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416-673-1299 / 4166731299

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Area code: 416
Prefix: 673
Country: Canada
State: Ontario
City: Toronto
Company: Telus Integrated Communications
Usage: Landline
Time zone: Eastern
Rating: 1
Views: 523
Comments: 34
Last report time: 2022-07-27
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 416-673-1299. This phone number is registered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and operated by Telus Integrated Communications. Phone 4166731299 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 34 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 416-673-1299, 4166731299 , 416-673-1299, +14166731299, tel:+1-416-673-1299, 001416-673-1299
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Comments for 416-673-1299

Non stop today. Seriously knock it off. Never leaves message just uses space on VM to hang up.
Call type: Other Rating: 1
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doug stevens missisaga.canada
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the next time these [***] hols call do what i do, TALK DIRTY to them . it will piss them off big time . They dont call me no more.
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I looked up that niumber under canada411 because I recognized that 416 is the Toronto area's main area code and they gave me this info: Stevens Douglas416-673-12993238 Brandon Gate DrMississauga, ON L4T 2G2 Do with this information what you may... I'm sick and tired of all of these stupid ppl (or machines) calling
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I answered out of anger expecting nobody to be there (again!) and I was gonna yell colorful metaphors at the dead line but somebody was actually there. CBV Collections was the deal. It would seem that Roger's had tacked on tons of interest on an old account that I had (thought so anyway) closed 1.5 yrs ago and that I now have an outstanding balance of $3100! I called Rogers and gave them a piece of my mind after they told me that there was no way to rectify the matter on their end because now I was in collections and my credit was being damaged more and more on a daily basis "So we don't know what more to say..." AAARGH I called back CBV and thay told me that maybe they could do a settlement. Maybe they can get me approved for a $1500 settlement fee that I must pay up in one lump sum or at least 1/3 every week for 3 weeks (That's $500 every week for 3 weeks -- ) Now they are checking with Rogers to see if they'll go for that. PAIN IN THE A** ROGERS! They are SUCH THIEVES!!!!! Anyhoo, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I am now waiting on pins and needles to find a way to pay something I never knew I had to, for all intents and purposes, to repair my stupid credit. Ain't life grand when you've got conglomerates screwing you without so much as a kiss on the right butt cheek?
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they just called my house at 7:20 AM! GRRR!!, thought they weren't allowed to start calling till after 8 AM!we don't owe anything to ANYONE and yet they call 6 -10 times a day and no message, same number, ....... drives me mental.
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Calls once a day..... a nuisance, I am a senior
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Everyone, Please, Call these idiots 8-10 times a day, They will soon be out of business with all their lines tied up and no income commin in. Also,, If you owe money, there is no law that states you must pay a collection agent. You can simply return to the merchant and deal directly with them. If the merchant wont take your payments because your in "collection", get that in writing. As soon as they refuse to take money, the courts have ruled over and over, that you debt is considered paid in full.
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Dear finally ...Please, do NOT negotiate with these people! They have purchased your debt from Rogers (at pennies on the dollar) and are harassing you to pay up, so they can make a HUGE profit! The money you pay them will NOT go to Rogers, and there are no guarantees whatsoever that the collection agency will clear your credit rating - if indeed the outstanding amount was reported to the credit agencies at all. Definitely get a free check of your standing with the credit reporting agencies before you invest a dime in what these people are telling you. Chances are - it's not even on there. But ... if Rogers HAS registered an unpaid debt against your name, it will be for the original amount, and there will be no additional fees or penalties from the collection agency in that amount. So magically, that 'tons of interest' that has been tacked on disappears!Read the post dated Sep13 2010 from 'Not happy'. That is some good advice. If you intend to pay the bill, then please go back to the originating company and deal with them directly. If they won't take your money, then ask for the rationale in writing. With such proof in hand, challenge the collection agency to take you to court. You have nothing to fear if the matter goes to court, as this is what you want - an impartial person to hear your side of the story! The more that consumers stand up for their legal rights, the quicker the unscrupulous players will give up the debt collection business. Sad really - that service providers find it more profitable to outsource their problem customers to greedy "get rich quick" entrepreneurs, rather than to invest that money in making an effort to resolve those issues, and retain happy customers.
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I got a call from these people too...asking for money....Dumb people started threatening...wanted my banking info. Poor A*&%%holes.
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