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877-811-0497 Toll Free
613-955-8480 Ontario, Trenton
289-296-6867 Ontario, Niagara Falls
613-394-6931 Ontario, Trenton
319-431-3430 Iowa, Cedar Rapids
613-407-3936 Ontario, Ottawa
613-407-3836 Ontario, Ottawa
360-520-7944 Washington, Chehalis
401-369-6500 Rhode Island, Providence
815-867-5309 Illinois, Pontiac
8675309 n/a
911 n/a
999 n/a
815-579-1445 Illinois, La Salle
903-767-8977 Texas, Pittsburg
903-276-9169 Texas, Texarkana
615-681-1746 Tennessee, Goodlettsville
903-203-2920 Texas, Athens
806-884-1012 Texas, Dalhart
197101952 n/a
614-448-7570 Ohio, Columbus
347-448-3190 New York, New York
609-482-4528 New Jersey, Lawrenceville
304-355-5572 West Virginia, Piedmont
313-282-4373 Michigan, Detroit
805-567-6796 California, Buellton
239-217-9629 Florida, N Fort Myers
202-719-1270 Washington, DC, Washington
217-769-9647 Illinois, Hoopeston
217-799-4562 Illinois, Danville
613-494-6931 Ontario, Thurlow
800-869-3557 Toll Free
903-335-1163 Texas, Sulphur Springs
510-480-7933 California, El Sobrante
740-561-1211 Ohio, Gnadenhutten
661-548-3361 California, California Hot Springs
708-817-8508 Illinois, Northbrook
425-484-0674 Washington, Seattle
813-349-7561 Florida, Tampa
443-578-3468 Maryland, Baltimore
630-647-5492 Illinois, Itasca
604-305-2616 British Columbia, North Vancouver
877-736-6925 Toll Free
954-907-3305 Florida, Fort Lauderdale
703-883-0168 Virginia, Mc Lean
207-794-6440 Maine, Lincoln
716-219-2741 New York, Youngstown
269-924-0821 Michigan, Battle Creek
541-681-6813 Oregon, Eugene
478-742-7582 Georgia, Macon
312-896-0774 Illinois, Chicago

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855-761-8885 Reports: 4
403-453-0452 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 24
602-705-7568 Reports: 6
619-847-1936 Reports: 6
647-490-4252 Reports: 4
559-372-2855 Reports: 3
972-630-6619 Reports: 3
562-359-8415 Reports: 2
778-233-5651 Reports: 2
385-212-3708 Reports: 2
605-615-0720 Reports: 2
617-286-3523 Reports: 2
113-359-7900 Reports: 1
818-740-5523 Reports: 1
855-294-1814 Reports: 1
855-868-0878 Reports: 1
614-448-7570 Reports: 1
844-631-8351 Reports: 1
833-814-4330 Reports: 1
318-446-3173 Reports: 1
513-698-9180 Reports: 1
408-256-3267 Reports: 1
253-472-6522 Reports: 1
315227337 Reports: 1
480-273-8904 Reports: 1
909-539-4151 Reports: 1
616-600-9487 Reports: 1
562-473-0742 Reports: 1
778-694-4294 Reports: 1
303-872-0667 Reports: 1
737-255-8505 Reports: 1
503-908-2827 Reports: 1
312-586-8587 Reports: 1
315-238-8650 Reports: 1
855-686-0426 Reports: 1
716-418-7187 Reports: 1
731-472-3005 Reports: 1
281-417-6423 Reports: 1
530-529-2722 Reports: 1
757-910-0318 Reports: 1
844-528-0423 Reports: 1
817-402-8331 Reports: 1
562-330-1552 Reports: 1
613-984-2311 Reports: 1
910-207-5484 Reports: 1
616-600-9519 Reports: 1

New comments:

Bre 2021-08-03 209-273-4583 43
Received several calls. Not answered and no message Unknow
Linda O. 2021-08-03 443-437-5035 21
When I called this number back, I received the following message: "The number that you dialed is not in service. Please check the number..." Scam suspicion
Linda O. 2021-08-03 586-722-9573 60
When called back, received this message "the you number dialed is not in use". Scam suspicion
RA 2021-08-03 208-446-4846 28
Hung up when I answered Scam suspicion
Sister 2021-08-03 803-326-1286 48
They called MY BROTHER looking for me. Weird... He said it was some lady named Melanie and it was about a business account or something. He wouldn't give out my info. Scam suspicion
steve 2021-08-03 903-333-3135 49
Recorded message said my SS# was on hold for suspicious activity and to press 1 for more info on this case. Yeah, right. Scam suspicion
Keith 2021-08-02 763-225-3806 18
Phishing Other
Liz 2021-08-02 484-714-3037 216
Called me 12 times in the span of 2 minutes. Shows up as Quote Wizard. Scam suspicion
Shan 2021-08-02 +442033934687 339
Scam ? Unknown caller Scam suspicion
Nick 2021-08-02 570-273-8757 386
Qualia collection service. Calls occasionally but never leaves a message. Other
PEK 2021-07-31 919-746-8765 665
They called, they had no clue who I was or who they wanted. Some kind of home improvement bs. I blocked the number and they've called 6 times since. Persistent buggers they are. Scam suspicion
steve 2021-07-31 502-434-3012 86
Total scam call, they even text your number and get your name wrong! lol Scam suspicion
AJ 2021-07-31 281-666-9232 146
Calling every hour and left no message. Suspicious scam or illegal solicitous of some kind of unwanted dealers???!!! Scam suspicion
caron 2021-07-31 318-764-9569 235
Spam, escroquerie, arnaque Scam suspicion
Kevin 2021-07-31 813-361-4181 145
this number called me, asking to sell my house, said his name was kevin. Scam suspicion
Charlie 2021-07-30 407-792-4662 88
Ese número me llamo y me robaron 500 dólares. Ojo Other
Ernie 2021-07-30 732-538-2637 15
Hangup Scam suspicion
Trey 2021-07-30 877-876-3433 229
They said they are with Equifax and wanted me to confirm my identity then verbal consent on the phone in order for me to get my loan Other
JC 2021-07-30 647-729-8938 165
This is a spam number trying to take money from you, be careful! Other
b. 2021-07-30 970-876-7170 23
We recently noticed your cars extended warranty was going to expire and wanted to give you one final courtesy call before your warranty expires in your coverage is forwarded this would make you financially responsible for all service repair press 1 ... read more Scam suspicion
Scammers 2021-07-30 443-552-0451 57
100% liars and scammers pretending to be real debt collectors. They call demanding the last four digits of your social security number, something legitimate debt collectors never do. They also record calls with zero consent, and keep recording if ... read more Scam suspicion
Arturo 2021-07-29 888-709-5786 254
These suckers almost got me scared......good thing I checked this reviews. Thank you guys Other
Scam/spam 2021-07-29 313-488-0283 17
Name Unavailable and they did not leave a message. Seven calls in repeat order with a length of 0 seconds. So glad I blocked this number. Unknow
Bill Raines 2021-07-29 866-514-9895 34
Caller is scammer, high risk to answer the call. publishers clearing house fraud scam Scam suspicion
murray clanque 2021-07-29 843-408-0572 64
the caller made no sense and mumbled because their mask was too tight and worn on the wrong end of the body calling Other
Steve 2021-07-29 317-527-6258 201
This is what they called and left me a message about: Stephen my name is Stephanie wasn't back in regards to your claim in _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ Mary County my loss or other than that you were with claim number M57473 one is possibly County ... read more Scam suspicion
Jhebrio 2021-07-28 519-967-8867 33
Received a call. Blocked by my phone. Possible scam Scam suspicion
Jhebrio 2021-07-28 403-879-1194 769
Was blocked by my phone as potential scam Scam suspicion
Methuselah 2021-07-28 888-709-5786 254
Claimed to be calling as a 2nd attempt to serve papers on someone I never heard of, left a callback number and "case number." Tried to sound all scary and legalistic. Even if it's not BS, I couldn't care less about helping them. Scam suspicion
Elvis Prim 2021-07-28 680-200-8940 103
Scammers Scam suspicion
TRISHA 2021-07-28 570-283-5447 154
Chuck 2021-07-28 888-709-5786 254
Same thing here, bogus scam! You cannot be served in the United States via telephone or a voice message, sorry folks! haha Scam suspicion
lynn 2021-07-28 888-709-5786 254
Claiming we owe 6,000 in a loan and will be served legal papers. Which we do not have a loan Scam suspicion
Maureen 2021-07-28 888-709-5786 254
Left voicemail claiming legal matter and my ex has officially been "served" lol Said his name was Jason Craig tried to sound all official and scary Scam suspicion
Spamfinder 2021-07-28 413-517-8100 361
Keeps calling and has immediate choose language option and mentions sheriff. Did not reply to text. Scam suspicion
Scam Saviour of canadians 2021-07-28 416-774-4299 487
Call them back with Private number, harass them the same way they been harassing Canadians, atleast 50 calls a day, Other
BIRDIE 2021-07-28 256-474-3574 113
Phillyfan 2021-07-28 647-788-3916 389
Angry East Indian lady. Attempting to collect a non-existent debt for Bell Canada. Other
Erica 2021-07-27 833-647-1656 432
I got a message that said I'm looking to verify residency for someone that claims they live at me address with a name that I had changed over 5 years ago so I'm confused haha. Scam suspicion
b. 2021-07-27 614-992-1615 29
We’ve been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warranty. You should have received something in the mail about your cars extended warranty since we have not gotten a response. We are giving you a final courtesy call before we close ... read more Scam suspicion
ERM 2021-07-27 519-763-1032 58
Scammmmm Scam suspicion
John 2021-07-27 407-357-0382 34
Caller ID showed OUT OF AREA. They left no messsage Other
Zach 2021-07-27 484-714-3037 216
Called me 4 times in the span of 2 hours, when I screen the call, they hang up immediately. Scam suspicion
Maddas L 2021-07-26 458-675-1585 18
Unsolicited SCAM or FRAUD caller refused to identify self and would not state reason for the call. I know nobody in Oregon and have done no business there. Scam suspicion
Erica 2021-07-26 266-696-6687 207
Melissa is a private carrier with "the county" ... as it starts out. that I will be served at my place of work or residence unless I call a local cell number that is not listed on anything I can find online. As I am not employed, have no debt and ... read more Scam suspicion
yung 2021-07-26 971-334-9249 196
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tammy 2021-07-26 971-334-9249 196
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sirspamkiller 2021-07-25 604-484-8905 1545
No message. I expect a call-back from another number from this spam service soon. Scam suspicion
CynthiaMarieAguilar 2021-07-25 833-405-4260 461
CynthiaMarieAguilar you need to get a real kind heart and beg me badly to ever come back into your silly excistance especially when you have cheated more times than I can count i will always love u cynthia even after u were discovered cheating on me ... read more Event reminder
CynthiaMarieAguilar a cheater 2021-07-25 813-347-3764 261
Congratulations Your report is ready. Cynthia Aguilar 49 years old Norwalk, California Your report will contain the following: (11) Phone Numbers (5) Locations (3) Email Addresses And More! UNLOCK FULL REPORT © 2021 Intelius ... read more Other
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