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614-717-4395 / 6147174395

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Area code: 614
Prefix: 717
Country: United States
State: Ohio
City: Dublin
Company: Ameritech Ohio
Usage: Landline
Time zone: Eastern
Rating: 1.97
Views: 1192
Comments: 216
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 614-717-4395. This phone number is registered in Dublin, Ohio, United States and operated by Ameritech Ohio. Phone 6147174395 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 216 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 614-717-4395, 6147174395 , 614-717-4395, +16147174395, tel:+1-614-717-4395, 001614-717-4395
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Comments for 614-717-4395

I got a call, could not hear everything that was said, air was on, but they were very rude to my 6 yr old who answered the phone, they stated, they were colleting money form back in 1999 and that the case just came to them..sounds suspicios to me, I said I was not paying it..they hung up on me.
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calling for my ex who is listed as missing. Wouldn`t give me any info when I asked , I think that they said osha and that my cell number was on the application. Odd cause my cell number I have had since Oct. And he has been gone almost 3 years.
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I had someone call me today asking about my ex , we divorced 3 years ago. he was reported missing 2 years ago thru the sheriffs dept from our children . Imagined my surprise when they said they got my number from an application. I could see if the call came thru my home phone but it came thru my cell phone , a number I have only had for about 7 months so the ex never new I had this number. When I question more about why they wanted to talk to him , he quickly changed the subject, I told them that we were divorced and the sheriff dept had him as missing he couldn`t wait to get off the phone.
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I had this number call me twice within the past 2 days. Once at 614-791-4595 yesterday about 4:30 and I didn't answer because I didn't know the number, then 614-717-4395 just called about 2 minutes ago. Neither time did they leave a message, so next time they call I will answer and find out what they want. I'll post more details if they call, or if I get in touch with anyone from these numbers.
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Got a call from 614-717-4395 on voicemail, with no details except to call Erin @ 800-999-0203
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I finally found out who this number is from. It is from a company called Outsourcing Solutions or OSI.I have student loans that are in the "rehabilitation" program, and I'm nearing the end, so they kept calling and only leaving a voicemail with the first name of someone to call back, without identifying the company. She stated that they are not allowed to leave their Company Name. There is a toll free number they gave me to call back: 877-716-6788
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They say they are contacting you because you have applied for a loan, they will not identify themselves or give you a return contact name or number. Which is illegal for a bank, collection agency or anything else to do.
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This is not a collection agency, it is a company that helps other business's find employees
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We have recently started getting calls from this number. No messagees left and we have not answered the calls. Thanks to this site, we will be sure to NOT answer the calls.
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A man called me today, in May of 2008, claiming that I owe his company money for a check that was written in 2003 and bounced. He says that his company took over the files for a military post, and that the PX on post had a bounced check in their records from my social security number. The whole thing sounds funny to me, and I thought it was a scam right from the start. He asked me to verify my social security number and my address. Somethings fishy...
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