank you for calling National Dealer Services. To request a quote press 1, to be placed on our do not call list press 2. Or what their really soliciting is extended car warranties.
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I am a colleague. She is professional, smart and very nice.
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Scam caller calls office phone several times a day.
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PCH {Publishers clearance house] scam of voice mail saying "you've been selected to win the lottery" load of crap.
I called SSA 1-800-772-1213. And they confirmed that 1-877-772-3794, ext. 31351 does belong to their employee M. Van Hook. I received an email that did not look professional. Always verify SSA numbers with SSA's main number.