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647-657-8333 Ontario, Toronto
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724-241-7325 Pennsylvania, Baden
724-734-5938 Pennsylvania, Sharon
902-454-4025 Nova Scotia, Halifax
412-732-6640 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

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855-761-8885 Reports: 16
595953 Reports: 4
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503-966-4175 Reports: 1
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773-574-5068 Reports: 1
717-328-4503 Reports: 1
801-781-6173 Reports: 1
123-456-7890 Reports: 1
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New comments:

Janice 2021-12-21 866-798-1063 927
These people called me concerning an old Merrick Credit card and said they would serve me with court papers if I did not make a payment that day. I paid the over $100! this morning I called Merrick credit card services who informed me they have no ... read more Scam suspicion
Cheri M. 2021-12-20 908-559-4899 407
This is NOT Verizon. These people have been hacking my phone and stalking me for 4 years. The person I spoke too I have spoke too 5 different times no matter what Verizon number I call. He changes his name every time and pretends to try and fix my ... read more Scam suspicion
Jack torrance 2021-12-20 304-814-5170 797
Warranty scam Scam suspicion
APRIA HEALTHCARE 2021-12-20 800-277-4288 387
APRIA HEALTHCARE Oxygen tank supplier Other
Jeff 2021-12-20 319-339-1000 524
I have been getting calls from this number for over a week at about 5:00 AM. I finally put it on the block call list. The number belongs to Green State Credit Union and I called them and they confirmed that it was not from them. Other
Ralph 2021-12-19 141-010-0011 458
Received two text from this number claiming to be from USBank. Wanted me to call (659) 766-2138. That number should also be listed as a fraud. Scam suspicion
Eyez Open 2021-12-19 877-247-2559 481
Scam.... do not call, DO NOT PRESS 1. Reports below that this is Ally Bank is pure bunk. Learn not to burn! Scam suspicion
KM 2021-12-18 647-490-9814 617
this number called twice this morning Unknow
Jim 2021-12-17 402-281-2657 516
Same as Chris. This number called twice while I was calling USAA. Unknow
ed 2021-12-17 415-851-9136 1136
Scammer Other
Bill 2021-12-17 716-257-4204 621
Scam Caller - looking for a relative who used to live at my address. called my relative and told me it is a scam and has received several calls from the same person & uses different names. Also uses the initials AIG. IT is not a known Insurance ... read more Other
blank 2021-12-17 480-530-0604 570
480-530-9066 fraud scammer Scam suspicion
K. 2021-12-16 888-785-2471 688
If this is a medical insurance company, they should SAY SO. Avator? Evidor? They don't even clearly state who the heck they ARE. Plus, any scammer can SAY "this call is for regulatory purposes" and then proceed to demand your personal data! -- If ... read more Unknow
Anonymous RI Resident 2021-12-16 401-443-9851 631
Anyone know how-to block 401-443-9851 They call several times a day and ask you you to accept a "free" 3rd party call from ? A prison inmate maybe? Really frustrating to not be able to block the calls in this Era of technology today. Scam suspicion
AAA spam call 2021-12-16 267-938-8036 406
AAA span call Other
Regina 2021-12-16 866-798-1063 927
Call that left the same message as other commenter except with my county name and a different case number. Obviously, it is a scam attempt. Scam suspicion
Karen Marquez 2021-12-16 866-798-1063 927
Called my son’s phone number to say that they were going to serve me papers from a complaint. To call if I had any questions or changes to the complaint. I don’t know what their talking about Scam suspicion
Terry 2021-12-16 425-526-6800 556
Legitimate Survey about Washington Forest Products industry, from WA Forest Protection Assn. Survey
Reba 2021-12-15 877-793-2265 546
I get a call from this number a couple times a day. I answer and no one talks. They are calling a business line. We do not have loans out with the company being referenced in the comments. Could be for one of my employees but since they call and ... read more Unknow
Fred 2021-12-15 800-774-6237 537
I just received a call from this number and it was a legitimate call from Princess about an upcoming cruise we booked. Other
JH 2021-12-15 713-733-6662 493
This number is from the municipal courthouse on Mykawa St. Other
Azklaper 2021-12-14 561-251-6789 1004
Whoa glad I looked this man seemed very focused and kept talking about how being discrete was part of the FOH bi weekly deal. Sounds like this is a no for this slapgasser gal. Just read below ladies. First call was from a different number but the ... read more Scam suspicion
RebelRebel 2021-12-14 111-111-1111 5276
Got this number calling twice today. It comes up on my caller ID comes up Account Services. I dont know who it is, they dont leave a voice mail message and I refuse to answer it. Scam suspicion
vicky 2021-12-14 844-665-7345 491
He said change your number Survey
Maddas L. 2021-12-14 512-312-7303 422
Unsolicited SCAM or FRAUD caller refused to identify self and would not state purpose of the call. This is the 578th such call from small Texas towns and the 31st from Buda just this year. I know nobody from there and have done no business there. Scam suspicion
Bob 2021-12-14 817-547-0590 533
Straight to voicemail. "Hello, hello, hello...." Telemarketer
Ma Dashell 2021-12-14 800-294-8732 366
This is a legit call from SD Bullion which sells physical gold, silver etc. Other
TiredMT 2021-12-14 866-798-1063 927
“Good morning this is an urgent message intended for ******* my name is Maria and I'm calling with process service dispatch out of Tooele County I'm calling to notify you have a second _⁠_⁠_ final attempt that will be made at your last ... read more Other
Paul 2021-12-14 402-935-2244 817
This number was used for a fraudulent charge to my MasterCard, listed as PP*TammyThacker 4029352244. Scam suspicion
Jay 2021-12-14 505-420-2557 321
Auto Warranty Services scam from Bangladesh uses a spoofed phone number from Gallup,NM, Scam suspicion
b. 2021-12-13 480-836-3240 345
We recently noticed your cars extended warranty was going to expire and wanted to give you one final courtesy call before your warranty expires in your coverage is forwarded this would make you financially responsible for all service repair press 1 ... read more Scam suspicion
Jaques 2021-12-12 844-827-4531 342
Nothing. No message left. Unknow
Brian 2021-12-11 866-663-7459 1168
I spoke to the Jacksonville police about this. They said report the scam attempt to your local police department and they will collect the evidence and transfer to the Jacksonville sheriff's office. I highly recommend we all take the time to report ... read more Other
Katherine Clark 2021-12-11 916-806-2995 554
Why is this # +19168062995 a call forwarding # on my phone from cricket which I have been using now 4 3a different number? 😬 Is someone getting into my private cell number? Curious Kitty's Scam suspicion
Brian 2021-12-11 866-663-7459 1168
I received the same mailer as others with the same number & return address. Under the return address it read RE: KEYSTONE MORTGAGE GROUP, which is my lender. This screams scam. Especially since the entire presentation implies that it is from my ... read more Scam suspicion
acg 2021-12-11 877-823-5334 788
Have received 4 calls from this number today. Don't leave message and I don't recognize so I don't answer. Scam suspicion
Hd 2021-12-11 301-337-2995 317
Continue to get bogus calls from Gaithersburg, Md. exchanges. Never answer, never leaves messages, Phone logs it as SPAM & blocks automatically. Scam suspicion
Brandie 2021-12-10 272-359-5333 568
Fake text saying this number is taking 596.6 out of my account and to call to cancel. Scam suspicion
SP 2021-12-10 416-900-4460 423
Called today, first time...did not answer as it seems to be an unwanted call. DWD Canada Unknow
Gregg 2021-12-10 501-906-6100 377
Scam on UPS. Asking for personal info to ship a package. Other
Talon 2021-12-09 888-863-8462 534
Wife got a letter from ACI claiming she has a $990.00 debt with PayPal. The irony is that my wife has never had a PayPal account and the account # reference does not match mine. My account balance is $0. They are willing to settle for 3/4 payment ... read more Scam suspicion
MrGreen 2021-12-09 866-602-5637 455
Return call number for an AT&T/DirecTV "50% discount for existing customers." Scam suspicion
Stay Healthy 2021-12-09 604-296-0210 683
Total scam number. Scam suspicion
Andy 2021-12-09 844-833-2111 1013
They did not respond when I picked up. Probably a spammer/scammer! Scam suspicion
Jennifer capodacqua 2021-12-09 631-203-6101 322
Called- left no message Scam suspicion
jack 2021-12-09 855-958-9866 811
I "missed" a call from this number on 12/8/21. Message left said to call this number back as "they" needed more info on my xxxxxxxx prescription drug plan. I did not recognize the number as a customer service # to the P/D/Plan company I am a ... read more Scam suspicion
Sandy 2021-12-09 819-780-8815 616
This caller called me and when i called back there was no answer. Might be a spam Scam suspicion
Brian 2021-12-08 405-342-4435 543
Caller asks for personal information and does not identify himself. Wants my name and credit card or bank account number. Will give no information. Will not identify himself or the company he works for but makes the claim that this is a recorded ... read more Scam suspicion
Karen Phillips 2021-12-08 541-625-0476 433
541.625.0476 just called me. Woman said someone from the court will be contacting me. Looking for a first name Kassandra with my last name. Told her no one by that name lived here and I did not know anyone by that name. She said the court ... read more Scam suspicion
linn 2021-12-08 844-222-3999 938
Did not answer the call. No message left Unknow
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