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770-331-0062 Georgia, Atlanta
403-857-6463 Alberta, Hanna
855-904-6469 Toll Free
800-453-7884 Toll Free
203-240-8509 Connecticut, Danbury
262-662-8899 Wisconsin, Big Bend
613-394-6931 Ontario, Trenton
808-282-1696 Hawaii, Mililani
412-443-8243 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
604-396-0877 British Columbia, Vancouver
513-924-8856 Ohio, Cincinnati
249-878-6004 Ontario, Sudbury
503-917-0345 Oregon, Dallas
613-518-5607 Ontario, Ottawa
541-600-4546 Oregon, Eugene
540-247-8805 Virginia, Winchester
780-670-7249 Alberta, Edmonton
855-833-2034 Toll Free
888-550-5252 Toll Free
478-202-3309 Georgia, Wadley
307-800-1969 Wyoming, Kemmerer
478-207-5375 Georgia, Macon
201-701-6555 New Jersey, Ridgewood
855-801-1225 Toll Free
315-519-4969 New York, Carthage
516-390-8088 New York, Hicksville
360-861-8565 Washington, Mccleary
805-248-6412 California, Oxnard
478-405-0832 Georgia, Macon
602-368-2449 Arizona, Phoenix
763-225-3806 Minnesota, Minneapolis
612-213-7850 Minnesota, Minneapolis
224-357-6832 Illinois, Cary
562-373-6382 California, Anaheim
317-379-6955 Indiana, Noblesville
276-477-0771 Virginia, Abingdon
408-375-8877 California, Campbell
800-808-0218 Toll Free
559-392-1103 California, Clovis
559392110 California, Clovis
201-660-1631 New Jersey, Rochelle Park
855-969-4636 Toll Free
603-431-8237 New Hampshire, Portsmouth
603-436-8930 New Hampshire, Portsmouth
888-607-0151 Toll Free
504-738-8844 Louisiana, Kenner
740-635-1835 Ohio, Martins Ferry
877-559-9119 Toll Free
800-682-5484 Toll Free
850-354-3443 Florida, Tallahassee
301-865-4118 Maryland, New Market
844-206-7853 Toll Free

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855-761-8885 Reports: 2
844-850-0932 Reports: 1
532-412-3215 Reports: 1
202-891-0089 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 24
844-206-7853 Reports: 3
437-580-7596 Reports: 2
215-583-0185 Reports: 1
720-403-9161 Reports: 1
757-406-1601 Reports: 1
202-891-0089 Reports: 1
650-394-6376 Reports: 1
844-336-3333 Reports: 1
866-366-9549 Reports: 1
323-809-1078 Reports: 1
877-579-7299 Reports: 1
833-834-0057 Reports: 1
281-627-6247 Reports: 1
800-592-9960 Reports: 1
412-744-6376 Reports: 1
770-531-6917 Reports: 1
800-595-6094 Reports: 1
256-346-0484 Reports: 1
800-356-2702 Reports: 1
954-241-1842 Reports: 1
715-800-7527 Reports: 1
267-961-7516 Reports: 1
437-886-2701 Reports: 1
952-213-2840 Reports: 1
855-587-8570 Reports: 1
888-457-7561 Reports: 1
629-200-6073 Reports: 1
260-467-2124 Reports: 1
450-506-3301 Reports: 1
855-801-1225 Reports: 1
647-495-0291 Reports: 1
931-814-1656 Reports: 1
202-918-6089 Reports: 1
301-865-4118 Reports: 1
532-412-3215 Reports: 1
888-556-4376 Reports: 1
206-456-2601 Reports: 1
203-908-3872 Reports: 1
575-422-5420 Reports: 1
910-933-7255 Reports: 1
702-801-5154 Reports: 1
844-850-0932 Reports: 1
650-548-5655 Reports: 1
548-932-5642 Reports: 1
773-220-9807 Reports: 1
877-212-6851 Reports: 1
865-705-6091 Reports: 1
346-214-9790 Reports: 1
936-342-0487 Reports: 1
317-449-7414 Reports: 1
437-886-9057 Reports: 1
855-654-6260 Reports: 1
303-980-7301 Reports: 1
855-686-0426 Reports: 1
303-491-5512 Reports: 1
506-343-2667 Reports: 1
251-230-1019 Reports: 1
270-704-4433 Reports: 1
610-910-2060 Reports: 1

New comments:

Lily 2021-02-24 833-892-3338 298
They call and call. No message. I finally gave in and answered after 8th call. Hangs up right away. Minutes apart from 8777320891 who has been calling for weeks. This is apparently a company working for rogers but rogers knows nothing about them. Other
lkm; 2021-02-24 437-580-7596 554
Legal Trouble Other
4 2021-02-24 437-580-7596 554
Unknown spam number Other
Jesus 2021-02-24 800050001020 499
Got two messages from this number saying I owed close to $220 for my Verizon bill. I don't pay the bill for my phone lol Scam suspicion
Sandy 2021-02-24 770-325-2143 165
770-325-2143 - Another number for bottom dwellers Portfolio Recovery. They want you to verify information if you want to be taken off their list. You have my name and number you know who I am. Scammers!!!! Debt collector
Angelica 2021-02-24 855-799-8121 957
I did sign up for a camping trip at the mall, and that's what the person states is it is for in the text and voicemail, but I am still iffy about it. Other
Melinda 2021-02-24 021-938-7571 63
Received an sms today saying that I owe an amount to Foschini but I already received my statement earlier the week and it was R300 less than the sms says. So I phoned Foschini and they told me they have no idea why I received that sms. so I have a ... read more Scam suspicion
Mary 2021-02-24 267-467-6060 178
Drug dealer, unsafe and scam artist Scam suspicion
Me 2021-02-23 647-696-1165 405
Well guess what PRA group... you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO power or authority. You are worms and maggots... so go suck lemons. NOBODY owes you shit Debt collector
byfxsuyeui 2021-02-23 413-489-8334 114
h gxyduizyIOSUMIuzso Debt collector
N/a 2021-02-23 984-364-3570 128
Nurse from Blue cross claiming they offer a nurse program through the insurance but phone doesn’t ring, they rarely call back when we return call and the phone was too fuzzy to hear when transferred to her line again. Scam suspicion
Gilbert Faulkner 2021-02-23 802-500-2355 76
Criminal scam - claims to be from the SSA criminal investigation division located in Baltimore MD, call actually emanates from Bennington VT. Speaking english with a fairly heavy Indian accent. Called the number back twice, the first time a woman ... read more Scam suspicion
Joe 2021-02-23 802-500-2355 76
Was called and asked to call back immediately to avoid "Legal Trouble". No identifying company or person to contact just a phone number. Highly Suspect Scam suspicion
Jessie 2021-02-23 833-892-3338 298
Unknown spam number. no message Scam suspicion
CheriLea 2021-02-23 575-519-4112 195
I was called by someone using this number claiming to be from the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. They offerd me a job teaching grade school children...... I am not trained or licensed to teach k-12. I am a college professor. I turned ... read more Scam suspicion
Gregory Perry 2021-02-23 850-374-5921 88
SCAM CAR WARRANTY Scam suspicion
Ernie 2021-02-23 732-582-5196 191
Caller is solicting for money. Claims its for Schools Haley elementary in Croydon PA Scam suspicion
NA 2021-02-23 215-788-3291 60
Calls come in waves between 1 to 4 AM. Weird person heavy breathing on the phone. "How do you like me now? Prank
ffgtr 2021-02-23 112233445566778899 124
ball crap Unknow
Moon 2021-02-23 309-413-0005 114
Robo all scam. Blocked. Scam suspicion
KUUIPO 2021-02-22 760-932-0674 232
Got a call about 8:58 AM from a Bethany Lawrence calling from a law firm called LDR Law; however, just a minute or 2 prior, I get a call from that same number, but inder a different name of business and it's called Zodiac Pool System and both ... read more Scam suspicion
Name 2021-02-22 469-304-8215 114
Text. Stating free MacBook Pro To take att survey. Att isn’t giving out Free MacBook Pro Other
L 2021-02-22 612-421-0907 117
Got called by this number. Called it back it's an auto warrentee place. Call them and press 1 to get off their call list. Unknow
Nancy Livengood-Miller 2021-02-22 669-241-2767 350
Called 11 times. I never picked up when rang; but found this number when I was erasing incoming and outgoing numbers on our home phone. That is beyond excessive especially with calls all on same day. It surely is a scammer. Scam suspicion
carlos barbosa 2021-02-22 818-683-3536 93
fishingcar warant for Other
Not sure 2021-02-22 905-568-6953 80
Collection agency Debt collector
b. 2021-02-22 912-549-7060 23
This is an urgent message; we’ve been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warranty. You should have received something in the mail about your cars extended warranty since we have not gotten a response. We are giving you a final ... read more Scam suspicion
Anonymous 2021-02-22 818-338-6158 234
I was also almost scammed about an interstate trailer . She went by the name Chloe Benson Used the excuse that it was her father's who passed away and just wanted to get rid of it because of the bad memories. Exactly like the last few comments. For ... read more Other
Britt G 2021-02-22 866-225-5948 216
This is Western Governor's University, if I am not mistaken. An enrollment counselor tried calling and when I did not answer, they sent an email. Other
miya 2021-02-20 425-793-6659 15
Robotic Amazon recording about my account....but I dont have an Amazon account! Scam! Scam ! Scam suspicion
ifl 2021-02-20 614-988-3657 171
No name "Wireless Caller" . No message. Same scammer called previously. Suspect caller uses no ID no msg different numbers in repeat calls. Scam suspicion
Aurore 2021-02-19 914-402-0609 18
Scammers posing as debt collector / IRS tax collector / loan scammer and bank fraud / social security scam and bills collector's scams. Vehicle warranty scam anf and healthcare insurance fraud. Scam suspicion
Alison 2021-02-19 615-222-7100 240
615-222-7100 Medical Appointment Reminder Event reminder
Laura 2021-02-19 860-359-0524 72
"We have been trying to reach out about the final chance to purchase an extended warranty on your current vehicle..." Scam suspicion
Tasha 2021-02-19 321-465-9317 95
I have received multiple calls from this “ +1 (321) 465-9317” number and they never leave a voicemail but I’m tired of getting random calls by this number Unknow
Adriana 2021-02-19 858-250-0543 66
This number to harass stalk pull bullshit to make someone threatened to go home. Other
Stjepan Sabaric 2021-02-19 469-304-8215 114
Call 20 times 4 oclock morning Other
who cares? 2021-02-19 210-866-9971 20
non stop harassing call. Leaves message on answering machine about legal action etc. 2 times in a 2 hour period. Unknow
Patricia 2021-02-19 203-666-4982 101
This number did call me, I call this harassment!!! I haven't lived in Connecticut for 36 years and I know no one at that number!!!! Other
dede 2021-02-19 615-486-6241 82
Spoofed number, heavy accent, spam. Other
Mary 2021-02-19 833-977-8287 1184
A man's voice claiming to be Stats Can, with a case #. He wanted energy usage for the building, but I am a tenant, and never received a package in the mail last month. I did call back and left a message saying I never received any mail from ... read more Survey
Josiah 2021-02-18 540-699-4100 143
Crazy crazy! Send this person to the mental hospital or an asylum quick! Catherine Kaulfers is the caller notifications! She texts and calls all the time! Crazy crazy indeed! She like many of the posters say trying to get with my husband but funny ... read more Scam suspicion
Mom 2021-02-18 208-736-5991 136
I got a call from 208-736-5991 on my cell phone asking for my daughter. The caller, who identified herself as Star, was all chipper and chummy, acting like she was my daughter's best friend and asked that I have her return the call. My daughter ... read more Scam suspicion
Jackie 2021-02-18 417-248-9593 63
SPAM. Fake real estste company... vlaims to be Scam suspicion
Dwayne 2021-02-18 817-877-7195 45
This is my fifth comment that I'm making on my own phone number after seeing it my rate and didn't change from one that I pushed instead of five they're meant to push I just seen if it ever came back cuz I put four other parts on there trying to ... read more Other
Dwayne 2021-02-18 817-877-7195 45
You ever search your own phone number just to see what your ratings were you accidentally push both start rating instead of a high star rating and give yourself a bad review or bad negative reaction well that's what I did this is my fourth report ... read more Other
Dwayne 2021-02-18 817-877-7195 45
this is my third report on my cell phone my phone number I'm not a scammer I'm not individual business I'm not a business at all I'm individual person ain't got no need for none of that crap and I figured already posted one bad review of myself and ... read more Other
Harry 2021-02-18 844-511-3745 141
Received scam call requesting I contact Fraud Department because they detected unusual purchases for one of my credit cards. Contacted my actual credit card Fraud Department for the card in question and call was not generated by them. Beware. Scam suspicion
Dwayne 2021-02-18 817-877-7195 45
This is my phone number I ain't no scammer ain't no business I accidentally I accidentally gave myself a one-star rating I meant to give it a five sorry about the confusion Other
Dwayne 2021-02-18 817-877-7195 45
This is my phone number it's not through southwestern Bell it's the Metro by T-Mobile Metro PCS. I ain't no scammer ain't no business I'm an individual Other
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