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773-786-9807 Illinois, Chicago
412-592-1950 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
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919-432-5344 North Carolina, Goldsboro
770-774-1430 Georgia, Fairburn
586-216-5013 Michigan, Warren
479-282-6989 Arkansas, Rogers
530-654-6715 California, Arbuckle
913-244-1203 Kansas, Kansas City
561-386-2647 Florida, Palm Beach
209-437-9179 California, Le Grand
951-253-5888 California, Lake Elsinore
717-900-9238 Pennsylvania, York
855-487-8912 Toll Free
818-672-4860 California, Sepulveda
866-499-4044 Toll Free
614-584-4721 Ohio, Columbus
559-745-5729 California, Three Rivers
302-323-5062 Delaware, New Castle
630-487-5143 Illinois, La Grange Park
402-202-6056 Nebraska, Lincoln
519-870-9317 Ontario, London
519-434-1727 Ontario, London
647-383-2365 Ontario, Toronto
844-222-0838 Toll Free
877-394-1573 Toll Free
216-446-7979 Ohio, Cleveland
479-997-1279 Arkansas, Mulberry
216-445-7979 Ohio, Cleveland
479-996-1279 Arkansas, Greenwood
224-230-4337 Illinois, Elgin
888-985-4317 Toll Free
204-272-3117 Manitoba, Winnipeg
832-802-1767 Texas, Alvin
806-283-6835 Texas, Lubbock
908-510-8361 New Jersey, Metuchen
512-876-2094 Texas, Georgetown
330-595-9830 Ohio, Akron
312-623-8179 Illinois, Chicago
877-375-0887 Toll Free
571-250-0855 Virginia, Herndon
571-250-0955 Virginia, Herndon
405-641-4288 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
702-845-3133 Nevada, Las Vegas
716-200-8280 New York, Buffalo
702-308-3210 Nevada, Las Vegas

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855-761-8885 Reports: 3
715-157-1251 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 39
306-205-3115 Reports: 7
717-328-4503 Reports: 2
864-383-2988 Reports: 1
412-465-6789 Reports: 1
877-869-1517 Reports: 1
304-343-9401 Reports: 1
254-221-0659 Reports: 1
806-324-4571 Reports: 1
877-766-8523 Reports: 1
352-356-5970 Reports: 1
619-631-4144 Reports: 1
407-412-9351 Reports: 1
910-281-6376 Reports: 1
844-336-3333 Reports: 1
270-392-3787 Reports: 1
814-975-1154 Reports: 1
614-729-6091 Reports: 1
715-157-1251 Reports: 1
202-918-4771 Reports: 1
786-289-9466 Reports: 1
866-755-9354 Reports: 1
478-521-0502 Reports: 1
757-909-0024 Reports: 1
304-669-8389 Reports: 1

New comments:

tryin 2024-01-15 425-384-6213 265
scam calls and lvs no msg Other
tryin 2024-01-15 425-386-3273 231
Scam calls and lvs no msg Other
tryin 2024-01-15 425-386-9739 215
scam calls and lvs no msg Other
tryin 2024-01-15 425-386-6673 236
scam calls lvs no msg Other
Abe 2024-01-14 905-979-9144 670
So a few of you got the post-its back a couple years a go. What was the outcome? Who is this guy and what does he want? Other
scamchaser 2024-01-14 877-321-0030 198
Called by another number to call an attorney at this number. Scammers. Scam suspicion
TTT. 2024-01-13 415-528-1173 1306
A random person (scammer) replied to my message. The conversation was strange. she sent me photos stolen from the internet. scammer thought had brainwashed me with a ton of love words. and then asked me money and drugs. When I refused, she said you ... read more Other
Eat 2024-01-12 587-781-4263 274
Eat more cck Other
Kat 2024-01-12 877-321-0030 198
I was called by another number telling me that I needed to telephone attorney, Michael Harris, from Kennebec Maine, at this number. I have not done so because I am concerned this is a scam. I should not have answered the call. Other
Kat 2024-01-12 207-355-6073 144
I was called by this number and told this was an attorneys office and I needed to call Michael Harris attorney from Kennebec Maine at 877-321-0030. I did try to call this number from Newport, ME above back, and a recording simply refers me to the ... read more Other
Kat 2024-01-12 207-706-5116 165
Got a call and my husband answered it… Said she was from an attorneys office regarding a file that we need to attend to, by calling a Michael Harris at telephone number 877-321-0030 and gave us a case number. I tried to call back this number and ... read more Other
Spud 2024-01-12 877-772-4309 796
This is the work support unit for SSa Kansas City, MI. You would only need to contact it if you need your application approved when they don't do their job. Your application has to go to this office for you to call them. Unless your paperwork ... read more Other
Sarah 2024-01-11 866-706-6894 878
Thick Indian accent. Very hard to understand. Something about an investigation about a package. Caller ID said United Postal Service and the caller said he was from the investigation department. he gave out some numbers and some company name ... read more Scam suspicion
Sophie 2024-01-09 410-609-1199 192
calls multiple times and garbled voice and sounds Prank
cokk 2024-01-09 415-528-1173 1306
scam woman named Brianna Other
Nah 2024-01-09 415-528-1173 1306
This woman asked send money to paypl. Her profile has stolen pictures from a woman named Briana. Scam suspicion
Scammer/Catfish 2024-01-03 205-268-9757 123
Number is being used by a Catfish/Scammer out of South Africa by the alias of Darnish Ray on Facebook. Her profile has stolen pictures from a woman named Antonia Kneller also on Facebook. Be Warned !! Other
SUZANNE 2024-01-02 888-258-3741 238
L 2023-12-31 720-358-4139 210
WhatsApp scammers from Facebook. Scam suspicion
Wrong Guy 2023-12-31 347-535-3518 693
Text with specific information. Reporting to the police. Scam suspicion
L W 2023-12-30 866-809-1062 317
I continue to get this email. I have not had spectrum since they sold out to another company. I know it’s just a scam! Very tired of it! Other
Tryin 2023-12-29 425-510-7216 158
Scam/telmarketer call Dec 29, 2023 Telemarketer
Auntie Scam 2023-12-28 844-616-7635 390
Scam looking for callback, asking for WRONG NAME to "Kaiser-Permanente". I assume if you call to have the wrong name removed from your account, they will want all your account info, etc. Typical "wrong name" scam call-back bait, I assume. Scam suspicion
Cpl 2023-12-23 855-564-5745 184
Called wife’s cell 2 times twice each time. Doesn’t bother leaving voice mail. She doesn’t answer unknown numbers Other
Sherman 2023-12-20 817-436-5662 699
The calls go 24/7 and never stop scam calls. Scam suspicion
Ana 2023-12-20 800-387-6556 215
told me that they were from Scotiabank and that I had suspicious transactions on my credit card. When I told them I would call the bank they disconnected. Scam suspicion
Brett howard 2023-12-19 866-790-5600 396
Tried to send me money then tried to charge me $25 i dont have they tried to send me 5,000 then next week 2,000 i have the text messages in my iphone there using a i phone as well they tried to facetime me Scam suspicion
Lance Shaler 2023-12-16 778-612-1000 2859
Called on 2 occasions! Never left a message. Probably a scam call!!! Other
kt 2023-12-16 559-478-1612 152
I called it back and the number did not exist - so my opinion is it is a scam. Scam suspicion
FedEx 2023-12-15 262-970-5596 683
Fake FedEX Called to verify address Scam suspicion
unknown 2023-12-15 419-871-9284 789
They keep calling me with mortgage refinancing. They spoof with different numbers from all over the country. They ask for Bill which isn't my name. I played along this last time just to see if I could finally be taken off the list. Other
Elle 2023-12-14 703-482-0623 220
scam. caller id shows up as CIA. Other
sfm 2023-12-14 310-997-2722 270
Caller left me a voice mail that was hard to understand regarding a vague job offer for a "financial consultant", whatever that means. Called the number but was told that the person I'm trying to reach was busy and to leave a message. Left a ... read more Other
Briana 2023-12-14 415-528-1173 1306
A sl*t who is drunk on alcohol and drugs. this F**king Pr*titute hides the fact that she has H*V and S*D invite random people to have s*x without a condom. She demand money and dangerous work.romance fishing scam. There are scammers behind her. Other
Ann 2023-12-11 778-404-1278 245
My Whatsapp code was sent from this number but I didn't tap on the link Other
Lisa 2023-12-07 510-844-8166 655
Called me and left a message saying it was Kaiser calling for Paul...I am not Paul or a man. Last week I got a text that someone with another different name will have coverage 12/1/23. Other
Robyn 2023-12-07 314-317-0379 260
Number calls me several time a day but never leaves a message, Scam suspicion
Huiyi Chen 2023-12-05 909-655-0527 114
PIG BUTCHER SCAM Scam suspicion
Huiyi Chen 2023-12-05 404-497-7714 131
Scam Pig Butchers Scam suspicion
martz family friend from florida 2023-12-03 717-328-4503 6924
Igor,egor, igor Vincent martz little cove rd mercersburg pa is a big sinner and he dances on the streets begging bread crumbs in mcconnellsburg pennsylvania eyes rolling ears wiggle foaming at the mouth screaming out of control lowlife piece of tard ... read more Prank
K 2023-12-02 415-528-1173 1306
This is a scammer! So first and she used many love words. If anyone has been victimized by her, please let me know! Woman's name BRIANA(fake) WTF! She sent me many scammer's words. and pictures and video(fake) stolen from the ... read more Other
Pauli 2023-12-01 877-326-5674 233
"Candice Gilbert" calling in reference to the estate of my recently dead wife. Special circle in Hell for people like this. Scam suspicion
Me 2023-11-30 239-212-2799 122
Scammer Scam suspicion
KT 2023-11-30 856-384-7132 107
Wouldn't talk or leave message - I blocked Scam suspicion
kt 2023-11-28 559-398-9118 103
Would not talk to machine or me. Google search shows Chinese Scam suspicion
xjj 2023-11-25 415-528-1173 1306
Woman named briana(fake) scammer!! Other
CoCo 2023-11-25 276-258-0542 394
Numerous "missed" calls from this number (looks like about 1 call a week for the past 6 weeks or so...that's as far as my call log goes, but this has been ongoing longer than that) -- no voice messages ever left. Definitely a nuisance caller -- ... read more Unknow
D 2023-11-25 415-528-1173 1306
romance fishing scam ×××tortion! USED Fake photo and video many love words Matching apps and dating apps Other
un 2023-11-25 415-528-1173 1306
scammer Scam suspicion
D 2023-11-24 647-930-2097 834
Spam caller Other
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