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Area code: 101
Prefix: 515
Rating: 1.32
Views: 1881
Comments: 294
Please check information, users rating and reports about phone number 101-515-8000. Phone 1015158000 has a negative user rating. The number may be unsafe. All reports are written by real visitors of this website. This number has 294 user reports.
Phone number formats: +1 101-515-8000, 1015158000 , 101-515-8000, +11015158000, tel:+1-101-515-8000, 001101-515-8000
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------Please call the Florida Attorney General's Office to file a complaint. Their investigator may be reached at 850 414 3878.--------------------------------------------------------------------------
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I tried to call Gruga U.S.A. toll-free at (888) 833-4148 and got a recording to dial 10-15-15-8000... I knew that something was not right about this... boy am I ever happy that I found this site! Now I just have to figure out how to get a hold of the Gruga company for an office chair recall... UGH!
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Just got our phone bill...Separate ILD page, showing the 101 515-8000 number with Directory Assistance. WIth all the charges, adds, etc. the total was $7.56 for 1 minute of a service that neither my wife or I had. I remember getting a 1-800 call that hung up, but I can't remember the date (this charge was for 9-25-2009) so that may have been the game.Anyway, I called the 1 800-433-4518 number that they listed for questions...gave them the info, and they're supposed to be sending a refund check for $7.56 in 7-10 days. We'll see what further mischief they cause...
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I called my diabetic supply company and was transferred to an answering company stating that the "800" number I had dialed was not a good number that I was to contact them at 10-15-15-8000. Stupidly I dialed it and got someone telling me that it was an international service for me to do .... I HUNG UP. Then I redialed the "800" and got through to the company I wanted to talk to in the first place.Sadly I should have googled 10-15-15-8000 before calling it but the way things are going nowadays with American companies allowing foreign companies to be their customer service I thought it was the truth. Now I am waiting for our phone bill to see what I will be charge for the called. I contacted AT&T but I DID NOT get a satisfactory answer from them. I thought they would at least block this number but they seemed uninterested with my problem. I sure hope others will me smarter then me and google 101-515-8000 before calling it.
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I, too, experienced an intercepted call to a legitimate 1/800 business on Sunday November 8th. I tried three times. I notified my landline carrier (AT&T) and on the 10th they wrote back giving me a Google Search URL using the 10-15-15-8000 as the search term. That is where I found this complaint page. The FCC is all up in us little people's use of the communications network, but companies like this are allowed to ply all manner of illegal and unethical practices. (It's true I am complaining about a government agency, but I see the solution as those of us down here at the bottom of the structure MAKING the agency do right, NOT about dismantling the agency. It can't be a democracy of the people don't actually pay attention and push back.)
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I got a new credit card (old one expired). I called the toll-free activation number on the sticker and got the message to call the 10-15-15-8000, for this so-called new national service. Seemed hinky so I checked here and am glad I did. I called the number on the sticker again and got the card member services I should have got in the first place. Scary stuff that your calls can just be routed someplace else. To the best of my knowledge I didn't get any fees, but I better scour the next few phone bills just to be safe.
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I received a call from 1-888-320-8688 that I did not answer. When I called the number back there was a message stating that a new national call service was available at 10-15-15-8000 for $4.95 per call. I did not call the number. I believe this is a scam.
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My long distance will not call out to anyone. I need a repair on my long distance service on my phone.
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I received a call from a 1-877-358-9743 They asked was this a viable number for a Micheal Martin.I asked who was calling and was again asked was this a viable number for Micheal Martin. I told this person I was going to follow up on this and they hung up. I am 75 years old and do not need these calls.I called the number on my ID and was referred to a 101-515-8000What should I do about this if I get a charge on my bill. Gerry
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We just got our phone bill today. We were charged $7.53 for their service and we were in a casino, not even at home. It says it was for Dir Assist. This charge is dated 9-17. (That was a month ago yesterday.)There was nothing on our answering machine from them nor on our caller ID from them. If I don't recognize a number on our caller ID, I don't even answer it, much less call it back. I will call AT&T tomorrow and let them know I am not paying it.
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They use the same photo. Please be careful about "fake woman" that pretend to be real woman.
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