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Area code: 123
Prefix: 456
Rating: 1
Views: 2864
Comments: 629
Last report time: 2022-05-13
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 123-456-7890. Phone 1234567890 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 629 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 123-456-7890, 1234567890 , 123-456-7890, +11234567890, tel:+1-123-456-7890, 001123-456-7890
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Called me twice today, I didn’t pick up but pretty obviously a scam
Call type: Scam suspicion Rating: 1
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Receive 1 or 2 calls from this piece of [***] scam every couple of days. Last one received was from PRIMUS. Some [***] from India as I asked who she was and where she was calling from. I pissed her off by being very abusive to her. She was to stupid to hang up so I continued to discriminate her and offend her! You may think I'm rude for my actions, but if the company is going to be rude to me by harassing me with their telemarketing calls, I'll be rude right back to them. I enjoy wasting their time as much as they waste mine! haha.
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I am sick and tired of these dam [***] calling all the time. Today i picked it up just to see if they would answer and i did it in a [***] voice back to them. They asked if i could make decisions on an account or somthing like that, and i start babling like a retard "DUR DUR DUR DUBY DUBY" and he said that he would call back.. Oh i cant wait now because im going to go all terrorist on their [***]!
1 1
I live in London, Ontario and never ever use my phone I don't even have a friend... so I copied the standard bell message, "Sorry but this number doesnt exist... type of thing"... But that didn't stop them yet... So now, I just turn off the sound on my answering machine and phone and that works for me.If Bell doesn't do something soon,,, I am going to use EMAIL only since I can control that.Goood luck, I love this site
1 1
Ive got my air horn ready by the phone when they call next! Ohh they are soo gonna [***] out curry from their [***] soo much they will stink up all of the middle east, or more of it anyways. This time the telemarketer will get PWNED!
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I never answer calls from numbers or names I am not familiar with. Have received many calls from 123-456-7890 which I do not answer, and they never leave a message. Was happy and scared that so many other people are getting calls from this number. How can this be stopped?
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This number is a generic caller ID number used by VOIP calls. A call from this number maybe from any of 275 million VOIP subscibers anywhere in the world.
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phony call
1 0
we got the phone call a few times, they just asked if i was over 18 or not to answer questions and it was an actual person, not jsut a odd
1 1
I'm fed up with getting call from this number. I never answer.
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Best Online tech Support company, I am using them for more then 8 year. Most reasonble and reliable. Thanks, Meyer Rosen
317-451-9576 Scam suspicion 2
Identified as "E-Med"---they hung up on me when I answered. Called the number back twice and got a personal voicemail for somebody named "Will". Thinking this is a scam.
520-422-8769 Scam suspicion 1
Jackie; left a pre recorded message wanting me to speak with someone about extending or reinstating my car warranty.
732-318-3848 Scam suspicion 4
fake annoying message saying your vehicle card ...please verify press #1 press #2 to add to donotcall list hung up. 732-318-3848? Appears a Spam call from Metuchen, New Jersey.
Called this number by mistake. This is a private number. Was trying to call Club Giraud & input one wrong digit*. *Club Giraud- For reservations please call: (210) 271-7777
Called me after 10pm
Over the past week received 5 calls from this number, never leaves message
800-718-6076 Unknow 4
Caller identified as from Bank of America and I don't have an account with them. My credit is on a hard freeze and someone has my social security number. They wanted to know if I authorized credit with them, I said no. So obviously, how did they ... read more
Calls several times a week. No message...blocked
866-787-4227 Scam suspicion 4
They will scam you with their lies. I suggest you never do business with Rush Card. Customer service is terrible. Corporate is even worse. The company has lost many lawsuits in court and more are on the way. They will hang up the phone on you. By ... read more
610-625-1558 Scam suspicion 1
Jerry The Stalker’ Riviello
438-799-6285 Scam suspicion 4
J'ai répondu. Bcp de bruit en arrière plan. Personne ne m'a parlé dans les premières secondes. Semble être une arnaque. Deux appels le 13 mai 2022 et deux appels le 16 mai 2022.
123-456-7890 Scam suspicion 629
Called me twice today, I didn’t pick up but pretty obviously a scam
314-159-2653 Scam suspicion 21
Some person called me and told me that they’ve been trying to get a hold of me to tell me about my pie’s extended warranty. I don’t own a Pie, and I believe this is a scam. They said the warranty would expire march 14, 1592. Strange ... read more
717-927-7069 Scam suspicion 2
717-927-7069 scammer alert. They call you and ask is this such and such and as soon as you say yes they hang up. Once you say yes they can sign you up for any kind of services because they got your voice saying yes.
438-276-2000 Scam suspicion 6
Received a text message claiming it was from Fido Canada. I do not have a Fido account. Did not click the link. Blacklisted the number.
204-818-0248 Scam suspicion 6
Called claiming we owe them money for digital advertising. We do not conduct business this way.
720-619-8472 Scam suspicion 10
“The Passcode For the Recent Request is: d9r4oqxc” Concerns me that someone is trying to get in my accounts.
800-835-5274 Unknow 5
Didn’t answer, don’t know who they are. They didn’t leave a message. There’s nobody I had business with who should be calling, so that leaves a Robo call or a telemarketer or a Scammer…
1 855 249 4157 ext 20050033563 is Louie ( female) Rodrigues she works for SS admin. They are working from the home these days so the phone ID for US Gov doesn’t show. This was verified by me talking to SSA Las Vegas branch today 12 May 2022 at ... read more