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289-296-6867 Ontario, Niagara Falls
541-204-3805 Oregon, Heppner
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414-453-7311 Wisconsin, Milwaukee
414-931-1430 Wisconsin, Milwaukee
888-850-3359 Toll Free
262-534-6100 Wisconsin, Waterford
334-494-5882 Alabama, Enterprise
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480-201-5080 Arizona, Phoenix
719-285-0907 Colorado, Canon City
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301-832-9921 Maryland, Mount Rainier
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204-817-6844 Manitoba, Oakbank
289-725-9739 Ontario, Oakville
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800-508-0944 Toll Free
713-379-6016 Texas, Houston
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561-894-1254 Florida, Delray Beach
844-870-8870 Toll Free
256-417-4297 Alabama, Huntsville
410-562-3880 Maryland, Annapolis
410-562-1974 Maryland, Annapolis
858-883-1833 California, San Diego
858-361-0534 California, La Jolla
865-498-6410 Tennessee, Andersonville
833-719-7827 Toll Free

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855-761-8885 Reports: 3
858-281-9095 Reports: 1

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855-761-8885 Reports: 17
858-281-9095 Reports: 2
954-556-1700 Reports: 2
610-240-7000 Reports: 1
888-826-6019 Reports: 1
608-733-2770 Reports: 1
301-832-9931 Reports: 1
337-422-3616 Reports: 1
855-729-3649 Reports: 1
206-456-2601 Reports: 1
888-504-0181 Reports: 1
800-593-7069 Reports: 1
507-873-4183 Reports: 1
888-436-2735 Reports: 1
301-885-1204 Reports: 1
330-752-2115 Reports: 1
414-902-5000 Reports: 1

New comments:

Old Guy 2022-08-24 850-413-9969 279
Emergency Management called says this is the New Smyrna Police Dept. thanking you for helping apprehend (persons name). Press 1 to confirm or 2 I just hung up, now I see this is on the SPAM number list Scam suspicion
BrianK 2022-08-24 513-830-2440 593
I have received 2 calls from this number in the past 2 days, leaving a voice message. The person does not give their name, but says they are calling from CenterWell(Humana) about a prescription and to call back and ask for the Submissions ... read more Scam suspicion
john smith 2022-08-23 240-679-5405 114
Message said I was nominated for reimbursement, and do I want to hear the full sum. SPAM Scam suspicion
pep 2022-08-22 604-800-0841 265
I answered and all I heard was HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, CAN YOU HEAR ME? I answered YES and heard a loud CLICK and line went dead. Back to dinner now ... hope it's not some kind of a scam. Scary we have to worry about every little thing ... read more Scam suspicion
unknown 2022-08-22 416-945-9252 294
scam call Scam suspicion
mark 2022-08-22 866-645-1826 200
scam/ bunch of crap Scam suspicion
Angel 2022-08-22 478-337-0449 236
They called me and said they were 11Ksystems and that you can make a lot of money! Scam suspicion
unknown 2022-08-22 480-690-6229 201
foreign accent asking if Ineed home repairs. sounded like a scam Scam suspicion
wdbudastro 2022-08-22 844-223-5661 1712
Scam operation…can’t believe they are allowed to remain in business. Now fighting to get money back from the credit card company. Scam suspicion
Coco 2022-08-21 217-450-9682 142
Called me randomly and said I know what you did last aummer Unknow
CSUtilities 2022-08-21 800-358-5760 306
Got call from a Spoofed number of CS Utilities. Said to call back 18003585760 or power will be shut off because of past balance due. I have no past balance due. Scam suspicion
POTSMAN 2022-08-20 409-356-6049 322
Sheldon Cooper’s # on “Young Sheldon” TV show. Other
Chris M. 2022-08-19 866-299-2421 478
Just received a call from them. They left a message that they were City Early Fraud Dept. To call them back. I called back and it asked for the last four of my Bank or Debit card... I don't have one. I only have a Credit Card with City. I put the ... read more Scam suspicion
David 2022-08-19 513-909-3300 169
Called spam blocker caught it Unknow
Denise 2022-08-19 213-212-7799 151
This person is scamming for money. Don't know where they are but must be in Los Angeles. Watch out Scam suspicion
Wx 2022-08-19 228-563-3852 248
Harassing/Cursing over the phone. Spam. Scam suspicion
Denise 2022-08-19 714-623-0213 326
What a bunch of crap. This is a fine upstanding person. Don't believe anything being posted anywhere. Unknow
Gillian Kendall 2022-08-18 877-248-6441 227
SCAM call. I got a call from this number purporting to be from Adventist Health Clear Lake (a hospital that i have used) and telling me to call back the "Patient Accounting Department." The recording sounded VERY professional and convincing. I ... read more Scam suspicion
UYEN PHAM 2022-08-18 858-281-9095 953
Tên nó là Robert Munro kempton , nó chuyen di lừa phụ nữ , nó vừa già vừa xau , bị nghiện ma tuy và bi nhiem HIV Scam suspicion
THuyen lisa 2022-08-18 858-281-9095 953
Thằng Tây già này chuyên lừa gạt phụ nữ, con gái nó thì chuyên lừa đàn ông , rất tồi, nó bị HIV Scam suspicion
Hanh nguyen 2022-08-18 858-281-9095 953
a bad man, cheating on women, very evil.. Scam suspicion
Maty 2022-08-17 480-550-3253 383
Scammers say they are from discover and we are late on a payment plan. Phishing for info Scam suspicion
Mason 2022-08-17 778-612-1000 1728
My caller posed as someone from guitar center and to call back about deals. I know my guitar center's phone number, this ain't it Scam suspicion
Unknown 2022-08-17 425-990-4393 374
Called 10 times in a row... Scam suspicion
Kelvin from Nigeria 2022-08-16 650-521-2669 345
Instagram hacker BEWARE Other
Mark 2022-08-16 734-241-4045 447
Scam call, likely a spoofed number (typical call center scam from overseas) Scam suspicion
WR 2022-08-15 800-718-6076 613
Represented themselves as B of A. Said I had applied for a Spirit Airlines Credit Card. I did not provide info to them but they were able to read my home address to me. Given the conversation, appears to be compromised info from a closed Alaska ... read more Other
Alvin 2022-08-15 321-667-9746 158
Repeated calls , never leaves voicemail. I live in Nj and know no one in FL Scam suspicion
b. 2022-08-15 763-344-6272 159
sending unwanted texts Scam suspicion
Denny K 2022-08-15 262-444-0111 235
Unsolicited call. Scam suspicion
This number is black man Jackson Chen 2022-08-15 301-256-4430 526
Be careful this number , cheater , scammer , call Jackson Chen , is a black man love cheating girl money Scam suspicion
Heather 2022-08-13 778-612-1000 1728
No name on call display so I let it go to voice mail. When I played the message, there was a very quick "Hi". The greeting sounds cut off. Voice is young female. This is the 2nd time I've had exactly the same call this week so I'm assuming it's ... read more Scam suspicion
Camila 2022-08-13 740-433-4687 354
Scamers. Had a printer issue, went into HP website and through the live chat, it said an agent would call. The agent called me, accessed my computer, installed several softwares and wanted me to put my credit card information to charge me $369. I ... read more Scam suspicion
kelly gibby 2022-08-12 336-930-7211 251
Texted me to enroll in classes before 08/15/2022. This number does not belong to my current college enrollment. Scam suspicion
Tamera heimrich 2022-08-12 866-544-8062 219
I just bought this I haven't use this it said it was used Unknow
Jane 2022-08-11 888-351-2396 633
Someone using this number called my elderly mother and woke her up on Monday, August 8. They asked if she was the guardian of (stated her youngest grandson's full legal name) and she told them NO but as she hung up she heard someone say "Marriott ... read more Scam suspicion
Unknowns 2022-08-11 609-373-1080 328
Called me claiming to be United Healthcare asking for my date of birth. I told her I've never had insurance companies call me and ask for my information. Hung up on her. Scam suspicion
Marsha 2022-08-11 929-476-6757 396
This number call me showing me his private part and I dont recognize the number or the person Other
“John from escreen” 2022-08-11 913-327-5915 863
The message said it was John from EScreen, but the voice sounded automated. Neither the number the call came from at 1 am nor the 866 number in the message dialed back out. Scam suspicion
nelson stoneking 2022-08-11 662-706-9955 616
he has my iphone forwarding all my calls and messages to 6627069955. I have no idea what to do? Unknow
Rose nguyen 2022-08-10 858-281-9095 953
bad, cheating women Scam suspicion
b. 2022-08-09 407-201-4116 854
Typical call & hangup but the number is shown active & the current owner is one of the following... Take your pick; Red Moon Accessories LLC, Hugo Negron, Yaralise Colon, China Wok, Benny Wong’s Chinese restaurant, Affairs to Remember catering. I ... read more Scam suspicion
Mark 2022-08-09 772-446-1998 506
Best technical support company in USA. Other
Barbara A 2022-08-09 866-521-8030 1813
Oops. Wayward finger. 866-521-8030 IS a nice mover for 1 800 Flowers. See my comments above. Other
Barbara A 2022-08-09 866-521-8030 1813
It is a legit # from 1-800-Flowers: I did not answer and could not understand the voicemail. I had placed an order, however. So I called a customer service # and checked on my order. There is a problem with it and this is one of their numbers. I ... read more Debt collector
anonymous 2022-08-09 619-819-5171 272
Called asking for business regarding Excavator attachments. Claimed to call from India. Clearing they're using an american number. Other
RTL 2022-08-09 866-663-7459 1509
Thanks for saving me frustration. Received a mailer yesterday. Same as the others...Wrong closing date on this one. (866) 663-7459 Mortgage Service Center PO Box 54515 Jacksonville, FL 32245 Scam suspicion
Hoa 2022-08-09 858-281-9095 953
bad men, cheat women,.... Other
Cc 2022-08-08 614-670-0012 342
Found this on my phone as the forwarding number to my answering service if not answered. Other
Repair Shop 2022-08-08 224-649-5526 259
Caller ID; NOT IN SERVICE. No response to business greeting. Scam suspicion
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