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Area code: 757
Prefix: 821
Country: United States
State: Virginia
City: Chesapeake
Company: Us Lec Of Virginia
Usage: Landline
Time zone: Eastern
Rating: 2.77
Views: 920
Comments: 170
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 757-821-0166. This phone number is registered in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States and operated by Us Lec Of Virginia. Phone 7578210166 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 170 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 757-821-0166, 7578210166 , 757-821-0166, +17578210166, tel:+1-757-821-0166, 001757-821-0166
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Voicemail message. Congratulations Don, this is Marcia (Michelle) something like that, letting you know you won a "mumble mumble" $125 Visa gift card and other prizes from the "pause" Norfolk Admirals. (I did sign up to win a jersey or something at the hockey game a few weeks ago). It is imperative that I speak with you tonight, I will call you back in 1 hour. (this was at 7:30pm). Call came in at 8:30, told her I was in a middel of a ballgame, she said she would call back. I tried calling the number several times, continous ringing, no machine or answerAt 9:45 pm on a Thursday night she called again. Never really gave me a chance to say anything. Then she asked to speak to my wife who had actually won. I asked what she had for my wife's name, she said this is Don right? I asked again for her to tell me my wifes name, told her I was driving home and my wife was not with me. She said she would call back. haven't heard from them since. I guess the think it is easier to strong arm a woman in this type stuff. Next time I will let them talk to her and see where that gets them. NEVER GIVE ANYONE MONEY OR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ACCESS YOUR MONEY TO CLAIM A PRIZE.If this is Massanutten Resort, I have stayed there and it is a beautiful and fun resort but you can get the same deal from their website and feel more confident it is not a scam.
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This aint no scam, it's a timeshare offer. The wife & I went to Massanutten, a ski resort in NW Virginia a couple of winters ago. You do get everything they promise but you do have to listen to their timeshare schtick.If you have a free weekend, it's not a bad mini-vacation, especially if you're skiers. Nice free room, pretty good parking.Just make sure you schedule the sales meeting for Sunday. That way you have Saturday free to enjoy the resort. If you let them set you up for a Sat. sales pitch, you'll waste most of the day saying "no thanks", then there's not enough time left to have fun.Oh yeah, avoid the restaurant. It's pretentious, over-crowded, over-priced, and they actually burned my son's grilled cheese sandwich! What kind of lame "chef" burns a grilled cheese and then proceeds to serve it like there was nothing wrong? Save your $ and eat at the snack bar. Your menu selections are a bit limited but the food is good and the folks there are friendly.Enjoy!
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I have been getting the "you've won a $125.00 Visa Gift Card!" scam call for the past week! The lady always speaks to my fiance' and says she would call back when I was available. I then try to call back and nobody answers! what a SCAM
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This is a scam! Avoid this!
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Scam,... probably not. Timeshare salepitch, .. most likely.I got the same phone call as everybody else. The lady on the phone said that i had checked the 'single' box and I told her no, that i was married. She then needed to talk to the wife right then and now. My wife was a little busy at the time and that she couldn't come to the phone right now. They haven't called back since.
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I received a call yesterday in regards to the entry I filled out at a Papa Johns a few weeks ago. I got the whole spiel that all of you have mentioned, and although I was a little reluctant to offer the deposit, I did have the assurance of a coworker's endorsement of this offer. In fact, my coworker used his Massanutten voucher last year and took the Orlando trip this New Years. This combined with the fact that I had filled out this entry at a reputable national pizza chain persuaded me to follow my gut. Anyway, I did receive an e-mail confirmation with details and directions like the customer service rep promised, and a charge of $75 is now showing up on my account as "Massanutten VB". I've got an appointment of June 20th for the presentation, and honestly I'm more anxious about the agressiveness of that process than I am the legitimacy of the company that phoned me yesterday. I'll post again at the end of the month to let everyone know the outcome.
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A lady named Michelle called so inform me that I won a $125.00 giftcard, 3 night 4 day resort stay at Universal Studios. She asked me what carrier my cell phone was with and she wanted to put my husand on a conference call because I told her he wasn't home. I told her that he was on a ship. She said O.K. Ill put that on the entry form and hung yp immediately. She spoke really fast and gave me no time to get a word in. I called the number back several times and got no answer. ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ok guys...just following up on my previous post. It's now the 21st of June and I finished the timeshare presentation at Massanutten yesterday. As with any of these presentations, it was high pressure...I had to go through about 4 levels of management, each trying to make the timeshare offer sweeter than the previous manager. And the presentation took longer than the 90 minutes I was quoted by Great Eastern Resorts(about 3 1/2 hours to be exact). But everything turned out legitimate, and after I said no about 50 times I was given all of the things that are being offered to all of you when you get a call from 757-821-0166. I received 2 $25 Papa Johns gift cards (one of which we used last night on the way home), I received my $75 deposit back on a Visa gift card along with an extra $100, and I received 2 travel vouchers, one for a 2 night stay at Massanutten, and one for a 3 night stay at one of Massanutten's partner resorts in Orlando. It appears that Massanutten goes to some expense to arrange these timeshare presentations. Part time sales reps from all over the state commute there and are put up in discounted accomodations. There were about 80 - 100 couples each with a sales rep assigned to them yesterday. So I imagine that the $75 deposit is insurance against you not showing up. Folks, it is what it is. It's a hard sale attempt for a timeshare at Massanutten Resort (which is very impressive by the way), and they use Great Eastern Resorts out of Virginia Beach (757-821-0166) to pre-screen and secure prospects for the presentations. I really enjoyed the tour of the resort itself, just not the high pressure negotiations afterward. If the prizes being offered don't seem worth it to you to go through what I mentioned above, then tell Great Eastern Resorts no thanks and hang up. And if your gut tells you not to trust these people, then hang up as well. But don't come on here like some of these other posters and slander this company publicly when you don't really know what you're talking about.
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Called me told me they wanted a credit card number gave them it and took all of. MY. MONEY
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They use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
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