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704-778-9988 North Carolina, Charlotte
647-288-4298 Ontario, Toronto
877-811-0497 Toll Free
613-955-8480 Ontario, Trenton
289-296-6867 Ontario, Niagara Falls
613-394-6931 Ontario, Trenton
319-431-3430 Iowa, Cedar Rapids
613-407-3936 Ontario, Ottawa
613-407-3836 Ontario, Ottawa
360-520-7944 Washington, Chehalis
401-369-6500 Rhode Island, Providence
815-867-5309 Illinois, Pontiac
8675309 n/a
911 n/a
999 n/a
815-579-1445 Illinois, La Salle
903-767-8977 Texas, Pittsburg
903-276-9169 Texas, Texarkana
615-681-1746 Tennessee, Goodlettsville
903-203-2920 Texas, Athens
806-884-1012 Texas, Dalhart
197101952 n/a
614-448-7570 Ohio, Columbus
347-448-3190 New York, New York
609-482-4528 New Jersey, Lawrenceville
304-355-5572 West Virginia, Piedmont
313-282-4373 Michigan, Detroit
805-567-6796 California, Buellton
239-217-9629 Florida, N Fort Myers
202-719-1270 Washington, DC, Washington
217-769-9647 Illinois, Hoopeston
217-799-4562 Illinois, Danville
613-494-6931 Ontario, Thurlow
800-869-3557 Toll Free
903-335-1163 Texas, Sulphur Springs
510-480-7933 California, El Sobrante
740-561-1211 Ohio, Gnadenhutten
661-548-3361 California, California Hot Springs
708-817-8508 Illinois, Northbrook
425-484-0674 Washington, Seattle
813-349-7561 Florida, Tampa
443-578-3468 Maryland, Baltimore
630-647-5492 Illinois, Itasca
604-305-2616 British Columbia, North Vancouver
877-736-6925 Toll Free
954-907-3305 Florida, Fort Lauderdale
703-883-0168 Virginia, Mc Lean
207-794-6440 Maine, Lincoln
716-219-2741 New York, Youngstown
269-924-0821 Michigan, Battle Creek

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855-761-8885 Reports: 4
403-453-0452 Reports: 1
424-261-8236 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 24
619-847-1936 Reports: 6
602-705-7568 Reports: 6
647-490-4252 Reports: 4
559-372-2855 Reports: 3
972-630-6619 Reports: 3
617-286-3523 Reports: 2
385-212-3708 Reports: 2
605-615-0720 Reports: 2
833-814-4330 Reports: 1
315227337 Reports: 1
480-273-8904 Reports: 1
513-698-9180 Reports: 1
909-539-4151 Reports: 1
616-600-9487 Reports: 1
778-694-4294 Reports: 1
303-872-0667 Reports: 1
737-255-8505 Reports: 1
503-908-2827 Reports: 1
562-359-8415 Reports: 1
315-238-8650 Reports: 1
855-686-0426 Reports: 1
716-418-7187 Reports: 1
403-453-0452 Reports: 1
312-586-8587 Reports: 1
281-417-6423 Reports: 1
530-529-2722 Reports: 1
757-910-0318 Reports: 1
844-528-0423 Reports: 1
562-330-1552 Reports: 1
613-984-2311 Reports: 1
910-207-5484 Reports: 1
616-600-9519 Reports: 1
778-233-5651 Reports: 1
818-740-5523 Reports: 1
855-868-0878 Reports: 1
614-448-7570 Reports: 1
113-359-7900 Reports: 1
844-631-8351 Reports: 1
855-294-1814 Reports: 1
318-446-3173 Reports: 1
408-256-3267 Reports: 1
253-472-6522 Reports: 1

New comments:

Anon 2021-08-12 408-555-0941 306
This phone number is used to remove content from your devices to Google Cloud. After death threat, cyber stalker used this among other things to disable my ability to contact outside world. Other
Elizabeth 2021-08-12 610-624-3240 292
I have received multiple calls on behalf of Ernest Nelson. Both a man and a woman have called. Disturbing. Scam suspicion
Porter 2021-08-12 214-296-0312 45
Did an application for a job and started getting phone calls about school! Blocked the number Other
mmm.m 2021-08-12 437-580-7596 921
,mn,,,,,,,n Other
Fisher Investments 2021-08-11 872-207-7022 90
is this number registered to Fisher Investments? Unknow
steve 2021-08-11 480-273-8904 460
same as all other posters. got a VM form a Mary Lee. She said she was speaking with Irene Torres who refered her to me - she asked me to call back, she had a question. Did not call back after reading other comments here. Scam suspicion
fed up 2021-08-11 844-273-1090 71
The calls are from MetCredit. They phone. They text. Daily. MULTI-daily. I answer, but no reply. PROBLEM IS they want the person who had the Freedom phone number before me. Debt collector
Anonymous 2021-08-11 800-374-9701 238
SCAM to get bank info.. Said they worked for CITIBANK FRaud Scam suspicion
Ashley 2021-08-11 859-797-8647 268
Call from this number offering to pay bills for single moms. Fishing for bank account info. Contacted Police who told me that this number is involved in other scams of the same type. Scam suspicion
jp 2021-08-11 855-919-0653 345
Same as other comments - caller id is 415.464.6919 stating from Blue Shield and wanting to assist with an important healthcare visit. Instructed to call back 855.919.0653. Calling back they want to you to verbally confirm your name. Nope. Scam suspicion
kari 2021-08-11 813-981-7048 57
called and speaking jibberish on the other end. called me 5 more times in a row right after. Other
Unknown 2021-08-11 415-408-7075 28
This person scammed me. I work hard as a Lyft driver This person got me for $$40 ride My bad for trusting people He is from Peru moving to Boston to study music. Scam suspicion
h 2021-08-10 702-680-0018 13
h 2021-08-10 702-680-0029 207
08【ph 2021-08-10 437-580-7596 921
Scam this needs to stops Other
-经济u-【】u 2021-08-10 437-580-7596 921
I've received 18 calls from this number. Based on other info here, going to do some sleuthing Telemarketer
Teri 2021-08-10 440-219-0527 34
I received an obscene phone call on my cell from this number. I promptly hung up and blocked the number. Other
FL 2021-08-10 604-210-2295 2402
Mothers against drunk driving - actual person speaking Telemarketer
Marie 2021-08-10 800-555-5455 100
I got an email from First national bank saying to call 800-555-5455 in reference to online access attempts! It does correlate with first national bank (FNB). Scam suspicion
Unknown 2021-08-10 204-480-7092 516
Phones at 8 in the morning asking me what my name is? Unknow
LD 2021-08-09 747-220-3331 160
Spamola Scam suspicion
Skeptic 2021-08-09 717-814-7305 137
Have received calls from David Small but never leaves a message. Suppose it is robo or scam. Annoying! Unknow
Cindy 2021-08-09 562-359-8415 474
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someguy 2021-08-09 754-549-3693 141
Suspicious call. Area code supposedly Hollywood Fl. Scam suspicion
Dept. of Corrections 2021-08-08 334-621-7072 155
*have been* Other
AL Dept of Corrections 2021-08-08 334-621-7072 155
Said from AL dept. of corrections. I don't know anyone who might even possibly been in jail. Unknow
Steve 2021-08-08 614-486-7802 32
Called like six times today, didn’t leave message. Unknow
Kevin Keith Lutchmansingh 2021-08-08 647-360-4370 82
An employment scammer trying to get you involved with money scamming. Tells you about potential job at his company. Ask you to source persons to buy foreign currency. Scam suspicion
K. Wren 2021-08-07 833-951-0149 740
Facebook Marketplace scammer sent google verification codes Scam suspicion
Don 2021-08-07 877-836-5629 100
I've received 18 calls from this number. Based on other info here, going to do some sleuthing to see what's up Other
bvc 2021-08-06 888-858-3527 24
Fake charity scam number. Same scammer called earlier under different 888 number for fake "Breast cancer" scam. Scam suspicion
wendy 2021-08-06 800-365-7772 85
they told me i was a good customer with penny mac and qualified for a lower interest rate and wanted to send me some info on my email but had to ask me some questions . 1 was what is my interest rate ? i said if they were from penny mac why are they ... read more Scam suspicion
no name 2021-08-06 502-735-1237 101
I'm gotten four phone calls today from different phone numbers whoever you are please stop call'en & take my phone number off your list Scam suspicion
AK 2021-08-06 204-480-7092 516
SCAM. Called multiple times over 2 weeks. Scam suspicion
Not a happy 68 year old 2021-08-06 833-959-2941 482
This number has called every day on our unlisted house number blocked the number and now found my unlisted cell number and called this morning. They left a message last week said they would come to our house this Wed between 8:00AM and noon serving ... read more Scam suspicion
Bikhendra.chhimal 2021-08-06 980-656-6589 12
9806566589 Debt collector
d 2021-08-05 530-529-2722 579
so good you five daughter jones went out of business move to oregon you five daughter jones been black mailing &scaming senior people&poor people out of$9777777777million of dollars Other
Marlene Guillory 2021-08-05 305-972-8655 118
My friend’s phone messages and calls are being forwarded to this number. She can not change it. Unknow
Kathleenno 2021-08-05 330-400-3848 66
Unsolicited call. We are on the national do not call list. A clear violation!!! Unknow
Lari 2021-08-05 917-259-6505 83
Scam/sales call. Don’t answer. Scam suspicion
Concerned Citizen 2021-08-05 855-919-0653 345
Called today, 8/5/2021. Same result, I received a similar message as others below. Smells like a scam. There is a 415-464-6919 that calls you (my phone said it was "Greenpoint Mortgage") and then they leave the 855-919-0653 number to call back. A ... read more Scam suspicion
Bob B 2021-08-05 402-739-8086 35
Scam. Scam suspicion
Janet 2021-08-05 231-241-3937 21
This no. calls my phone continually when looking them up it is a scam Scam suspicion
anonymous 2021-08-04 403-800-1094 400
Same here calls everyday but when you call back there is no indication of to whom this phone number belongs to. No voicemail or business greeting message. Very fishy! All you get is a message prompting you the following: The party you are trying ... read more Unknow
Hounds Fabrisk 2021-08-04 571-257-4251 25
Scam Scam Scam suspicion
Jenny 2021-08-04 971-365-5641 27
Police poser trying to get my bank info saying my identity has been stolen. Scam suspicion
Anonymous 2021-08-04 404-662-3500 95
This is the SunTrust/Truist conference line. It is not a scam, spam, non-profit or political line. Unknow
I buy homes 2021-08-04 502-735-1237 101
Scam call asking if can buy my home that not on the market I asked the name of company she said its called I buy homes said they pay cash I said what you pay penny's on the dollar and rip people off I said I am a realtor and have been over 25 years ... read more Scam suspicion
Ann 2021-08-03 416-491-2419 371
I just got a new number from Bell and this 416-491-2419 called twice already and I didn't even given my number yet to all my friends and relatives and this one kept calling I didn't answer it and I blocked it. Scam suspicion
j phister 2021-08-03 225-407-0325 10
Cold call solicitation for cleaning services. Telemarketer
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