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Area code: 770
Prefix: 881
Country: United States
State: Georgia
City: Adairsville
Company: New Cingular Wireless PCS
Usage: Wireless
Time zone: Eastern
Rating: 2.86
Views: 471
Comments: 141
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 770-881-7088. This phone number is registered in Adairsville, Georgia, United States and operated by New Cingular Wireless PCS. Phone 7708817088 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 141 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 770-881-7088, 7708817088 , 770-881-7088, +17708817088, tel:+1-770-881-7088, 001770-881-7088
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Your job deals with loaning money you say, yet you call people trying to collect money. So tell me, idiot, which is it? Because collections isn't the same as loaning. You are SO stupid, you can't even get that part right? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your middle school dropout grammar is appalling, and as another poster mentioned, you keep making the same spelling mistakes under myriad posted names. Aren't you even remotely ashamed at this sloppy work? You couldn't even TRY and pretend to be a decent BBS sockpuppet ferchrisssakes and we're supposed to believe you are a real debt collection agency????You are the joke that just keeps writing itself.Tell you what loser, once you are back in jail, I'll come visit you to give you remedial English and grammar, okay darling? I'll teach you how to spell properly, and how to use syntax and punctuation and all that good stuff.Then, if you decide to come to an 800 number BBS and act like you someone who you CLEARLY are not, then at least you can remotely come across as having a smattering of an education.
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I got one call from these people, it is obviously a scam artist. A collection agency would go broke in no time using illegal tactics like this. THIS IS NOT A COLLECTION AGENCY!!I think they are using OLD public records form marriage/divorce/bankruptcy...ect. (many many records are public info)The first clue was how aggressive they were, it is illegal for a collection agency to threaten civil/criminal penalties.The second and most important clue was that the money they said I owed was nowhere to be found on my credit report. I got very aggressive with them and informed them that they were in violation of several laws governing collection agencies..and they hung up without saying goodbye.I have advice to all, I travel for work and have had my credit card number stolen by people when I paid for stuff (hotel, rental car, meals...) So I joined Equifax and got a really good credit watch package. complete with balance watches and email/text message alerts. DON'T GET SCAMMED BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT!!
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I guess the reason you DIDDNT pay your bills on time was because of my spelling rite? You stole money. Now you want to put blame on a collection agency to make yourself feel better about being a thief. Why dont you just grow up and start taking responibility for your own actions. Just because I dont think you are a victim doesnt mean i work for these people. But I guess thats about as far as a childs mind can see.
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Hey Get Real, why don't you get real, your probably the scammer who is getting frustrated because it's becoming harder to pull off your criminal scam because of great websites like this!They tried it on me and I have Excellent credit PAL!
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Wow all these rules for the people that try to get there money back, How about some rules that protect the people that loan money. Do you have these rules framed and hanging from your wall at home? Or do you have them memorized? You are a little slow arent you? getting back to the real point, You were given credit and you did not pay it back!!! bottom line, You are a thief and think your a saint. You are not a victim, You are just another dead beat.
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Several harassing phone calls to my cell phone and also to an ex boyfriend that I haven't spoken to in over ten years. Used the wrong spelling of my last name that I haven't gone by in over 10 years. Told if I didn't contact him in 48 hours there would be a civil suit filed against me. When Icalled and spoke to the man that answered the phone, i told him I would be contacting the authorities and he became very hostile.
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"(4) The representation or implication that nonpayment ofany debt will result in the arrest or imprisonment ofany person or the seizure, garnishment, attachment,or sale of any property or wages of any person unlesssuch action is lawful and the debt collector or creditorintends to take such action." I'm missing the part that say you cant be sued
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I'll tell you what, I dont work for this company stupid! I just dont think you are a victim. Seems to me that you must be too much of a self centered closed minded moron to not understand I dont see things the way you do. I'm not a collector, My job does deal with loaning money and I dont have to spell well to close the deal. I make lots of money and I pay my bills. So mock me if you like for maybe not being as educated as you are but I lead an honest life and I pay my bills and collection agencies dont call me. You want to call me names because I dont agree with you, Then you are the loser. But stop crying because somebody wants there money back.
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Got a call asking for my brother-in-law whom has never lived with us. I asked what this was regarding and she said there was civil suit against him. I got the phone # and case # and called my brother-in-law and then looked up the phone # from caller id and found this site. We are getting his free credit reports right now and after reading from others accounts I am sure that everything will be in order. How can these guys get away with this? Caller id# 770-881-7088# given to call them: 404-492-7970
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Ok children lets stop calling each other names and look at the facts and the law. It is true that if you borrow money you are obligated to repay it. And if you can afford to do so you should, morally and legally. But if you cant afford to pay you have options such as bankruptcy. A bankrupted debt cannot be legally collected after the fact. So anyone trying to collect on such a loan is full of BS. The Statute of Limitations prevents the collection of old debts. But it only works if the debtor asserts it in court and does not restart it by affirming or making a payment on an old debt. The law does not prevent a collector from filing a lawsuit on a debt that is too old but if the debtor states and proves in his answer that it is beyond that time then the debt cannot be legally collected. With that in mind, there is no reason for anyone to sue for an old debt except to take advantage of people who dont know their rights. Any lectures about the moral obligation to pay an old debt are absurd. Lenders know the laws when they extend credit including bankruptcy and collection law. If the loan goes bad they write it off and then sell it to the scumbag collection agencies. This is where the problems begin. While many collection agencies are trying to collect on legit accts there is a growing industry in collecting on really old or bankrupted debts. These collectors are known as Junk debt buyers or zombie collectors. Despite the fact that most of these old debts are legally uncollectable, these agencies also frequently use tactics which are in violation of federal collection laws such as the FDCPA and most of the time they cant prove the debt which they buy for pennies on the dollar. All the crap they give you when calling is scare tactics and a moral argument that you should pay what you owe. But they dont realize that much of their info is outdated so they are calling the wrong person or the debt is bankrupted or too old to collect. Do not think that collection agencies do not call the wrong person, this happens frequently. Corporations and banks certainly use the law to their advantage so it is stupid to claim that citizens cannot also. If Enron can file bankruptcy and avoid paying its debts then so can you. Deadbeats are people who can afford but choose not to repay their debts. But if the law says they cant collect a debt then that is the law. These greedy capitalist a-holes want you to not assert your legal rights while they are certainly asserting theirs. Screw these a-holes, I would sue every one of them and put them outta business. Tell them to take their if you borrowed it you have to pay it back argument to the trash. Corporate America does not play by those rules so neither should you. You can, if you know your rights, sue these a-holes out of existence. Do it and dont feel guilty about it.
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This number is the same scammer's number as 805-746-0980 used the name Kelsey or Briana or Kristin or kalyn and more! use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
They use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
They use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
This number is the same scammer's number as 415-528-1173. This number used the name Kelsey to steal and send photos of a different woman (pornstar Nicole Doshi).