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Mustang5451 2023-01-28 330-422-4541125
They call and I just let the phone goe to voice mail. They hang up..No message left Scam suspicion
L 2023-01-27 604-259-8808212
kept calling every other answer when pick up the phone. WTF Scam suspicion
Obvious scam 2023-01-26 888-230-6262998
Received a call from this number claiming to be from Bank of America. That's all I could make out of the subject matter as she sounded stressed and spoke rapidly with an Indian accent. I did catch something about a reference number and the ... read more Scam suspicion
24/7 Nationwide Process Servers 847-373-8972 2023-01-26 847-373-8972201
24/7 Nationwide Process Servers 847-373-8972 Event reminder
NN 2023-01-26 888-351-2396905
just got this call too.. did not pick up. thanks Other
Dale 2023-01-26 305-760-9782351
He was trying to work a Crieg's List scam with me. He sent a washed check for 3 X my asking price. Scam suspicion
Ella Bee 2023-01-26 661-486-784059
Scammers. Called really early in the morning about a service we don't have. Scam suspicion
Exasperated 2023-01-25 866-322-6970286
Caller was not in my contacts. Caller CHOSE not to leave their information or who they are. Decline-Research-block Unknow
Nope 2023-01-25 727-897-898458
This number called my home phone at 7:06 AM. It comes up as something called 'Genesis Telcom' when looking it up with T-Mobile Scam Shield. I don't have any idea what 'Genesis Telcom' is. Scam suspicion
Marion 2023-01-24 415-287-9684957
verification code info. I think it's a scam. I'm not calling the number to find out. Scam suspicion
eLVIA m LETAMENDI 2023-01-23 910-902-948771
ELVIA M LETAMENDI 2023-01-23 910-902-948771
Sarah 2023-01-23 515-725-0700345
Is this number associated with the SSA of Iowa? Unknow
Jonathan Todd 2023-01-23 801-701-9600301
NOT a spam caller, it's DigiCert Inc for the SSL Certificate for your website. Other
Wen 2023-01-21 604-243-7443418
Received the call and didn’t talk and just hanged up. Scam suspicion
Ashley 2023-01-21 866-663-74592329
Have received multiple pieces of mail with our new loan amount on it and the correct closing date. Had the same number listed as everyone’s saying. That’s scary that they have so much info. Especially if it’s a scam. I’ve contacted our ... read more Scam suspicion
Rix 2023-01-20 205-270-7936185
Another used car warranty Scam! I kept them on the line for awhile trying to waist their F#$&g time!! I asked them about different things about it. They sure wanted to get me signed up in the first few minutes and to get my credit card numbers! ... read more Scam suspicion
P 2023-01-20 855-673-220790
I found this number on my missed call list. I searched for the number and found Stew7, T, Fred's comments. I didn't return call. Scam suspicion
kristina pete 2023-01-20 250-900-3964286
calling every day sometimes 2-4 times and 5 am TERRIBLE Unknow
Tired of Garbage 2023-01-19 239-214-944658
Called several days at same time of day. I Don't even bother picking up. Why should I bother. If they don't identify themselves not worth tyr time Scam suspicion
Dylan 2023-01-19 855-282-56711131
Won't leave me alone! Scam suspicion
b. 2023-01-19 833-796-1924102
Humana prerecorded call with important benefit information and call them back from the same phone this message was left to @ 833-796-1924 Other
Paul Vannest 2023-01-19 417-221-583686
They called me about a my address because they needed to send a process server. SCAM Scam suspicion
Sar 2023-01-18 214-741-4827893
Same - I think I accidentally called 911 and this number called back. I answered and got no reply. Now my phone has a notification showing "Android System - Location Request - Emergency" which makes me nervous, but hopefully they know it was a ... read more Unknow
YURI Patel 2023-01-18 855-926-5107157
On 1/18/23, I received a call from 855-926-5107, which must be a scam. This area code number, 855, was signed to Cambodia Other
Edna 2023-01-18 877-476-1947223
I keep getting calls from this number and the person says, "This is Brie, are you there?" and hangs up. I am reporting this to the government for violation of the DO NOT CALL ACT. Telemarketer
Fake UPS 2023-01-18 877-869-7502819
Scam call about UPS being suspended Scam suspicion
David Monaghan 2023-01-17 866-659-2606563
Calls at least twice a day. Hangs up when they get the answering machine. Annoying. Scam suspicion
J 2023-01-17 866-464-9480412
Getting calls from this number daily to twice a day. Never leaves a message. I don't answer numbers I don't recognize Scam suspicion
Rose Smith 2023-01-17 937-539-6037160
Called saying social security - asked what it is regarding ang they disconnected. FRAUD. Scam suspicion
P 2023-01-17 210-944-1318147
Received a call from this number yesterday, telling me I purchased a Samsung galaxy for almost $1,000! They alsoi included a number if you didn't authorize the charge. The number is 1-888-691-6657, and order id is 23EDCV. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS ... read more Scam suspicion
KDE 2023-01-16 217-666-4115971
I answered thinking it was someone I was expecting a call from. It turned out to be a woman talking about the situation in Ukraine and I knew it would lead up to a request for money so I hung up. I do not do donations over the phone, unless i'm the ... read more Scam suspicion
Sharyn 2023-01-16 800-950-675466
message - she says name is Rachel. She says from Canada Revenue and I owe money. Call the number and choose #2 extention. Scammer. Called 5 times in 2 days even though that number was blocked. Maybe calling from unidentified number but asking me to ... read more Scam suspicion
S 2023-01-16 844-677-6659736
Yeah, something about a hydro bill, but i just checked and my BC hydro bill is good.i just told them i'd login to the website and bring my bill up to date, found it was fine i think this is probably a scam number. Scam suspicion
CATHERINE 2023-01-16 800-567-10831342
American Express scam say6ing i applied for a Platinum card and needed to fill out tax info of my account to get. I DID NOT APPLY FOR ANY CARD ANYWHERE SO THIS IS SCAM FORM TO FILLOUT AND GIVE CROOKS INFO. LOOK OUT!!! Scam suspicion
Chuck 2023-01-15 844-975-0460982
Said it was paypal on Jan 15, 2023. Got a pop-up message on my phone for a $412.43 for Teresa Roy payment to paypal and to call the number if there was a dispute. So I did. He said it was paypal, but it wan't. Scam suspicion
jenny 2023-01-14 559-413-154067
scam scam Scam suspicion
Claus Jakobsen 2023-01-14 856-644-494776
Navient - student loan dunning call. Different number every 4th or fifth time. Debt collector
CCW 2023-01-13 866-659-2606563
Returned call to the number and was transferred to a Paralegal by the name of Jasmine Rodriguez. I requested her Paralegal license number, and she gave me 14839-A. When I asked her what circuit, the complaint was filed in she told me she was not ... read more Scam suspicion
Melodey Farrow 2023-01-12 705-664-11761159
i get this number everyday got it blocked i never answer it Scam suspicion
Khloee 2023-01-11 818-653-8277729
Anais Vartanian, at&t number, billing is in Glendale, CA Other
sdox 2023-01-11 519-419-54581191
Scam number Scam suspicion
David Kelley 2023-01-11 800-243-25082475
I just looked up the guy that issued the check. He is dead. I responded to the text by asking if this was a sam. interested to see if I get a response. Other
AW 2023-01-11 705-230-0255357
I’m on the Do Not Call list, but this number calls several times a day and doesn’t leave a message. Scam suspicion
ET 2023-01-10 725-433-7723317
Sounds like sales about AI Telemarketer
Dino Pappas 2023-01-09 847-373-8972201
24/7 Nationwide Process Servers - 847-373-8972 Global Process Servers Unknow
Candice Liston 2023-01-08 847-373-8972201
24/7 Nationwide Process Servers - 847-373-8972 Global Process Servers Unknow
Kelly Wong 2023-01-08 847-373-8972201
24/7 Nationwide Process Servers 24/7 International Process Servers New York Process Servers Buenos Aires Process Servers London Process Servers Rio de Janeiro Process Servers Hong Kong Process Servers Toronto Process Servers Sydney Process ... read more Other
paul 2023-01-07 833-913-124479
scam for tech support phishing Other
2023-01-06 425-458-3090159
No idea what this guy was saying. Trying to sell something but his English wasn’t good. Blocked his number Scam suspicion