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440-463-8451 Ohio, Willoughby
289-272-1012 Ontario, Niagara On The Lake
225-381-6814 Louisiana, Baton Rouge
337-223-2228 Louisiana, Gueydan
804-250-8860 Virginia, Warsaw
817-893-2085 Texas, Fort Worth
850-801-3860 Florida, Baker
866-888-3436 Toll Free
317-672-1184 Indiana, Indianapolis
855-619-4666 Toll Free
240-541-6007 Maryland, Bethesda
250-451-2541 British Columbia, Kelowna
850-279-9507 Florida, Valparaiso
805-371-9330 California, Thousand Oaks
703-268-1631 Virginia, Vienna
478-377-0507 Georgia, Louisville
678-682-9215 Georgia, Atlanta
202-609-7066 Washington, DC, Washington
952-367-8494 Minnesota, Minneapolis
844-808-8287 Toll Free
605-461-7954 South Dakota, Huron
619-843-1531 California, San Diego
204-220-8004 Manitoba, Winnipeg
775-249-7438 Nevada, Incline Village
276-209-9874 Virginia, Bland
859-349-6100 Kentucky, Perryville
216-835-1325 Ohio, Cleveland
860-466-7789 Connecticut, Hartford
301-353-4104 Maryland, Gaithersburg
587-316-8983 Alberta, Calgary
732-831-7874 New Jersey, Toms River
480-739-3723 Arizona, Phoenix
979-232-2113 Texas, Eagle Lake
631-256-1123 New York, Sayville
256-601-7663 Alabama, Fyffe
559-245-3800 California, Miramonte
303-862-0177 Colorado, Denver
902-700-8594 Nova Scotia, Halifax
856-486-5211 New Jersey, Merchantville
855-945-3255 Toll Free
855-945-3165 Toll Free
404-777-3780 Georgia, Atlanta
833-557-1004 Toll Free
805-574-2229 California, Arroyo Grande
647-560-9133 Ontario, Toronto
805-907-1038 California, Thousand Oaks
575-446-9280 New Mexico, Alamogordo
805-448-8876 California, Santa Barbara
818-309-4268 California, Agoura

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855-761-8885 Reports: 10
289-272-1012 Reports: 1
813-290-6200 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 44
530-529-2722 Reports: 2
140-986-7555 Reports: 2
614-697-4188 Reports: 2
941-208-6265 Reports: 1
804-250-8765 Reports: 1
989-854-4327 Reports: 1
785-590-7015 Reports: 1
732-285-4762 Reports: 1
416-238-8384 Reports: 1
866-685-5540 Reports: 1
786-640-3135 Reports: 1
877-841-4741 Reports: 1
863-204-1469 Reports: 1
304-343-9401 Reports: 1
346-214-9790 Reports: 1
720-414-6014 Reports: 1
480-426-6284 Reports: 1
786-492-7503 Reports: 1
301-353-4104 Reports: 1
469-277-1218 Reports: 1
647-374-5704 Reports: 1
800-356-2702 Reports: 1
714-578-0045 Reports: 1
818-309-4268 Reports: 1
888-921-8100 Reports: 1
210-294-5777 Reports: 1
972-535-6912 Reports: 1
903-857-0893 Reports: 1
678-555-0103 Reports: 1
844-386-3797 Reports: 1
800-595-6094 Reports: 1
909-378-9238 Reports: 1
844-931-4334 Reports: 1
888-865-1774 Reports: 1
219-218-5232 Reports: 1
437-580-7596 Reports: 1
724-674-0291 Reports: 1
321-241-3464 Reports: 1
902-700-8594 Reports: 1
866-366-9549 Reports: 1
418-476-0861 Reports: 1
817-854-8522 Reports: 1
113-359-7900 Reports: 1
416-313-0227 Reports: 1
813-290-6200 Reports: 1
900060005027 Reports: 1
888-985-8547 Reports: 1
754-227-6169 Reports: 1
140-036-0270 Reports: 1
866-217-3156 Reports: 1
412-646-8370 Reports: 1
480-680-5238 Reports: 1
800-536-9502 Reports: 1
480-680-4949 Reports: 1
860-466-7789 Reports: 1
646-905-0303 Reports: 1
307-274-9518 Reports: 1
408-256-3267 Reports: 1
702-602-3653 Reports: 1

New comments:

b. 2020-08-25 330-443-3093 20
We've been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warranty. You should have received something in the mail about your cars extended warranty since we have not gotten a response. We are giving you a final courtesy call before we close out ... read more Scam suspicion
steve 2020-08-25 844-261-1538 455
keep calling, dont leave message. Other
Connie 2020-08-25 310-846-9033 18
This number is scam. They are a fake lawyer offices. Do not sign nothing with them. Thieve people. Scam suspicion
Tamzin Cross 2020-08-25 07588257805 205
This number do not belong to me. Kill your self less orr I shag ur bf again Other
CAROLE 2020-08-25 302-797-4030 29
PNW HOME BUYERS 2020-08-24 971-203-0576 71
Pretending to be a local realtor company that didn't exist and wanting to buy a house from me that I didn't own, via text message. I am sure it was just to get me to reply and get me hooked in (my cookies) from my cell. So I just researched ... read more Scam suspicion
Freddy 2020-08-24 347-284-0191 184
This number calls me at least twice a day. The first time they called, no one answered on the other end. I don't know who they are and I have blocked the number. Other
Tamzin ann cross 2020-08-24 512-501-3518 194
This is another phone number from Tamzin Ann cross from Aberdare. Please leave us both alone. Please just stop calling us and move on with your lives. The police have told you and Lucas to stop creating fake accounts of Jessica so why haven't you? Other
Angel 2020-08-24 800-430-8732 20
CBSA SIN Number scam line! Trying to collect personal info. Scam suspicion
Kitt3lws 2020-08-24 559-286-0161 128
Unknown caller !! Christy Mills called from 5592860161 Left message of a claim against me. Stating their attempt to notify is record. Left call back number 8665684463. .........Scam Scam Scam !!!! Scam suspicion
Leah Wolf 2020-08-24 323-984-8490 20
this number called me today, said that if I didn't return call immediately, Customs and Border Protection would issue a warrant for my arrest Scam suspicion
Don't know the name 2020-08-24 754-253-4707 13
They say you were on one of our job sites and inquired about a job it's b******* Telemarketer
CHUCK 2020-08-24 513-327-7173 161
M 2020-08-23 289-452-0101 490
Unsolicited call. Other
Deja Vu 2020-08-23 727-605-8068 16
727-605-8068 "Committee For Police Officer Defense" illegal-telemarketing. Conservatively, I would say this guy has called me over 40 times from different numbers each time & also goes by a couple other names. Most certainly a crook. Telemarketer
dee 2020-08-22 909-316-8469 87
This caller (spammer, I assume) began calling at 9:30 am and has made numerous calls throughout the day (just called again at 6:45 p.m. I don't pick up and they never leave a message on the answerphone. This has been going on for a week at least. Scam suspicion
Pam 2020-08-22 800-294-1855 176
8002941855 attempted to reach me yesterday, but I didn't answer. They did leave a voicemail about possible fraudulent charges. I listened to the voicemail and called into another 800 # to verify. The person that answered stated that was not them ... read more Unknow
concerned 2020-08-21 919-726-7151 195
called twice, wouldn't leave a message - scammer Scam suspicion
Me 2020-08-21 888-706-5893 130
A supposed lawyer saying there was a complaint filed and I need to call. Except I haven’t lived in that state for over 6 years and they don’t Even have my first name right. Not even first letter of it. Don’t answer or waste time. Scam suspicion
Marsha 2020-08-21 317-467-8800 69
I almost ignored the call, but they called my land line and cell. It was from my specialty pharmacy, Covance, regarding my prescription. Glad I answered. Other
Mikkire 2020-08-21 469-680-4066 873
Calls and hangs up Scam suspicion
anonymous 2020-08-21 888-425-5377 102
fraud law firm company who will tell you that a lawsuit was filed against you and you will have to pay 10 grand. call FBI to report them. Other
anonymous 2020-08-21 877-255-5923 139
fraud law firm company who will tell you that a lawsuit was filed against you and you will have to pay 10 grand Other
Deja Vu 2020-08-21 239-610-4845 38
239-610-4845 Firefighter & EMS Fund - persistently calls daily, always a different number - it's a SCAM and harassment to me & illegal telemarketing. Fake Political Action Committee. Telemarketer
The polica 2020-08-21 07588257805 205
Unfortunately there is someone trying to detriment tamzins future with business this person is mentally unwell and will not stop at anything They write lies on all sorts of telephone sites online for what reason nobody knows This person has ... read more Survey
Anne 2020-08-20 713-314-0727 349
I am realtor in Ontario, this guy called me twice in Sep 2019, and 10pm Aug 2020, ask about relocate from USA to Toronto, work in University of Toronto. Be aware and don't waste time Scam suspicion
AnyRay 2020-08-20 844-476-8427 180
I was searching for a website, clicked on a link, the computer froze and told me don't turn off your computer. your computer is hijacked. immediately call Microsoft security at 1-844-476-8427. i panicked, called the telephone number. a guy with an ... read more Scam suspicion
Darla 2020-08-20 844-476-8427 180
they are calling me about my this a scam or a good number... Other
Terry Logan 2020-08-20 888-706-5893 130
Fake “lawfirm” threatening lawsuits if I do not pay them. I was transferred to a “attorney“ named Bree Taylor who was an African-American. She was extremely rude and further threatened me. The “law firm is called Morrison McIntyre and ... read more Scam suspicion
O Scwewitt 2020-08-20 727-472-1219 36
727-472-1219 Auto Warranty Services. Fraud/Spam - illegal telemarketing. Telemarketer
Kim 2020-08-20 307-417-7018 136
Caller ID shows up with COLLECTIOINCENTER. Hung up after second ring. Other
O Scwewitt 2020-08-20 727-565-2695 34
727-565-2695 - Robocall recording from Apple, your phone is infected... probably spoofed number, definitely a Scammer. Other
Congress collection 2020-08-20 248-450-6328 268
Congress collection agency in southfield mi Debt collector
anonymous 2020-08-20 415-763-1445 210
Appears to try to order products in large quantities, i.e $10-20,000 just doesn't sound right, as doesn't ask for samples or query full retail price etc. saw other reports of this number requesting similar items from other companies and then ... read more Scam suspicion
Carl B. 2020-08-19 650-227-9293 65
Caller ID claims to be COMCAST trying to give you a cell phone "deal". Scam suspicion
Not Webmasters 2020-08-19 844-372-6832 101
Claim to be a computer repair service called QuickFix. Scam suspicion
Jason 2020-08-19 800-736-4136 15
Spoof automated call purporting to be RCMP Scam suspicion
Jessica 2020-08-19 401-867-2536 79
Sounded like a scam to lower my car insurance bill. Scam suspicion
Tre 2020-08-19 844-350-0832 21
Caller ID says; Shaw Electric Co. with a phone number of (248) 228-2000 The recording states that power will be shut off within 1 half hour due to an account issue and to call 1-844-350-0832 to avoid a turn-off. It's a crap call! Scam suspicion
lady margaret 2020-08-19 202-908-4979 208
Received telephone message to call this #. When I called them back told had won Mega $$$. Talked to William Harris with Consumer Affairs. Told me in order to get prize need to buy "Moderation Insurance" Never heard of such. Feel this is a SCAM. Scam suspicion
R 2020-08-19 716-272-2058 24
Bot left voice message to return call concerning social security. Very suspicious. Scam suspicion
Marie 2020-08-19 501-301-1970 245
First call rejected. Called back immediately. Rejected it too. Both said it was coming from Kentucky Scam suspicion
Marc 2020-08-19 503-685-1603 109
was called today on work, but rejected Unknow
Deja Vu 2020-08-19 239-610-4824 10
239-610-4824 Firefighters & EMS Fund - late evening call from this supposedly Political thing. I believe they are a scam & illegal telemarketing. Do your homework and research before giving money to any telemarketing callers. Scam suspicion
Chris 2020-08-18 517-300-3125 56
Frontier determined on caller ID that this was a potential spam call. I didn't pick up but heard people talking to each other. Audio was not good and somewhat distorted but at one point I heard him say "she owes me 50 bucks". The talking ... read more Scam suspicion
Reid 2020-08-18 902-201-5153 42
calls saying bill collector, never had a bill I didn't pay, wonder where they got my name or phone number scammers. Debt collector
marie 2020-08-18 902-201-5153 42
Keeps calling from different numbers, told them I was calling fraud department and they hung up immediately. Please beware of scammers. Debt collector
private 2020-08-18 615-800-7010 71
They sent an official looking document to my home, using the bank security format letter (3 sides are perforated, inside document sheet it sandwiched in between two dark-printed random character sheets so that you cant use a flashlight to see ... read more Scam suspicion
Scott 2020-08-18 405-679-2946 78
Received multiple calls over the last few days. When the call is answered, the caller hangs up. I just blocked it and I'd recommend that to everyone. If this is a robocall, then it's broken. Unknow
Mitchell 2020-08-18 415-660-9699 151
They are ignorant. Continue to call my hse, asking for someone who does not reside at my residence. ID says lien receivable. Number is listed as scammer online. I called them back to confront them and was automatically told they will remove my ... read more Other
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