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800-290-3935 Toll Free
720-722-4900 Colorado, Denver
510-288-4522 California, Oakland
210-282-8879 Texas, San Antonio
832-844-3572 Texas, Houston
610-625-1558 Pennsylvania, Bethlehem
812-379-2366 Indiana, Columbus
630-883-0757 Illinois, Elgin
224-307-5484 Illinois, Evanston
740-234-3519 Ohio, Delaware
615-388-4285 Tennessee, Lafayette
416-971-4583 Ontario, Toronto
972-755-7781 Texas, Dallas
800-566-9780 Toll Free
720-204-7402 Colorado, Longmont
301-206-3351 Maryland, Laurel
613-394-6931 Ontario, Trenton
717-987-3149 Pennsylvania, Mc Connellsburg
717-485-3131 Pennsylvania, Mc Connellsburg
647-657-8333 Ontario, Toronto
630-943-8938 Illinois, Geneva
716-970-4859 New York,
386-246-8666 Florida, Palm Coast
204-402-8735 Manitoba, Brandon
731-281-1249 Tennessee, Martin
773-574-5068 Illinois, Chicago
301-868-7228 Maryland, Clinton
855-680-2559 Toll Free
69420 n/a
42069 n/a
420690420 n/a
802 n/a
972-740-4932 Texas, Grand Prairie
972-740-5519 Texas, Grand Prairie
800-536-8454 Toll Free
720-619-8472 Colorado, Idaho Springs
330-574-2689 Ohio, Youngstown
519-753-8244 Ontario, Brantford
833-423-4570 Toll Free
724-241-7308 Pennsylvania, Baden
318-491-7369 Louisiana, Oakdale
409-974-7463 Texas, Galveston
419-247-6198 Ohio, Toledo
724-241-7325 Pennsylvania, Baden
724-734-5938 Pennsylvania, Sharon
902-454-4025 Nova Scotia, Halifax
412-732-6640 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

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800-718-6076 Reports: 1
855-761-8885 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 16
595953 Reports: 4
801-781-6173 Reports: 1
123-456-7890 Reports: 1
604-200-0439 Reports: 1
469-293-4872 Reports: 1
717-927-7069 Reports: 1
805-591-6389 Reports: 1
610-625-1558 Reports: 1
204-818-0248 Reports: 1
602-793-2923 Reports: 1
301-206-3351 Reports: 1
800-835-5274 Reports: 1
301-868-7228 Reports: 1
855-249-4175 Reports: 1
800-718-6076 Reports: 1
314-159-2653 Reports: 1
702-405-8626 Reports: 1
866-787-4227 Reports: 1
438-276-2000 Reports: 1
503-966-4175 Reports: 1
438-799-6285 Reports: 1
720-619-8472 Reports: 1
860-451-5013 Reports: 1
773-574-5068 Reports: 1
717-328-4503 Reports: 1

New comments:

Yeah 2022-01-05 312-965-0291 893
Just chilling, what about you? Other
Okay 2022-01-05 312-965-0291 893
Oh what’s up dude? Other
Mr mandidddliodoooo 2022-01-05 313-528-5283 1390
They like to suck ballsack Other
Yeah 2022-01-05 312-965-0291 893
........... Other
Mr obvious 2022-01-05 207-495-7489 403
Def scammers that like to scam, look at view count compared to activity Other
Timmy Fulldick 2022-01-05 207-360-7017 476
Scam you into ripping your actual cox off! Please done let them take away your P P Other
Mr. smalcoxthebigshitefox 2022-01-05 207-440-9761 316
If you want to join the smol p p club, who calls knows best Other
Toadthefrogfuq 2022-01-05 818-964-8343 552
Smol p p club Other
Smolp p’Club 2022-01-05 207-430-3489 266
Getting excessive! Other
Yyyuu 2022-01-05 437-580-7596 1874
Ghhhyyyybbn Telemarketer
kelly 2022-01-05 613-845-0731 1124
Scammer calls every day. Other
DD 2022-01-05 978-233-3923 459
Rob-call scammer. Other
Not applicable 2022-01-05 803-632-0175 250
Text received to call this number for fraud on a credit card. Scam. Other
Adrian 2022-01-04 416-640-5595 616
Your voice triggers the call centre, someone asking about 'credit card' so, no. Person on the line just trying to make a living but best to hang up and block the number. Scam suspicion
Kee 2021-12-31 403-744-5113 847
Called no message Other
Comeuppance for the oligarchy 2021-12-31 519-434-2391 746
They completely disregard the LAW. There's a statute of limitations on collections accounts. But you wouldn't know it by these guys behavior. And if you're thinking just pay then of to help your credit rating, DON'T. They will never update their ... read more Scam suspicion
Livi 2021-12-30 613-845-0731 1124
Never leaves a voicemail, calls twice a week Other
Livi 2021-12-30 613-845-0731 1124
Never leaves a voicemail, calls twice a week Other
It geek girl 2021-12-30 818-964-8343 552
Theg texted, 'Thank you for your payment. Here is a gift.' I It's likely a link to payload. Don't accept calles from this number or click their links. Dangerous. Scam suspicion
Toni Riga 2021-12-30 909-307-9601 280
selling construction services. SCAM Scam suspicion
M. T. Lung 2021-12-30 949-209-5259 300
political SCAM, spam Scam suspicion
Dupped 2021-12-30 844-343-9075 444
I can say with 90% certainty this number is not legit. I suspect it's fraudsters pretending to be Wells Fargo and asking for information. Scam suspicion
Brian 2021-12-30 586-646-4952 305
Received multiple calls on my work cell phone and they never leave a message. I never answered them due to the amount of spam calls I receive. Other
Jack S 2021-12-29 833-201-1652 344
Extended warranty scam Telemarketer
jones 2021-12-29 530-529-2722 2342
i told you five daughter jones not going loast very long in red bluff went out of business file charges you been black mailing &scaming senior people out of#955555555555million of dollars Other
Tee 2021-12-29 866-513-1550 453
this shows up on my bank account registry as a debit of $1.31. how? why? Unknow
Beefman 2021-12-29 317-628-1222 770
Lee Williams, Chuck Williams, whatever. Huge nasty troll, I was hoping covid did him in by now. Other
mary 2021-12-29 855-550-6109 314
caller id showed COX was calling, from 855-550-5609, had a COX tech here bout 10 AM 12/28/2021, so I answered and had a fella with such an accent, that I could NOT understand him, I kept asking questions, his accent was so bad, I hung up. Called ... read more Other
Les 2021-12-28 906-256-9796 235
Calls does not leave a message. Annoying caller at dinner time. Unknow
Planet Drugs Direct 2021-12-28 888-791-3784 418
This is a Canadian pharmacy called Planet Drugs Direct, and it's a valid number. Prescriptions are required, but you can get your medications for a fraction of the cost than in the US if you are uninsured. These are the same medications used in the ... read more Other
nobody 2021-12-28 484-299-3672 249
keeps calling every day does not leave a message Unknow
Mama 2021-12-28 937-452-2083 300
This is a scam Scam suspicion
Manda 2021-12-27 906-280-4983 1065
Jim pryal is cheating on his girlfriend Other
nora 2021-12-27 347-447-1211 678
i lost the phon and need help Other
nora 2021-12-27 347-447-1211 678
i lost mu phone and need help. Other
Pierre Monfette 2021-12-27 647-497-8245 561
Je pense que c'est des fraudeurs qui disent représenter la Croix Rouge Canadienne et ils veulent renouveler mon don mensuel...!!! Scam suspicion
Gary 2021-12-24 833-977-8287 3165
Claimed to be Public Health. Wouldn't leave a message citing medical privacy. Will update when they call back. Unknow
Christopher 2021-12-23 800-380-4662 1426
Called saying they need to scan my computer for viruses. Really viruses. Then they try to get my information to send me link o download their anti virus program. I said no to that and they kept on pestering me onto downloading with me still saying ... read more Other
steve 2021-12-23 855-269-9628 727
This was the funniest call ever! so I get this call right, person say my name and birthdate. ok yes its me now tell me why this call... He says hold on let me transfer you, ok! Another guy answer the phone and ask if I was who they say! I said I was ... read more Scam suspicion
Mark 2021-12-23 248-268-9011 779
three calls right in a row. I didn't answer and they left no message Scam suspicion
marion 2021-12-23 816-974-9049 341
i have received many calls from this number. did not answer. no messages left. did not call back. Telemarketer
no 2021-12-23 877-329-4662 442
Criminals. DBA as multiple companies, all scams. Scam suspicion
unkown 2021-12-22 514-908-3506 936
Pain in the rear end. I answered and there is no one at the other end. Jack a z z Scam suspicion
Anonymous 2021-12-22 502-318-5026 441
This person called and claimed she was from Tricare care management. I told her that I’m not giving out any info because this could be a scam and that I would call the Tricare number. She said it’s a different program and that I should of gotten ... read more Scam suspicion
Barb 2021-12-22 877-220-4805 883
Caller ID Displays : CDC NATIONAL IMMUN VOICEMAIL LEFT : 13128714243 Deposited a new message: "Teens and Children. Would you please call us at (187) 722 04805. The number again is 18772204805. Thank you." Click here: 14699825000 to listen to ... read more Scam suspicion
Christina Anglin 2021-12-22 877-947-3639 465
called at 3am Other
W 2021-12-21 403-879-1194 1655
Got call on 2021 Dec 18, 20, 21 . I didn't answer and I will block this number from now on. Don't want to waste my time on these kind of call . Other
Helen Berkeley 2021-12-21 416-491-2419 1238
Called me a couple of times, 7:20 am and 9:30 am pacific time. I did not answer as I don't know anyone in Ontario. No message was left. Unknow
Janice Ballard 2021-12-21 866-798-1063 927
Now this Adamson Legal is telling me this lawsuit against me is for an Aspire credit card from 2005-2007!!! I called corporate offices of Aspire, they have no record of anything past or present under my social security number! They don't even have ... read more Other
Danielle 2021-12-21 833-282-1326 510
Left a message about my sister, who has a different last name and lives in another city. Scam suspicion
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