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Tyler 2023-03-01 403-910-3677153
listed as a UNICEF number . . . don't answer and it calls twice a day Scam suspicion
A B 2023-03-01 207-629-3668388
Same. Very random call, no message left. Other
A Grateful UCCU Member 2023-02-28 866-620-1328439
I am also a UCCU member and have also called and verified that the 866-620-1328 is their fraud alert phone service number and not a scam or nefarious person trying to take advantage of you. I believe the number is from a 3rd party service so it ... read more Other
Doug Ross 2023-02-28 888-351-2396905
SPAM Call, block this number Other
Ron 2023-02-28 514-667-94061722
1 Ring and hang up... Scam. Scam suspicion
asha 2023-02-28 844-531-6977120
Scam/robot call Scam suspicion
Sassy Lady 2023-02-27 520-457-5462127
Lady Catherine from NRC ( National Research Study) said she is doing a research study. Blocking this number right now, and on my mother's phone as well. Scam suspicion
Sassy lady 2023-02-27 520-457-5462127
This ladu Catherine from NRC ( National Tesearch Study) said she is doing a Banner hospital survey snd and told my mother not to answer it on her phone. I told them to remove the numbers which is mine & hers off of their registry. Scam suspicion
CD 2023-02-25 844-356-6138430
Received numerous calls through the week, Caller Id said "Scotiabank". They left a voicemail the last phone call, claiming to be with Tangerine. I missed a payment with a credit card I hold with them, it's very possible that's who's calling. Debt collector
Tom 2023-02-24 336-818-300495
I have received 4 calls so far tonight from this number. I don't answer calls from unknown numbers and they've left no voice mail so I don't know who it is or what it concerns. Unknow
Jean 2023-02-24 402-307-5145994
Unknown caller, because I didn't answer the cell phone call on Feb.24, 2023. Unknow
Melodey Farrow 2023-02-23 705-664-11761159
yes everyday i have it blocked idk who it is Scam suspicion
Repair Shop 2023-02-23 866-900-1350293
We have not used Iron Man for over a year now. Claimed we had outstanding invoice from last January; 2022. Had difficulty understanding. I research unknown numbers; the claims of fraud are outrageous. The caller even mentioned she had an extremely ... read more Scam suspicion
Barbara 2023-02-22 508-862-7000124
Knew name and telephone number of my health proxy Scam suspicion
Jo 2023-02-22 647-383-23652523
This number tried to have my number forwarded to it and when I called it someone would pick up and hang up right away Unknow
did not say 2023-02-20 314-784-847260
I called back and it says to make you aware of a new health insurance. I blocked Scam suspicion
Julie 2023-02-18 604-800-0841519
I let the call from 'unknown' go to the answering machine. No message left but for an automated voice speaking "goodbye" at the end of the non-message. Unknow
Bob 2023-02-18 866-533-886469
email sent 2/16/23 message indicated Norton 360 was renewed and $349.99 would be deducted from my bank account. I don't have Norton 360. Call this number if this was a mistake. Looks like a phishing scam to me. Scam suspicion
Lan Nguyen 2023-02-18 858-281-90951503
Chó Tây già , dê xồm , biến thái Other
John C. 2023-02-17 206-201-1658287
Called claiming to be from Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP. Did not believe and hung up. Scam suspicion
Isk 2023-02-17 403-410-6998425
Won't stop calling me It says on my phone suspected spam Other
Bill 2023-02-17 734-506-602574
received a text from them- had an acct # and they wanted date of birth-i did put it in but nothing happened. looked Brevard med asscociates up and since there was a dr/hospital visit thought it was ok--I think they are phishing Scam suspicion
M.F. Smith 2023-02-16 403-346-1743201
Morning call while on highway (no hands free) unable to answer left no message. Scam suspicion
A 2023-02-16 405-494-653684
A guy named Nicky called asking for me by name when asked for his reason for for calling I was pit on hold and hung up on. Never told me a company name. Even though I asked for one Scam suspicion
Shelroy 2023-02-15 360-633-8409497
This caller said she was from Dynamic Collections and was trying to collect on medical debt from 2017. She was rather rude, would ask a question but cut me off when I tried to answer. Blocked the number. Debt collector
s alto 2023-02-14 512-803-791159
a man that is being hacked through his he has being hacked by her since 2017 ~ known hacker in lake charles Unknow
MarkW 2023-02-13 661-748-02421197
Appears to be a Skype number, "bduncan311" display name "Awesome Sauce". Shut this user down please. Scam suspicion
norma 2023-02-13 646-760-4418230
Absolute scam don’t trust!! Scam suspicion
Sarah 2023-02-13 888-818-746573
Automated call said.I had been charged a certain amount. Didn't say who they were or what accounts were charged. Just push 1 if this is fraudulent. And 2 if this was acceptable. I didn't hit anything because I've changed nothing in that amount ... read more Scam suspicion
Joe 2023-02-10 604-298-4786245
I answer and no one speaks. Not sure what they want or why they are calling. If its for information or anything like that they are terrible, cause no one is saying anything. Other
DG 2023-02-10 321-257-4010172
continue to receive calls from this number but I don't answer. Telemarketer
Ryan 2023-02-10 844-285-59281435
Absolute scam don’t trust!! Scam suspicion
NYer 2023-02-10 318-209-3616591
Called at 3:47, 4:01 and 5:21 all in the am and no messages. Nomorobo has this listed as a spam number, and I’ve blocked it as well. Other
L B 2023-02-08 800-682-9701503
I suspect a scam because I am a veteran and they are calling numbers that the va dont even have for me, I was just sitting here and both phones rand it was the same place, and the va dont even have them numbers in thier system, plus my claim was ... read more Scam suspicion
Jerry 2023-02-08 877-812-1163198
IRS calling to collect debt Other
Chainsaw 2023-02-07 866-323-3902364
Suspisious spam caller No message left as most of those calls lately. Scam suspicion
b. 2023-02-07 888-347-152670
Robokiller has this number as a fake fundraising scam asking for donations from the Philippines, flag as SCAM Scam suspicion
Deanna 2023-02-07 844-274-5748170
It is a call from Kaiser explaining my new health plan. Helpful and not a scam. Other
Rick 2023-02-03 540-318-7932122
Caller ID says Directv but no Directv is going to call from a 540 area code number. Third time they have called and never leave message. Just another scam. Scam suspicion
NG 2023-02-03 615-510-3432431
Call from this number asking for my deceased father. I told them they have the wrong number and gave them my new married name. Not sure how they got my number. Ended call Scam suspicion
Not obvious scam 2023-02-02 888-230-6262998
It turns out this number is really from Bank of America's fraud dept. I wasn't expecting this call so I assumed it was a scam. Turns out some fraudster attempted to open a credit card account in my name. Despite being rather hygienic online (no ... read more Other
Niko 2023-02-02 212-555-6342219
Impressive. Very nice. Let's see Paul Allens Number Unknow
Leesatru 2023-02-02 469-936-712760
Called this number back and you only get music. I would assume this is a spam number. Scam suspicion
b. 2023-02-02 833-303-3128202
Another Humana prerecorded call with important benefit information and call them @ 833-303-3128 Other
Dan 2023-02-02 289-777-02021200
Feb 1, 2023: A woman called saying she is from FedEx ad wanted my home address because they don't ship to PO Boxes. In the end I gave my home address. I feel duped and didn't know. I'll call FedEx tomorrow. Scam suspicion
Mike 2023-02-01 415-851-91361759
I got package from Freetown, Sierra Leone that I never ordered. It had a "CUNSTOMS DECLARATION" sticker on it (yes the word Customs is misspelled). Looked suspicious so I looked up the phone number and found this page. Wasn't planning to call ... read more Scam suspicion
D.J. 2023-01-31 833-977-82874254
they called me twice. never picked up and blocked the number on cell phone. wish they would do something more creative then try and scam people out of their money. Other
Vincent 2023-01-30 818-653-8277729
SSA of Glendale? Other
Daniel 2023-01-30 416-673-1299976
Another caller added to my block list. I love cellphones so easy to block numbers. Debt collector
fred 2023-01-30 833-851-2312399
scam suspected -- sent to voice mail...hangup Other