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Unknown 2023-10-19 209-932-8162140
Multiple hang-ups. My phone filters identified as spam likely. A check of ‘voicemail’ was blank and no message Scam suspicion
Midnight 2023-10-17 209-932-8162140
Scam number Scam suspicion
betty 2023-10-17 570-341-600096
this is a non-secure line. caller claimed to be with Prudential ~ started asking multiple very personal questions. I company like Prudential should come up as such on caller id. This has S C A M all over it. Scam suspicion
Qwest Corp 2023-10-16 402-238-1714146
Wanted me to sign up to sell my RV at a cost of $699. Bad reviews and scam to get CC info Scam suspicion
ADP 2023-10-16 801-236-758444
Just received a phone call from this number 801-236-7584, asking about an ex-husband I haven't seen since 1998.... they never explained what they wanted, never explained how they got my number. Scam suspicion
Tracy 2023-10-16 844-252-6966725
Amazon card email scam Other
Jake Abercrombie 2023-10-13 315-800-5252731
Recorded voice says this is a call from the Justice Center. Says to press various number keys, etc. I hung up on them while the recording was still playing. Other
Sylvia 2023-10-11 209-234-213428
CatDog Other
Tom 2023-10-11 602-707-349279
Multiple calls morning and early evening. Never leaves a voice message. If I answer they sound suspicious asking for info. Scam suspicion
james 2023-10-10 504-731-6699707
said they were fedex Other
Helz 2023-10-10 416-650-7850609
Thanks for the insights. I never purchased with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, so no reason for them to be calling me. Caller ID says "M. Rashid-RO" Blocked them. Telemarketer
Victim 2023-10-09 800-697-9263422
TELECHK is not TELECHECK. TELECHK will process the transfer of funds out of your your checking account as long as the requester has a true routing number and checking account (not your name or other ID info of the person requesting funds to be ... read more Scam suspicion
Оксана 2023-10-07 541-971-40111011
Это звонят из детеншена при переходе из тихуаны в сша Other
M 2023-10-05 858-636-190036
It was a very helpful rep from San Diego Gas & Electric calling back with an answer to a question I'd called them about. I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. It's NOT spam. Other
Luann 2023-10-05 877-850-3107720
Keeps calling over 5 times a day. They don't leave a message. Unknow
DDT 2023-10-04 661-310-2107787
The nimber is in the registered domain unitycourieragency - fake agency they want you to believe there is a packege for you and should pay taxes, insurrance, or custom duties. The story is romantic scam behind and a soldier to send to you retirement ... read more Other
DDT 2023-10-04 337-284-380578
The number is used from Whats up profile for romantic scams. First contact is in dating application like Tinder. The scammer convinced the victum to send her/him a packege and want the email. The delivery company contact to you to pay taxes...and if ... read more Other
unknown 2023-10-03 475-750-763038
Text spammer, reportedly for a survey of some sort. Survey
SI 2023-10-03 470-350-672577
Spam faxer. Other
Duh 2023-10-03 620-869-7074107
This guy just went off on a political tirade and cussed me out after I asked him to stop calling my dad to try to scam him out of money. Scam suspicion
none of your business 2023-10-02 815-964-3087388
they called and left a message "April Hernandez." I called back and got a different broad on the phone and she gets upset with me because I would not give her my last name without verifying whether or not she was a spammer or smisher. When I ... read more Debt collector
indylove 2023-10-02 323-332-0150590
I'm Arianna Grande biggest fan Other
Hilary 2023-09-29 340-602-2975112
La mia pelle freme ad ogni tuo tocco: sono tutta un brivido, ho il cuore che mi esplode nel petto ed il respiro corto; finalmente siamo insieme. Il ricordo dei nostri corpi avviluppati l’un l’altro rimarrà scolpito nella mia memoria ed ora ti ... read more Unknow
LE 2023-09-28 516-762-1801677
Received a call from (516) 762-1801 on Thursday, 9/28/23, at 10:18AM. The call lasted long enough for my voicemail to engage, but no message was left. This is the first call I have received from this number. In researching it, it appears connected ... read more Scam suspicion
Kathy 2023-09-27 866-430-6105427
I received several calls. Scam suspicion
joan 2023-09-26 216-262-1537409
This number popped up when checking code*#62* on iPhone. Call being redirected. Does Not give further info. Other
Peter in Pickering 2023-09-26 902-201-5153225
I am in Ontario near Toronto. This number has called every few days. Never leaves a message. I never answer any call unless I know who is calling. A friend or a business will leave some message. I save these phone numbers and when they have ... read more Unknow
D 2023-09-24 508-219-6287190
This is a solicitation from varsity tutors. They left a recorded message Other
Martz fulton county pa 2023-09-24 717-987-225477
Vincent eugene martz egor, igor, igor nutcase and your wife you both have computer balls and pussies and you both are psyco but in person you lie scam, steal, murder, call names, harass others, assult family like your dad you stole money off him and ... read more Other
Martz fulton county pa 2023-09-24 717-987-214961
Vincent eugene martz egor, igor, igor nutcase and your wife you both have computer balls and pussies and you both are psyco but in person you lie scam, steal, murder, call names, harass others, assult family like your dad you stole money off him and ... read more Other
Michael 2023-09-22 614-344-0143361
Inmate Owen from Pickaway County Jail trying to get the wife to accept call. Inmates call #’s at random until they get someone to accept and they establish a connection to send them money & visit them. Other
DV 2023-09-22 800-877-8339183
This number is attempting to scam people with an IRS phishing scheme. DO NOT CALL IT. Scam suspicion
js 2023-09-21 614-569-5347303
United Healthcare says it is a legit company working for them. Sorry Other
JS 2023-09-21 614-569-5347303
614-569-5347 Caller id is United Healthcare..They will tell you they are United Healthcare..This is NOT United Healthcare. It is ABLETO a behavior therapy for health issues. BEWARE Scam suspicion
V 2023-09-21 657-571-625443
Text message received saying : Hi, can I offert you a job? Hallo Kann ich Ihnen einen job anbieten? ------- It would be all good If I was seeking for a job and posted my phone number all over CA like a moron. But I live in Europe and not looking ... read more Scam suspicion
sarah 2023-09-19 312-803-0095222
scam call Other
User 1 2023-09-19 919-432-5344591
A text with a samsung 2 step log in code was sent to me from this # and this one...(234)-219-3562....sent another code for samsung and another 2 step..... Scam suspicion
Nodel 2023-09-19 787-945-1382256
Calls from this number keep coming in. Nobody talks. Other
Jay 2023-09-18 773-220-9807225
Real big loser. Will not take no for an answer Unknow
Yvonne42 2023-09-18 561-251-67891523
Turned out to be a creepy guy Other
Solar Company 2023-09-17 480-568-531992
I have reported this number to the National Do Not Call Registry. The calls are becoming harassment; 13 calls in the last four days. I have blocked the number but they keep leaving voicemails. Telemarketer
justin ryan gooden 2023-09-15 602-346-9986795
Justin ryan gooden linked with scotsdale az, sancramento, ca, hemet ca, lake havasu az and bullhead az, kingman az had property at 8125 rastro de charcas kingman az, but he burned it down, he owns no other poperty,. but he has ben exposed as ... read more Scam suspicion
scam 2023-09-14 518-708-088669
do not call Scam suspicion
JC 2023-09-12 518-453-8199168
Caller from NYS Tax Dept - requested us to verify information - address, SS and birth date. We did not. Other
Adrian McClendon 2023-09-12 478-250-9888139
Scammer 2023-09-11 724-445-690391
Scammers/resellers bots using this number BLOCKED Scam suspicion
Sherry B 2023-09-10 647-975-2360140
Called a girl with an accent and introduced herself Elizabeth Ivanov, amazon customer service, wanted me to install anydesk on my computer Scam suspicion
ZeroZilchNada 2023-09-08 206-451-214567
Appears to be calling people several people and not leaving messages. Scam suspicion
MARTHA STEEL 2023-09-08 540-335-532670
steven 2023-09-07 617-941-605362
over 40 calls from different numbers this am!!...BLOCK THEM .... spam, fraud, scam ... 774-482-9380, 774-538-8211, 331-775-7506, 617-941-6053, 617-704-6125, 617-433-2055, 781-547-6512, 781-783-6773, 413-390-9991,857-663-9515, ... read more Scam suspicion