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800-290-3935 Toll Free
720-722-4900 Colorado, Denver
510-288-4522 California, Oakland
210-282-8879 Texas, San Antonio
832-844-3572 Texas, Houston
610-625-1558 Pennsylvania, Bethlehem
812-379-2366 Indiana, Columbus
630-883-0757 Illinois, Elgin
224-307-5484 Illinois, Evanston
740-234-3519 Ohio, Delaware
615-388-4285 Tennessee, Lafayette
416-971-4583 Ontario, Toronto
972-755-7781 Texas, Dallas
800-566-9780 Toll Free
720-204-7402 Colorado, Longmont
301-206-3351 Maryland, Laurel
613-394-6931 Ontario, Trenton
717-987-3149 Pennsylvania, Mc Connellsburg
717-485-3131 Pennsylvania, Mc Connellsburg
647-657-8333 Ontario, Toronto
630-943-8938 Illinois, Geneva
716-970-4859 New York,
386-246-8666 Florida, Palm Coast
204-402-8735 Manitoba, Brandon
731-281-1249 Tennessee, Martin
773-574-5068 Illinois, Chicago
301-868-7228 Maryland, Clinton
855-680-2559 Toll Free
69420 n/a
42069 n/a
420690420 n/a
802 n/a
972-740-4932 Texas, Grand Prairie
972-740-5519 Texas, Grand Prairie
800-536-8454 Toll Free
720-619-8472 Colorado, Idaho Springs
330-574-2689 Ohio, Youngstown
519-753-8244 Ontario, Brantford
833-423-4570 Toll Free
724-241-7308 Pennsylvania, Baden
318-491-7369 Louisiana, Oakdale
409-974-7463 Texas, Galveston
419-247-6198 Ohio, Toledo
724-241-7325 Pennsylvania, Baden
724-734-5938 Pennsylvania, Sharon
902-454-4025 Nova Scotia, Halifax
412-732-6640 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

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800-718-6076 Reports: 1
855-761-8885 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 16
595953 Reports: 4
860-451-5013 Reports: 1
773-574-5068 Reports: 1
717-328-4503 Reports: 1
801-781-6173 Reports: 1
123-456-7890 Reports: 1
604-200-0439 Reports: 1
469-293-4872 Reports: 1
717-927-7069 Reports: 1
805-591-6389 Reports: 1
610-625-1558 Reports: 1
204-818-0248 Reports: 1
602-793-2923 Reports: 1
301-206-3351 Reports: 1
800-835-5274 Reports: 1
301-868-7228 Reports: 1
855-249-4175 Reports: 1
800-718-6076 Reports: 1
314-159-2653 Reports: 1
702-405-8626 Reports: 1
866-787-4227 Reports: 1
438-276-2000 Reports: 1
503-966-4175 Reports: 1
438-799-6285 Reports: 1
720-619-8472 Reports: 1

New comments:

AlF 2022-02-11 844-833-2111 1013
No response when picked up Scam suspicion
Einstein 2022-02-11 040-278-0022 575
Good 👍 Other
Њдлцгз Jååибпчћџфжз 2022-02-10 757-873-2737 634
Who dis? They say Verizon. They also say çâsh ©ø££€¢†å Other
Les Buck 2022-02-10 206-537-4390 342
Robo scam. Voice (It is a pretty good robot voice and difficult to tell it is fake) says "...Hello, my name is Mary Newton? How are you today?..." IF you answer the robot voice a "real" scammer will jump on the line and start selling. Scam suspicion
1 2022-02-10 701-328-7004 403
harrasment Other
Les Buck 2022-02-09 206-378-2394 323
Scam - asks you to " 8 to cancel coverage or press ?? to renew...." This is NOT a scam suspicion - it IS a scam. Scam suspicion
unnamed 2022-02-09 504-262-9660 688
hung up once answered Unknow
Anon 2022-02-09 248-268-9011 779
Scam they called me back to back with no message left. Really weird Other
Chris 2022-02-08 866-675-7330 825
866-675-7330 James Taylor saying that they are attempting to serve me and for me or my lawyer or legal representative to call 833-751-3159. Scam suspicion
Joe biden 2022-02-08 914-235-0124 667
He used do arson in the 1970s! Unknow
L Proctor 2022-02-08 866-548-7160 551
Held for an hour to reach BB&T's Fraud Dept but grew suspicious when after giving the rep my: 1) name, 2) social, 3) account #, and 4) email...that was not enough, and the rep then wanted my: 5) user ID, 6) password, and 7) driver license #! Yep, ... read more Scam suspicion
CO2722 2022-02-07 954-210-8128 392
Texted for vacant land. Ashley was the name given. Scam suspicion
Dan 2022-02-07 305-972-4650 429
Entered phone USSD Code. This number shows as calls being forwarded to this number if phone is busy. Scam suspicion
unknown 2022-02-04 514-989-5589 966
Calling from 'Telus' wich I never used. Needs to identify me... First question was my date of birth I did not anwser, call ended there Scam alert Scam suspicion
John 2022-02-04 559-625-2999 389
Hello this is John calling for the health department. Foreign accent. Blocked call Scam suspicion
NB 2022-02-04 480-546-5707 515
Received a call indicating 'Hi this is Kelly calling from a recorded line.......... I hung up. I am so sick and tired of people abusing the phone I pay money for, I don't want these people abusing my phone service so they can either attempt to ... read more Unknow
NYer not using DirectTV 2022-02-04 877-636-6946 578
Male computer voice Voicemail: “Hi, there I'm calling you from AT&T direct TV to let you know that your existing account is qualified for 50% off in order to avail the discount kindly call us back at 877-636-6946 from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM Pacific ... read more Scam suspicion
Chris 2022-02-03 425-391-6149 524
It is Travis he calls from this number and that number 828-215-5631. He got a problem. Unknow
Katie 2022-02-03 800-485-4350 494
I have a charge from NMX*NEWSMAX MAGAZIN800-x4350 FLUS for $12.95 that I did not authorize nor recognize. I've contacted my bank who told me to dispute it with Newsmax. It took some searching to even find Newsmax's phone number since the complete ... read more Scam suspicion
Annoyed by Japanese wannabe on phone 2022-02-03 828-215-5631 578
Some guy named Travis be calling and texting an he said," I think I'm turning Japanese , I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so.' Well then go to Japan then, stop calling and texting. I don't care who you think you is. Prank
Fisher Investments 2022-02-03 872-207-7022 534
Probably Fisher Investments. They don't know what No means. Other
Not a Travis fan 2022-02-02 828-215-5631 578
Drunk guy asking what time I be getting home at night. That ain't none of his bees wax. He better go sit down, honey child. Prank
Chris 2022-02-02 828-215-5631 578
Creepy Travis guy continues to send dirty text. Calls and breaths heavy. Prank
Teresa 2022-02-02 916-701-2378 793
Leaves no message. Calls about twice a day.. Unknow
m 2022-02-02 201-351-3757 467
probable scam says a tech company with security and I owe over $3000. Several different numbers call and all say the same thing and all have Indian accents but American names Scam suspicion
anonomynous 2022-02-02 225-395-4698 481
this number is absolutely relentless!!!! don't answer or block it Other
Jennifer T 2022-02-02 315-800-5252 627
Some recording, saying to complete your call press or say 9 Scam suspicion
Sue 2022-02-02 425-391-6149 524
FREQUENT CALLER. Leaves no messages. Called on Jan. 21, 26, & Feb 2. Unknow
s 2022-02-02 713-383-1999 420
Previously rated 1 but this is the VA. Other
s 2022-02-02 713-383-1999 420
LM calling from VA about a claim cb number listed, got a recording. Highly suspect scam. Scam suspicion
Bruce 2022-02-01 206-548-4374 450
Real estate scam, wants to buy "your house" for cash (doesn't tell you the offer is at 25% below market) Scam suspicion
MADD 2022-02-01 604-210-2295 3223
Actual person but clearly with a script. Doesn't stop talking when I say no. As a result of my donating previously... Telemarketer
b. 2022-01-31 855-779-7204 324
Hi, I'm Lisa calling you from Delaware B P O how are you doing today glad to hear that at Delaware B P O we handle your company's incoming and outgoing customer calls at a very cheap rate. So if you are interested to hire us please say yes. Scam suspicion
Les Buck 2022-01-31 844-243-0587 307
Definite scam/robocall that leaves a message. Have had this SAME message "... if you want to hire us ..." from a couple of other telephone numbers. Scam solicitation/robocall. Scam suspicion
Chicotunka Nyguyin 2022-01-28 828-215-5631 578
Heavy breathing. Guy texting nasty stuff. Prank
anon 2022-01-27 780-670-2907 675
On another site, commenters have suggested this may be CBV Collection services Debt collector
Christine 2022-01-26 360-502-7531 731
Pre-recorded scam saying debt will be attached to social Scam suspicion
Christine 2022-01-26 360-502-7531 731
Scam...something maybe attached to your social. Pre recorded message. Other
just me 2022-01-26 226-407-6519 549
this number calls my home a few times a week, never leaves a message Unknow
jen hackamuler 2022-01-26 763-297-1448 383
the girl name is jenn she a herion junkie an a thief she stole bunch of close an who now what else everything she can get her hands on then takes off an blames somebody elese cuz she dont want to get cought but she proble seeling the close if you ... read more Other
Spammy McSpamface 2022-01-25 877-450-2127 657
Spam spam . Do not answer spam Scam suspicion
James Jones 2022-01-25 805-522-9214 548
Look @ the # of views! But NO comments? Are people lazy or just illiterate? Calls incessantly, several times a day. Multiple days a week. HAD THEM BLOCKED months ago. Still too stupid to catch-on that they're blocked. What a bunch of clowns! Scam suspicion
Brad 2022-01-25 860-269-4056 416
This number called me multiple times while I was in a meeting. Called back once done and got a voicemail of Ed Scott saying to leave a confidential message. I have no idea who he is or what he wants but seems sketch. Unknow
Kingston 2022-01-25 403-397-0401 371
This person is pretty cool. :) Other
SD 2022-01-25 971-320-1781 385
The person who uses the mobile phone number from Seaside in Oregon using T-mobile has called me and has not spoken to me and has not texted me and it seems to be another prank phone call in the midst of alot of other phone calls from some unknown ... read more Other
SD 2022-01-25 503-286-6253 367
The person using telephone 503-286-6253 calls me and then does not speak to me and is silent and is not texting me perhaps. Seems like a prank scam phone call tome. Other
SD 2022-01-25 503-231-3487 334
This person calls me and then does not speak and does not text. Most likely a prank phone call. Other
SD 2022-01-25 503-233-4739 320
Somebody using the telephone number 503-233-4739 calls me and then does not speak to me and does not text anything. That appears to possibly be a scam or prank caller that is the landline phone 503-233-4739 Other
SD 2022-01-25 503-297-4718 316
This person has called me on that landline phone number and then does not speak to me and it seems that is a crank phone call. Other
sd 2022-01-25 503-233-3533 314
Somebody from telephone 503-233-3533 calls and is silent when this person answers the phone. Appears to be a crank phone call. Other
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