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636-812-4000 / 6368124000

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Area code: 636
Prefix: 812
Country: United States
State: Missouri
City: Chesterfield
Company: Mcleodusa Telecommunications Services- Mo
Usage: Landline
Time zone: Central
Rating: 2.76
Views: 1969
Comments: 305
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 636-812-4000. This phone number is registered in Chesterfield, Missouri, United States and operated by Mcleodusa Telecommunications Services- Mo. Phone 6368124000 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 305 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 636-812-4000, 6368124000 , 636-812-4000, +16368124000, tel:+1-636-812-4000, 001636-812-4000
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I got a call from an Indian ladie and said she was from Amern UE.Said she was offering me a job there and said i would have to give my ssn. I asked her why she wanted my ssn before i even had the interview, (i dont remember what she said for why.) But it was a total scam!
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Beware - ScamThey emailed me and called me 5 times and left a VM - all with an Indian accent.And then , I got a call and anther VM from some chick saying she was calling for her associate Aram .They must be delusional if they think I am stupid enough to now call back because probobly some toothless unemployed women with an USA accent called for the damn Indian.I think 5 emails , 7 phone calls with 6 ending in Vm's and a text message from a different number is called stalking .
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i recieved a call today from this company from a man with a very heavy India accent I asked if anyone else could help me and he mumbled something i hung up i am dealing with 5 temp agencies trying to find a job i dont give my ss # unless i visit them in person i have also been contacted by out of area recruiters for positions in my state
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I actually got an email from Rose International asking me to send them my most recent resume and my social security number.....i found that odd.....also the job requisition # for the BofA job was not posted to the BofA site....Needless to say, I did not give it to him.
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Rose International is a real company I am working with right now. And my pay is very good!!!If you don't like Indian recruiters, oh well, thanks for small competition and awesome paid job for me ;)
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Didn't recognize the number on my cell; let it go to voicemail. A few seconds later, the landline rings - same number. Let the answering machine pick it up. Message on my cell and the landline is from "Michael" - HEAVY Indian accent - about a job opportunity in Ann Arbor. Check my email to find a message from a different person, apparently from the same company.So, that's THREE messages in less than five minutes. Not only is it not good business practice, it's borderline harrassment.A lot of these messages here are questioning whether or not this is a real company. I believe it is, but I wouldn't want to deal with them.I also find it odd - and just a bit telling - that if you google "Rose International", the first hit is their corporate site. Directly under this it reads: "rose international scam" and "rose international reviews"Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
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This is a SCAMSTER. A guy by name Arun called up to me and said he had a position in Bank of America. I was looking out jobs and got a call from them and sent my resume to them. He called up the next day and said he needed my SSN. THAT WAS SO WEIRD. I then got to know that he sits in India and is operating from India. I blasted him over phone and cross questioned him so much that he was so scared and did not know what to talk. NEVER TRUST THEM. They don't even give you the address of their Delhi address (where they operate from).. Literally [***]!!!
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I asked someone else to answer the phone for me. He said there was a job for me in Paramus. I told the person answering for me to tell him to call back later. I guess the joke's on him.
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What was the result of the investigation?
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There are some companies, like AT&T, that require a full SS# to apply. That's why i never submit to AT&T. They've changed this rule. Now when you submit a last 5 along with birth-date it's as a personal ID number. just make up a SS#. Nobody cares... if you get the job, you'll be asked again.The problem with giving a portion of a SS# and a birthdate... is they are very close. To your real information. Give them a fake number and you are ok.
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I want to know who is he
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SAME!! I got a call they got me off monster. Would I be interested in interviewing for job. They wanted to do former employment. They said they need ssn. Person said she was elizabeth
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Please don't answer the call.If you do somehow they hack your phone.They took $2500 out of my account and had all my credit card info too
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i see this number in a full page ad in the villages,fl. newspaper,no address or company except Senior Cable,what is it ?
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If their claiming Rogers phone zee Rogers & tell them their scamming
347-223-5636 Scam suspicion 1
Some jews trying to give money and services for political reasons
786-289-9466 Scam suspicion 11
Hiring scam. This ain't no real job or hiring person. Nice enough person but they ask for private stuff. Can't even find a real job post on monster for this. Says its for some tech company. Shady as F!
786-289-9466 Scam suspicion 11
Scam recruiter. Sent google doc asking for birthdate and SSN after asking to contact former employers.
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Called asking for me and wanted to verify some medical diagnostic information. I told him I would not verify personal info with a complete stranger and he said they already had the information just needed to be verified. This is not the first time ... read more
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No message left. Repeated calls over weeks.
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Scam call - no message left
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Scam call - leaves no message
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Scam call - no message left
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Scam call - no message
This number is the same scammer's number as 805-746-0980 used the name Kelsey or Briana or Kristin or kalyn and more! use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
They use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
They use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
This number is the same scammer's number as 415-528-1173. This number used the name Kelsey to steal and send photos of a different woman (pornstar Nicole Doshi).