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951-253-5888 California, Lake Elsinore
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866-499-4044 Toll Free
614-584-4721 Ohio, Columbus
559-745-5729 California, Three Rivers
302-323-5062 Delaware, New Castle
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519-434-1727 Ontario, London
647-383-2365 Ontario, Toronto
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216-446-7979 Ohio, Cleveland
479-997-1279 Arkansas, Mulberry
216-445-7979 Ohio, Cleveland
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204-272-3117 Manitoba, Winnipeg
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806-283-6835 Texas, Lubbock
908-510-8361 New Jersey, Metuchen
512-876-2094 Texas, Georgetown
330-595-9830 Ohio, Akron
312-623-8179 Illinois, Chicago
877-375-0887 Toll Free
571-250-0855 Virginia, Herndon
571-250-0955 Virginia, Herndon
405-641-4288 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
702-845-3133 Nevada, Las Vegas
716-200-8280 New York, Buffalo
702-308-3210 Nevada, Las Vegas
702-612-3072 Nevada, Las Vegas
530-859-1833 California, Mount Shasta

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855-761-8885 Reports: 3
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855-761-8885 Reports: 40
306-205-3115 Reports: 7
717-328-4503 Reports: 2
304-669-8389 Reports: 1
270-392-3787 Reports: 1
864-383-2988 Reports: 1
412-465-6789 Reports: 1
304-343-9401 Reports: 1
254-221-0659 Reports: 1
806-324-4571 Reports: 1
877-766-8523 Reports: 1
352-356-5970 Reports: 1
619-631-4144 Reports: 1
407-412-9351 Reports: 1
910-281-6376 Reports: 1
844-336-3333 Reports: 1
877-869-1517 Reports: 1
814-975-1154 Reports: 1
614-729-6091 Reports: 1
715-157-1251 Reports: 1
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786-289-9466 Reports: 1
866-755-9354 Reports: 1
478-521-0502 Reports: 1
757-909-0024 Reports: 1

New comments:

Susie 2023-11-24 217-891-0771 632
Everyday for a couple of years, shows up as voicemail and none is left. Scam suspicion
anon 2023-11-20 416-313-4982 3182
Human left a voicemail about needing my updated mailing address for Combined Insurance. I used to have plans with them, so it could be legit, or it could be spear phishing. They left a callback number 18882344466 Other
Laurie 2023-11-20 855-464-2943 289
This number has called me twice. There is no reason for Xfinity to call me. My plan is good and I pay my bill. I won’t answer as I’m sure it’s a scam. Scam suspicion
Penniwise 2023-11-17 913-535-6280 199
Ah duck Other
Penniwise 2023-11-17 913-535-6280 199
No it did not Other
PC 2023-11-15 866-480-7134 1313
Have received 2 text messages this week from 65532 saying, "Call me. We need to look at your accounts today. Moody's has changed its outlook of the US Debt to NEGATIVE. Call me at 866-480-7134 - txt STOP to end." I deleted the first message and ... read more Scam suspicion
CD 2023-11-15 469-513-3900 239
Spam. Unknown caller. Unknow
Stefano 2023-11-15 647-696-6377 242
Caller's name is Sarah and claims to be with Microsoft. Feels more like a scam. Invokes security continously. Scam suspicion
Sandy Jardine 2023-11-15 866-303-3503 1066
scam. sounded quite legit. Asking my daughter to call them back regarding her student loan. I advised them that they had the wrong number and her information has been updated so not to call me back. Other
Marcia randal 2023-11-13 575-626-4229 118
She's literally a huge drug dealer in Artesia nm who has been robbing me along with a lot more people she's a lying thieving hacker and works for a drs office and sells people information Scam suspicion
Casey little 2023-11-13 916-806-2995 885
This chick Marcia Randall and her drug addict man Richard Anaya will rob u blind along with Nancy vega Monica Carrillo Sarah Garcia desia Garcia Tina Nicole and Hubert Little and Ronnie Jackson Unknow
Kevin G 2023-11-11 978-965-2090 163
Spammer Other
Julie Martz 2023-11-08 717-328-4503 6924
Vincent eugene martz mercersburg pennsylvania the Igor dances on the streets begging bread crumbs in mcconnellsburg pennsylvania eyes rolling ears wiggle foaming at the mouth screaming out of control lowlife piece of garbage vincent eugene martz ... read more Telemarketer
KT 2023-11-08 657-207-0747 156
Spam call - I blocked. Other
keystone rv 2023-11-07 717-597-0939 151
11/26/14 THEFT >>vincent e martz mercesburg pa crashed a stolen RV Sunday in Antrim Township. Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg, said someone broke into Keystone RV Center and stole a 2013 Forest River Sunseeker 3170 and then crashed it into a ... read more Other
Ann 2023-11-07 503-484-2475 299
I received a voicemail from 1-(503)484-2475. Two male voices were at first talking at once. One was live and the other recorded. I believe the recorded voice was asking for me to accept the call or it would be disconnected in 15 seconds. The ... read more Other
Dian Jarvis 2023-11-07 844-316-8434 192
This is a robo caller.. Acting like they work for UnitedHealthcare.. asking about a cholesterol drug that I use from OptumRX, and that the drug is due for a refill.. do not know how they get this info...but did not call them back... they placed ... read more Scam suspicion
debra 2023-11-07 813-358-0428 317
Scam artists! DO not answer ! Just block! Claim to be calling to schedule medical test that were supposedly ordered by your doctor. Total Scam to get your info. Other
Ade 2023-11-06 876-960-2675 162
Scotia Bank Call Centre to ask about your service experience with them Telemarketer
Charles White 2023-11-02 202-860-2470 135
Scam. Pretending to be a pastor, "Charles White," trying to buy $75,000 of tech with credit card for delivery tomorrow. When I explained that we'd need a check, he hung up on me. I called him back. Got the same guy (he sounded confused). He hung up ... read more Scam suspicion
Nicole 2023-11-01 502-350-6275 455
calls about once a month. Nobody answers or speaks. I'm on Do not call registry so if it continues, will find out whom owns the number and sue. Unknow
N. 2023-11-01 800-675-9372 261
A woman called from 501-821-8349 left a message asking for me (by my full name), for information on my brother (his full name) and asked me to return her call at 800-675-9372. When I called both numbers back, it said ALLY FINANCIAL. When she ... read more Debt collector
MAD 2023-10-31 855-427-1652 972
Did not receive a call, however, a charge showed up on my credit card for a magazine I no longer receive. reported it to the credit card fraud department. Scam suspicion
Should Have Known Better 2023-10-27 888-257-6730 231
I just got a letter in the mail today. Letter on plain paper with no letterhead or logo, with QR codes and official-looking numbers along the side. Application turned down due to insufficient information on application. Looking back, I know better ... read more Scam suspicion
Fedup 2023-10-27 403-527-0830 543
Calling every day, multiple times. Usually rings 3x, no message. As someone has already posted, this could be the UCP. They use different numbers, and call all the time. I have asked them to stop because my spouse does not agree with their current ... read more Unknow
Rachel 2023-10-27 818-653-8277 760
Just received a phone call from this number asking about an ex-husband I haven't seen since 1998.... they never explained what they wanted, never explained how they got my number. Prank
Lucy Hartley 2023-10-25 800-328-7448 204
it's real1 Other
x3 2023-10-24 225-620-4492 140
Hehe. Omg.. Unknow
Ginger 2023-10-24 647-930-2097 834
Showed up as 'Canadian Tire' and since i knew they had no reason to call, did not answer, thought if them, they'd leave message......nothing left. Starting to get inundated with spam/scam calls lately. Scam suspicion
Esabella 2023-10-23 423-666-8958 107
This number give me job like tasks job.. Unknow
lu 2023-10-23 919-432-5344 796
this number left fake samsung codes and hijacked my aol acct and other apps. tried to put an order for chewy. chewy called me and told me that 4 email accts added to their database. I'm concerned about other apps as well Scam suspicion
lu 2023-10-23 919-432-5344 796
this is a hacker who hijacked by aol account and sent fake log on codes for Samsung device Scam suspicion
greg 2023-10-20 236-237-1314 89
Missed call, no message Scam suspicion
ةنىمىكةكمة 2023-10-19 475-750-7630 57
مةخامةخىمىم Survey
غعتعتتت 2023-10-19 056-475-8957 65
توةةةةتت Other
Unknown 2023-10-19 209-932-8162 179
Multiple hang-ups. My phone filters identified as spam likely. A check of ‘voicemail’ was blank and no message Scam suspicion
Midnight 2023-10-17 209-932-8162 179
Scam number Scam suspicion
betty 2023-10-17 570-341-6000 125
this is a non-secure line. caller claimed to be with Prudential ~ started asking multiple very personal questions. I company like Prudential should come up as such on caller id. This has S C A M all over it. Scam suspicion
Qwest Corp 2023-10-16 402-238-1714 168
Wanted me to sign up to sell my RV at a cost of $699. Bad reviews and scam to get CC info Scam suspicion
ADP 2023-10-16 801-236-7584 67
Just received a phone call from this number 801-236-7584, asking about an ex-husband I haven't seen since 1998.... they never explained what they wanted, never explained how they got my number. Scam suspicion
Tracy 2023-10-16 844-252-6966 793
Amazon card email scam Other
Jake Abercrombie 2023-10-13 315-800-5252 749
Recorded voice says this is a call from the Justice Center. Says to press various number keys, etc. I hung up on them while the recording was still playing. Other
Sylvia 2023-10-11 209-234-2134 56
CatDog Other
Tom 2023-10-11 602-707-3492 118
Multiple calls morning and early evening. Never leaves a voice message. If I answer they sound suspicious asking for info. Scam suspicion
james 2023-10-10 504-731-6699 729
said they were fedex Other
Helz 2023-10-10 416-650-7850 651
Thanks for the insights. I never purchased with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, so no reason for them to be calling me. Caller ID says "M. Rashid-RO" Blocked them. Telemarketer
Victim 2023-10-09 800-697-9263 479
TELECHK is not TELECHECK. TELECHK will process the transfer of funds out of your your checking account as long as the requester has a true routing number and checking account (not your name or other ID info of the person requesting funds to be ... read more Scam suspicion
Оксана 2023-10-07 541-971-4011 1116
Это звонят из детеншена при переходе из тихуаны в сша Other
M 2023-10-05 858-636-1900 63
It was a very helpful rep from San Diego Gas & Electric calling back with an answer to a question I'd called them about. I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. It's NOT spam. Other
Luann 2023-10-05 877-850-3107 751
Keeps calling over 5 times a day. They don't leave a message. Unknow
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