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724-671-7927 Pennsylvania, Tarentum
702-815-7939 Nevada, Las Vegas
901-299-6888 Tennessee, Memphis
440-463-8451 Ohio, Willoughby
289-272-1012 Ontario, Niagara On The Lake
225-381-6814 Louisiana, Baton Rouge
337-223-2228 Louisiana, Gueydan
804-250-8860 Virginia, Warsaw
817-893-2085 Texas, Fort Worth
850-801-3860 Florida, Baker
866-888-3436 Toll Free
317-672-1184 Indiana, Indianapolis
855-619-4666 Toll Free
240-541-6007 Maryland, Bethesda
250-451-2541 British Columbia, Kelowna
850-279-9507 Florida, Valparaiso
805-371-9330 California, Thousand Oaks
703-268-1631 Virginia, Vienna
478-377-0507 Georgia, Louisville
678-682-9215 Georgia, Atlanta
202-609-7066 Washington, DC, Washington
952-367-8494 Minnesota, Minneapolis
844-808-8287 Toll Free
605-461-7954 South Dakota, Huron
619-843-1531 California, San Diego
204-220-8004 Manitoba, Winnipeg
775-249-7438 Nevada, Incline Village
276-209-9874 Virginia, Bland
859-349-6100 Kentucky, Perryville
216-835-1325 Ohio, Cleveland
860-466-7789 Connecticut, Hartford
301-353-4104 Maryland, Gaithersburg
587-316-8983 Alberta, Calgary
732-831-7874 New Jersey, Toms River
480-739-3723 Arizona, Phoenix
979-232-2113 Texas, Eagle Lake
631-256-1123 New York, Sayville
256-601-7663 Alabama, Fyffe
559-245-3800 California, Miramonte
303-862-0177 Colorado, Denver
902-700-8594 Nova Scotia, Halifax
856-486-5211 New Jersey, Merchantville
855-945-3255 Toll Free
855-945-3165 Toll Free
404-777-3780 Georgia, Atlanta
833-557-1004 Toll Free
805-574-2229 California, Arroyo Grande
647-560-9133 Ontario, Toronto

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855-761-8885 Reports: 10
813-290-6200 Reports: 1
289-272-1012 Reports: 1
469-291-0898 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 45
140-986-7555 Reports: 2
614-697-4188 Reports: 2
530-529-2722 Reports: 2
844-386-3797 Reports: 1
800-595-6094 Reports: 1
909-378-9238 Reports: 1
844-931-4334 Reports: 1
888-865-1774 Reports: 1
219-218-5232 Reports: 1
437-580-7596 Reports: 1
724-674-0291 Reports: 1
321-241-3464 Reports: 1
902-700-8594 Reports: 1
418-476-0861 Reports: 1
817-854-8522 Reports: 1
113-359-7900 Reports: 1
416-313-0227 Reports: 1
813-290-6200 Reports: 1
900060005027 Reports: 1
888-985-8547 Reports: 1
754-227-6169 Reports: 1
140-036-0270 Reports: 1
412-646-8370 Reports: 1
480-680-5238 Reports: 1
800-536-9502 Reports: 1
480-680-4949 Reports: 1
860-466-7789 Reports: 1
646-905-0303 Reports: 1
307-274-9518 Reports: 1
408-256-3267 Reports: 1
702-602-3653 Reports: 1
215-874-5541 Reports: 1
630-381-5519 Reports: 1
805-901-5550 Reports: 1
833-323-0881 Reports: 1
587-316-8983 Reports: 1
706-309-6968 Reports: 1
931-814-1657 Reports: 1
301-439-2759 Reports: 1
936-306-5988 Reports: 1
202-972-1611 Reports: 1
762-200-9132 Reports: 1
480-478-1487 Reports: 1
302-956-9789 Reports: 1
707-564-6069 Reports: 1
855-945-3165 Reports: 1
832-684-9952 Reports: 1
718-766-1669 Reports: 1
646-895-6118 Reports: 1
925-214-8854 Reports: 1
289-272-1012 Reports: 1
705-558-1276 Reports: 1
770-531-6917 Reports: 1
217-579-6376 Reports: 1
509-774-0276 Reports: 1
408-555-4301 Reports: 1
804-250-8765 Reports: 1
989-854-4327 Reports: 1
785-590-7015 Reports: 1

New comments:

Mitchell 2020-08-18 415-660-9699 151
They are ignorant. Continue to call my hse, asking for someone who does not reside at my residence. ID says lien receivable. Number is listed as scammer online. I called them back to confront them and was automatically told they will remove my ... read more Other
Marlyn Mccafty 2020-08-18 800-869-8488 120
called me at 3.51 am. Was not from Sears but one of their associated companies. Very disturbing to get call at the early time in the morning. i have had my card since 1987 and am seriously considering cancel of that card because Sears allows my ... read more Scam suspicion
Meme 2020-08-18 855-200-6701 176
Got a call from a lady claiming I had warrants out for my arrest and in order to prevent the barristers from arresting me, I needed to provide my social security number, birth date, and address to verify that they had the right person. First off, ... read more Scam suspicion
Jessica 2020-08-18 866-659-2606 126
Scam artist claiming to be Court servers trying to get money from people. Be aware they're calling my family members looking for me yeah when I called they couldn't give me a straight answer about why they were calling. just telling me that I was ... read more Other
bob 2020-08-18 570-373-8251 18
Robo call for auto warranty. If you want to play around with them, tell them you have a 2018 Ford sheboygan . that will confuse them for a good laugh for you. the indian guy repeated back shitwagon? LOL! Scam suspicion
Joe 2020-08-18 267-743-8226 106
Horrible Scam suspicion
PLR 2020-08-18 +442035194586 132
+442035194586 Silent call, maybe scam. Scam suspicion
Deja Vu 2020-08-17 239-610-4858 11
239-610-4858 Firefighters & EMS Fund - late evening call from this supposedly Political thing. I believe they are a scam & illegal telemarketing. Do your homework and research before giving money to any telemarketing callers. Scam suspicion
PRA Group 2020-08-17 204-900-6263 75
We are PRA, a global leader in the purchase, collection, and management of portfolios of nonperforming loans. In other words, we specialize in debts that are deemed unrecoverable. Assuming we'd acquired a twenty-year-old unpaid debt a week ago. ... read more Debt collector
P. FERRY 2020-08-17 855-200-6701 176
Person saying they were calling from Diversified Solutions Corp called and bothered our daughter - don't know how they got her phone number, and said they had a 'case' against my husband regarding an old payday loan which we did not have ...with a ... read more Scam suspicion
Deja Vu 2020-08-17 239-610-4870 10
239-610-4870 Firefighter & EMS Fund - supposedly a Political thing. I think it's just another money scammer. Do your homework before parting with your money to illegal-telemarketers. Scam suspicion
Nick 2020-08-17 844-253-3707 209
I got a letter as well saying my account will be deleted and had the 844.253.3707 Number. I was like this gotta be a scam. No way in hell this is real. I ignored it. Then I got phone calls about the issue. I searched the web and got conflicting ... read more Scam suspicion
CalifW 2020-08-17 661-476-6453 62
Daily phone calls full of solicitation. We are registered on the DO NOT CALL LIST for a reason. If we need verizon wireless services we will call you. Please stop calling Telemarketer
no name 2020-08-17 540-483-8992 44
not in my caller list, rejected Scam suspicion
PENNY 2020-08-17 540-900-2071 85
Dido, called left no message Other
John 2020-08-17 800-394-9057 73
Caller using caller ID Spoofer to mask true location of caller. I received a press one to accept call. Comcast does not do that. Advise anyone not to answer call. Scam suspicion
noanswer 2020-08-17 540-900-2071 85
left no message, probably some sort of telemarketer Unknow
Kay 2020-08-17 802-440-2006 177
Said from AT&T and I qualify for 50% off my monthly package w free upgrades. It said call back on this same number that is on my caller ID. I didn't call back, AT&T does not call you. Total SCAM Scam suspicion
Katie 2020-08-17 248-450-6328 268
Caller said they needed to verify my identity. Asked if I was the female that lived on, than they named my street. I told them I will not confirm or deny until I am told who this is calling. They said okay there is something in your mail that ... read more Scam suspicion
MARY ANN DEMARCO 2020-08-16 702-710-0933 157
Started charging my mastercard $19.95 a month since March, 2020. They went through my paypal account and it never showed up on paypal. Was only through Paypal Mastercard. No one can help me. Just found it August 13th. $19.95 for 6 months = ... read more Scam suspicion
Anna R 2020-08-16 913-237-9100 315
All that have reported this number. These ppl are hackers. Tara Herring Elder and Thomas Brandon Monroe or Morningstar are a group called Revil. They are Red Hat Hackers and they are dangerous. The police will do absolutely nothing bc they don't ... read more Other
DD 2020-08-15 606-306-4505 239
Same here. Hi, how have you been. I didn’t respond Unknow
John 2020-08-15 502-252-1947 25
Very annoying. Additionally, I have this specific phone number blocked on my cell phone. Somehow, the calls are getting through. I also keep my phone on Do Not Disturb. In any event, I told the caller I was on the National Do Not Call List and to ... read more Telemarketer
Ed Buck 2020-08-15 425-225-3063 83
Obnoxious company called - Dynata - data mining/telemarketing/survey. They keep calling and have numerous different telephone numbers so blocking is a full time job! Ha! Question I have is how do they have a (425) area code and are registgered in ... read more Telemarketer
Unknown 2020-08-15 403-354-5646 11
Calling repeatedly at 3 a.m. EST. Unknow
Woo 2020-08-14 727-315-3591 8
727-315-3591 Unknown Caller - called & left no message at 6;45pm - a call back is not answered so suspect, telemarketing. Unknow
Mrs 2020-08-14 612-324-8965 62
No voice other end. I hung up. Scam suspicion
Android User 2020-08-14 844-643-8133 183
Looks like a text bot...after reading comments, will block. I got to this page by a TOR browser. If they already have my phone number, they're not getting my IP too! Please look for TOR browser in iTunes or Play Store! Scam suspicion
Frank 2020-08-14 202-763-6199 54
"Hi, this call is from Social Security Administration. The nature behind this call is to inform about a suspension notice. We have received the ..(?)... social security number regarding some fraudulent activity. He's running in Washington DC. So we ... read more Scam suspicion
IDK 2020-08-14 602-076-9813 51
phone number is nowhere to be found....... Scam suspicion
b. 2020-08-14 480-680-6561 17
We've been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warranty. You should have received something in the mail about your cars extended warranty since we have not gotten a response. We are giving you a final courtesy call before we close out ... read more Scam suspicion
O Scwewitt 2020-08-14 727-953-6292 7
727-953-6292 Jewell Paul; was caller id and left no message & does not answer a call back and has no voice mail. Best guess; Telemarketing. Unknow
King F@ggot 2020-08-13 617-470-1003 64
F@ggots run this website Other
Mary 2020-08-13 845-302-7234 6
said if i didn't call there would be an arrest arranged in my name. Scam suspicion
Fred 2020-08-13 844-844-0252 27
Message was left to call 844-844-0252. I called and it was indeed Aerocae. Nothing to worry about. Event reminder
O Scwewitt 2020-08-13 626-479-8250 12
626-479-8250 Technoloy; was caller id. Left no message - I searched & it's just another illegal-telemarketing Scam, wasting peoples time. Scam suspicion
Cathy 2020-08-13 850-318-7269 149
This number called me,I answered he explained “solar panels”,he had my name and said I was on there website, I do not know how he knew who I was, but I never checked anything like that out. I called back,number isn’t in service. Scam suspicion
Craig 2020-08-13 888-214-6431 147
Still at it. Didn't pick up, ended up with a voicemail warning me that I had to contact her to avoid going before a judge, magistrate, or *GASP* a grand jury! Must be super cereal. Obviously Scam suspicion
Tom 2020-08-13 954-420-1526 25
called, no message, SPAM Other
Myname 2020-08-13 559-286-0161 128
They call with a auto message stating there's a claim against you and that the message is deemed as them notifying you. It's definitely a scam. Don't pick up. Scam suspicion
Deja Vu 2020-08-13 509-316-2205 4
509-316-2205 National Coalition for Police & Troopers - called and left no message so I called it back. Seems just another Police Political Committee?? Wanting your money. Scam suspicion
Bob 2020-08-13 323-579-0475 39
"Collection agency" Other
Me 2020-08-12 412-260-0816 102
Today is 12-August-2020. The number (412) 260-0816 has been my personal cell phone number for 10 years. If anyone is receiving calls where this number shows in your caller ID window, know that it is being spoofed. I have no reason to make ... read more Other
Edward BNuck 2020-08-12 425-333-7450 10
Robocall "Real estate" SCAM. "Hello, my name is Ryan...I'm sorry but I can't hear you...the line is breaking up...", etc , etc. Scammers are getting sophisticated with their scams! Other
O Scwewitt 2020-08-12 407-278-2893 5
407-278-2893 Oviedo, FL; was caller id and left no message. Medicare supplement illegal telemarketing spam. Scam suspicion
O Scwewitt 2020-08-12 678-882-1311 12
678-882-1311 Potential Spam; was caller id and left no message. A call back shows the number is not reachable.... probably illegal-telemarketing spam. Unknow
elias karkalas 2020-08-12 833-445-7714 8
these people help you "acquire" Butalbital online without a prescription. once your hooked, you become their "client" and make them money at the cost of your health and checkbook. they ARE related to Rx Limited Telemarketer
nick orme, Fresno, CA 2020-08-12 866-315-7600 111
these people help you "acquire" Butalbital online without a prescription. once your hooked, you become their "client" and make them money at the cost of your health and checkbook. they ARE related to Rx Limited Telemarketer
Marco 2020-08-12 210-293-5978 14
They call every day around the same time. The last time I did answer and waited for them to speak. They hang up. Other
O Scwewitt 2020-08-12 864-614-8059 54
864-614-8059 AmerVetsAssoc - caller id. Left no message, which is fine by me. Typical Spam. Telemarketer
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