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New comments:

Boobie 2019-12-18 844-648-2912 181
Obvious phishing scam seeking Social Security info with arrest threat.
Backstreet 2019-12-18 614-758-6864 205
Scam. Wanted 6 digit code for Google. They answered add I had on Craigslist.
JT 2019-12-18 832-937-6661 136
Was he trying to order Catapillar injectors?
dudda bugg 2019-12-18 929-505-9682 144
Hundreds of calls from this these stalkers.
Rodney 2019-12-18 919-657-9801 153
Calls multiple times a day- day and night. Never leaves a message. I have blocked this caller, and opted out of insurance broker services, but they continue to call.
Kyan 2019-12-18 800-275-1783 236
Chinese recording
Kant, Immanuel 2019-12-18 844-264-6619 184
serving me a court papers
Jarvis 2019-12-18 651-321-5322 127
Google Listing Scam
squirrel 2019-12-18 612-836-6999 290
Robocall: Ask for me by name, yes or no. Never answered
Varese, Edgard 2019-12-18 516-261-6626 161
I answered this line because it showed up as a local town, I wasn't thinking and the voice asked if I can hear them, and I said "yes" now I'm in full panic mode because I don't know who has my acknowledgment! Anyone know what to do next?
Patañjali 2019-12-18 848-258-4193 466
Same message as everyone but the username was aanniex7
Abel 2019-12-18 866-771-3741 113
this number just left a msg saying they have "suspended" my social security number...some type of fraud.
Jace 2019-12-18 936-931-4460 262
Kimberly Hamilton
Fernanda 2019-12-18 936-931-4460 262
Eric Reynolds Hamilton
Nicky 2019-12-18 636-590-7335 161
Dempsey 2019-12-18 908-349-1734 218
I've checked the number online and they are a magazine company.
Happy 2019-12-18 888-267-5692 107
Company name is intentionally blocked.
Debby 2019-12-18 864-302-8788 228
They just hang up when they receive this request.
Ines 2019-12-18 630-395-7335 152
Caller ID comes up as Carlson Wagonlit which is a travel management company. So the number is spoofed because when you call it back, a recording says it's the Donor Privacy Protection Line.
Quentin 2019-12-18 416-541-7950 183
Another call from a spoofed number! The phone number is not in service. Scam!
Bokini, Ratu Ovini 2019-12-18 289-151-1753 144
Trying to duplicate my number
Marshall, George 2019-12-18 470-329-2233 228
Recording says that he is in his company's employment Department and has your resume... SCAMMER.
Shirley 2019-12-18 850-536-1942 193
Telemarketer pushing used car warranties, against the “do not call registry“ requirement to not make such calls.
Cordelia 2019-12-18 855-820-1074 285
called with medical insurance scam
Patañjali 2019-12-18 786-687-0059 165
They have an Akron Ohio AT&T phone number.
AnnaBear 2019-12-18 803-906-0020 205
Although the call readout listed the call as Altoona, PA, the call actually came from the west Coast.
Broden 2019-12-18 800-115-4708 236
She has ask that the stop calling, the rep she recieved started cursing her.
Pocky 2019-12-18 800-832-9088 233
The company should be penalized for breaking the privacy law (DO NOT CALL LIST)and rudeness.
Baby Dip 2019-12-18 773-655-5287 243
They claim I have been accepted for a loan I allegedly applied for (which I did not).
Waits, Tom 2019-12-18 667-771-7916 231
I did not respond and terminated the call.
max 2019-12-18 315-227-3788 200
this number is a unsafe number uses pictures that is not her lives in kingsville tx
Carlotta 2019-12-18 888-380-0080 192
I have been harassed since October by this "company" trying to sell me insurance.
Kesey, Ken 2019-12-18 888-256-3096 344
Scam called 14 times wish more could be done to stop them
Brycen 2019-12-18 636-489-1087 107
Career School Advisors - did not leave message. Called back, and was greeted with recorded message.
Lastman, Mel 2019-12-18 912-618-9021 240
Oh I know this one. She’s got some stuff going on for sure. And uses a lot of prescription drugs that make her even crazier with those mood swings. Not a good choice for a man wanting a healthy relationship.
Maggie 2019-12-18 676-559-3599 151
2 missed calls received from COOK Islands - spam calls
Dayt 2019-12-18 443-247-3411 180
Same as ones above recived texts about a large item listed for sale wanted my Pay Pal info $200.00 item would take hundreds to ship from Ks to Md
chuchungis 2019-12-18 876-829-8117 218
Said won millions of dollars,asked for personal info
EW66 2019-12-18 469-813-5641 276
Assuming it's a telemarketer. I hang up before they click over to a live person.
mona 2019-12-18 905-568-6879 294
Call me every other day. Didn't receive and they left a voicemail but nothing was in the voicemail.
Isabelle 2019-12-18 941-833-7138 244
Boiler room noise in the background, left no message on answer service.
Ladysmith 2019-12-18 613-849-9207 244
Would not give us their name and wanted us to verify our phone number. This sounds like a scam.
Indigo Red 2019-12-18 770-793-2397 192
text stated Tax rebate of some 400 odd pounds
Roth, Geneen 2019-12-18 314-334-2079 189
Hang up after a few seconds of silence
Pam - Iowa 2019-12-18 876-365-3294 131
The guy I just spoke claimed to be from UPS and was going to deliver a certified check from Publishers Clearing House. I had not signed up for anything, and he said that if I did sign up many years ago it was still legit. He wanted to know what time ... read more
Aristotle 2019-12-18 716-271-6977 217
with not action on your part .
._. 2019-12-18 903-251-9737 197
Scammer on Poshmark. They wanted to pay outside of the app. They said they wanted to buy the product for their “daughter”. They sent a fraudulent check.
Omouse 2019-12-18 206-237-6965 120
this number continually shows up on my Verizon data usage
Joya 2019-12-18 724-948-8068 226
Home security scam
Rik 2019-12-18 917392991264 199
Dghjjjh Vhhhbh
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